How to add a new user account on a Mac 2017

Maybe you need extra user accounts on your Mac so you can have multiple people using the same Mac without all sharing the same account, or perhaps you just want an extra user account to keep your work and personal computer usage separate.

Whatever the reason it’s pretty simple to set up additional user accounts on a Mac.

1. Click on the apple menu icon (the little apple icon in the top left corner).

Opening the apple menu

2. Click the System Preferences option to open the system preferences window.

Opening the system preferences menu

3. Click on the Users & Groups option.

Opening the Users & Groups Dialog

4. Before you can make any changes you need to unlock the window. To unlock it click the padlock icon.

Unlock the User and Groups dialog

5. Enter your username and password into the popup and click unlock.

Unlocking the user and groups dialog

6. Click on the plus (+) icon under the user accounts list to open the user creation dialog.

Creating a new user on a mac

7. In the next dialog select the account type for your new account.

Select the account type for the new user account

  • Administrator – An account with administrator rights will have full control over the system.
  • Standard – A standard account will be able to perform everyday functions like running programs, creating documents, customising their account etc.
  • Managed with Parental Controls – Accounts with parental controls can have limits set on them such as which websites they can visit, time limits and so on.
  • Sharing Only – Sharing only accounts can only access files that are being shared from other user accounts

8. Enter in a name for the new user account. You can’t use the same name as an existing user account.

Setting your user account name

9. Enter in an account name. This is the name that will be used for your home folder.

Entering an account name for the new user

10. Setup a password for the new user account. You can either use your iCloud password, or setup a separate password for the account.

Setting a password for your new user account

11. Click the Create User button to close the dialog and finish creating the user account.

Create a new user account on a mac

12. You should now see the new user account in the user accounts column. Click the padlock to secure the User and Groups dialog.

Your new mac user account

Your new user account is setup!

To login to your new account click on the apple icon at the top left (step 1) and choose Log Out to go to the account log in selection screen.

Log out of your mac user account

If you have any problems setting up your new account let me know in the comments and I’ll do my best to help out.

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