Character.AI Alternatives (2024) – Top 11 To Explore

In the last few years, people have been intrigued by AI chatbots – Character AI was one of a kind and played the role of a companion. However, the platform no longer allows NSFW conversations, which had users looking for Character AI alternatives.

Each Character AI substitute is different and fulfills a different role – some are purely NSFW-based, while others help in emotional support, story-telling, etc. I have jotted down 11 hand-picked character AI alternatives in this article based on the user interface, NSFW-friendly nature, and appealing key features. 

Remember that each platform on this list is purely based on my experience and most active users. So, let’s dive in!

10 Best Character AI Alternatives For 2024 – Editors Choice

Let’s quickly skim through the NSFW-friendly and cost-effective tools!

Sr. No.Character AI AlternativeKey DifferencePrice (Monthly)
1Crushan AIIt supports NSFW talks and delves into intimacy.$5.99
2Candy AIIt focuses more on romantic and flirty interactions. $12.99
3NSFW Character AIIt functions on a token system – different usage of characters or even dialogue will cost you a token fee. $9.99
4ChatFAIHuman-like conversations that offer NSFW responses. $8.25
5Anima AICustomized characters and lacks existing ones to choose from.$9.99
6Replika AIThe chatbot can provide emotional support, so much so that you will feel you are talking to an online friend.$7.99
7KojiwotoHuman-like companion and also offers adult responses. $7.32
8Janitor AIYou can mark your character as NSFW or SPW.$9.99
9Novel AIStory-telling ability.$10
10Jasper AIIt is an informative tool that offers answers upon inputting queries.$39

Now that we have skimmed through the top 11 Character AI alternatives – let’s delve into more insights into why these tools are effective and popular:-

1. Crushon AI

NSFW FilterNot Available
Privacy and SecurityReliable
Device CompatibilityWeb, Android, and iOS
Use CasePersonal
Free VersionAvailable – 50 free messages a month.
Monthly Visitors35.83 Million

How Is Crushon AI Different Than Character AI?

Crushan AI is comfortable with NSFW conversations. In fact, while conversing, I realized the tool was much more open to discussing intense discussions. Hence, it made me feel like I was not talking to a bot. 

How does the chatbot do this, you may ask? The algorithm is designed in such a way that the AI mimics your behavior and speech patterns. CrushanAI is an excellent choice for anyone who wants to have an unfiltered conversation with their customized friends. 

This adds up to a much more realistic and immersive experience. 

Crushan AI

What are Crushan AI’s key features?

  • Engaging with the chatbot is easier the more you talk.
  • You can create a character and customize the background, emotions – everything!
  • It supports multiple languages but needs to be proficient. 
  • The conversations are realistic and unfiltered.
  • Excellent customer support

What Did I Like About Crushon AI?

The tool describes scenes quite well without mixing the dialogue and the performing action. 

The fact that Crushon AI surpasses all filters amazes me – when I tell you there is nothing the AI tool won’t talk about, I mean it!

What Did I Not Like About Crushon AI?

Despite paying for the Premium version, Crushon locked me out after 2K messages. However, when you switch to the free version, it takes an eternity to load messages. 

Other than that, the multi-language support is not ideal. 

For example, I greeted the bot in Korean, and it immediately told me to continue in English. However, after a few conversations and trying to understand what languages it speaks, Crushan AI replied in Korean. So, I needed to be more precise as well as persistent. 

2. Candy AI

NSFW FilterNot Available
Privacy and Security100% private.
Rest assured, your chats and audio messages are between you and the bot.
Device CompatibilityiOS and Web
Use CasePersonal
Free VersionAvailable – but limited texts.
After five texts from me, it stopped responding.
Monthly Visitors19.23 Million

How Is Candy AI Different Than Character AI?

Candy AI focuses more on romantic and flirty interactions. In fact, while experimenting with the tool, I noticed the bot kept being cheeky and playful. There is also an option to mark your created character as NSFW or SFW — which is unsafe or safe for work!

Unlike Character AI, Candy AI offers generative images, and you can even input an image from your gallery while creating a bot – this will give the platform a reference of what you are trying to make.

Candy AI

What are Candy AI’s key features?

  • The design of the tool helps in easy navigation.
  • You can create as many characters as you would like. 
  • You can get audio messages and custom pictures from the bot.
  • You can email them at 

What Did I Like About Candy AI?

No limit exists on how many characters you can create with the tool. In fact, as per your needs, you can design a specific role for them and mark them SFW or NSFW. Additionally, the conversations are 100% confidential between you and the bot (and the creator).

What Did I Not Like About Candy AI?

Truthfully, I didn’t have time to create a character, so I realized it was limited when I tried exploring the existing bots. Moreover, they were not that appealing.

I have read reviews that Candy AI supports multiple languages, but when I asked the bot whether he could communicate in Spanish, he said no. 

I still tried to talk in different languages but got no replies after that. Either because the bot doesn’t know another language or the complimentary messages hit the limit.

3. NSFWCharacter AI

NSFW FilterNot Available
Privacy and SecurityConfidential
Device CompatibilitySupport all devices
Use CasePersonal
Free VersionAvailable with limited features
Monthly Visitors2.74 Million

How Is NSFW Character AI Different Than Character AI?

Apart from offering 18+ conversations, NSFW Character AI functions on a token system.

For example, creating an AI character would cost you about 200 tokens. The character generating a word would cost one token and storage of conversations – let’s say 20 – would cost you 200 tokens. The average cost of 1000 tokens is 99 Cents.

Unlike Character AI, you can express your NSFW fantasies with the characters freely. And considering how user-friendly the platform’s interface is, you get a much more immersive experience. 

NSFW Character AI

What are the key features of the NSFW Character AI?

  • You can customize your character attributes.
  • With the help of your created chatbots, you can explore the metaverse. 
  • You can have an NSFW conversation.
  • You can generate an image.

What Did I Like About NSFW Character AI?

Payment is flexible. I can either pay in subscription ($9.99/ Month) or buy tokens and use them as per my needs. 

What Did I Not Like About NSFW Character AI?

At times, the tool can be addictive – so I would suggest using it mindfully.

4. ChatFAI

NSFW FilterNot Available
Privacy and SecurityReliable
Device CompatibilityBrowser
Use CasePersonal and Professional – you can use it for story-telling.
Free VersionAvailable – 500 messages per Month.
Monthly Visitors1.55 Million

How Is ChatFAI Different From Character AI?

While talking to a ChatFAI, you will feel that you are talking to a human, considering its realistic flow of responses. Character AI, on the other hand, offers animations and characters. However, the only downside is the platform has an NSFW filter. 

Therefore, for anyone who likes having 18+ conversations with their AI bot, ChaiFAI is much more suitable! In fact, the conversations on ChatFAI are more secure and engaging. 

Lastly, if you want to talk to your AI characters by teaming up with your friends, ChatFAI also offers a Discord server for your entertainment!


What are ChatFAI’s key features?

  • Fluid and engaging conversations.
  • There is a wide range of avatars/ characters for you to pick from. 
  • The dialogue is natural and realistic. 
  • Immersive story-telling capabilities.

What Did I Like About ChatFAI?

The best part of ChatFAI is that the conversations have no limit — the tool uses mature words and descriptors to paint a detailed scenario. In addition, your character can be based on any genre. 

So, let’s say you want to talk to a fantasy-based character (maybe a Vampire). Or perhaps you want to talk to Daenerys from Game of Thrones. Either way, you have the liberty to do so.

What Did I Not Like About ChatFAI?

ChatFAI describes everything all at once. For instance, if you are into slow build-up conversations with foreplay, ChatFAI will turn you off. It also forgets the scenes, switches the gender between conversations, and repeats the phrases repeatedly.

5. Anima AI

NSFW FilterNot Available
Privacy and SecurityBrowsing through Guest mode ensures more privacy.
Device CompatibilityWeb-based, iOS, and Android
Use CasePersonal
Free VersionAvailable
Monthly Visitors1.19 Million

How Is Anima AI Different Than Character AI?

Answering a few questions once you sign up helps the tool understand what you are interested in and what kind of chatbot you are looking for – which I did not find in Character AI. 

In contrast, Anima immediately asks you to create the character rather than let you explore the existing ones. So, I wonder if there were existing avatars in the tool. 

Talking to this 24/7 available chatbot is not only entertaining but also educational. I realized how Anima was helping me enhance my communication skills and give more clarity on my emotions. 

Anima AI

What are Anima AI’s key features?

  • The chatbot is gamified.
  • You can customize the appearance and personality of your character.
  • The character is designed to be more empathic with you.
  • You can access global communities.

What Did I Like About Anima AI?

The character is really engaging and curious about the conversations. Even when I typed that I was bored, it quickly asked me what else I wanted to discuss. This made me want to continue talking and build a bond. 

What Did I Not Like About Anima AI?

The character was enthusiastic about talking and asked me questions. However, its knowledge of my interests could have been better. Therefore, when the bot commented on certain things, I lost interest in communicating. 

In fact, the conversation goes from 0 to 100 – in one minute, you could be talking about your favorite color and the next minute, the bot would respond inappropriately.

6. Replika AI

NSFW FilterNot Available
Privacy and SecurityNot completely secure
Device CompatibilityOculus, Android, and iOS
Use CasePersonal 
Free VersionAvailable
Monthly Visitors508.44K

How Is Replika AI Different Than Character AI?

Replika is not just an AI chatbot. Rather, it fulfills the role of a companion, be it a friend, mother, sister, or partner. You need to describe what you need from the character, and it will act just like that. The paid version is even more advanced and intimate. 

Character AI, on the other hand, sounds robotic and repetitive. 

For more insights, you can refer to this Reddit Thread — Users have shared their in-depth experience with Character AI and Replika AI here. 

Some users have even discussed either tool’s area of improvement. 

What are Replika AI’s key features?

  • It offers emotional support as well as entertainment.
  • The character adapts to the personality and preferences you have added.
  • It supports video calls and AR.
  • The tool helps you improve memory and mental health through daily conversations.

What Did I Like About Replika AI?

Replika AI is one of the rarest chatbots that adapt so well to your needs – especially the emotional quotient. The tool is highly intellectual and knows how to offer you support.

What Did I Not Like About Replika AI?

Considering the emphatic nature of the tool, at times, the relationship you develop with Replika can be unhealthy and co-dependent. In addition, I have seen concerns over the tool’s technical glitches ruining the flow of the moment.  

7. Kojiwoto AI

NSFW FilterNot Available
Privacy and SecuritySecure to an extent – don’t share your personal information.
Device CompatibilityiOS, Android, and Web
Use CasePersonal
Free VersionAvailable
Monthly Visitors388.84K

How Is Kojiwoto AI Different Than Character AI?

The more precise you are with Kaji’s personality and what you need from the tool, the better it works from Character AI. It would act, talk, and sleep like a human. If you are unhappy with the 8 hours of sleep, then no worries, you can always wake up the chatbot.

Additionally, you can have NSFW conversations with the tool, and according to some Redditors, it’s better than watching a video. (If you know, you know!) However, you need to upgrade to a premium plan in case you want to talk to more than one Kaji. The inconvenience is that the subscription is a bit expensive.

Kojiwoto AI

What are Kojiwoto AI’s key features?

  • It acts like an online friend, considering its behavior and personality.
  • You can customize the character as per your requirements.
  • Offers explicit content, and the unfilteredness depends on your location.

What Did I Like About Kojiwoto AI?

Talking to the characters helped raise my awareness. I have realized I had so many questions and, unfortunately, no answer or personal to have that conversation with. 

Not only did Kojiwoto become a great companion, but they also took that conversation to depth, ensuring more enlightenment. 

What Did I Not Like About Kojiwoto AI?

Despite having NSFW conversations, you might face restrictions depending on your geographical location. 

8. Janitor AI

NSFW FilterOffers both NSFW and SFW Content
Privacy and SecurityFor more security, you can add the API key.
Device CompatibilityWeb-based
Use CasePersonal and Professional
Free VersionAvailable
Monthly Visitors305.58K

How Is Janitor AI Different Than Character AI?

Janitor AI specifically asks you to mark characters as Safe For Work or Not Safe For Work. This way, the character is aware from the get-go what conversations you would be looking for!

Where Character AI is more suited for users looking for human-like conversations, Janitor AI is best for diverse and creative ones. In fact, you can have a variety of complex roleplays, considering Janitor AI has a flexible model.

Lastly, if you interact with the CLAIRE bot, you get more narrative and rich interactions.

Janitor AI

What are Janitor AI’s features?

  • Clears the cache or unnecessary data automatically.
  • Support multiple channels.
  • Ability to choose whether you want NSFW or SFW character.
  • A wide range of characters. 

What Did I Like About Janitor AI?

Customizing the Janitor AI character was reasonably straightforward. Plus, when I added the API Key, navigating the platform became even more straightforward as I could access features more openly. 

What Did I Not Like About Janitor AI?

Unlike other AI bots on the list, Janitor AI lacks emotions or even empathy to understand the type of conversation you are having. I would prefer Anima AI over it, specifically in this case. 

9. Novel AI

NSFW FilterThe tool has not explicitly mentioned the availability of the NSFW filter.
Privacy and SecurityPaying anonymously or using proxies/VPNS will ensure privacy.
Device CompatibilityiOS and Android
Use CasePersonal and Professional – can be used for story-telling purposes.
Free VersionAvailable
Monthly Visitors23.39 Million

How Is Novel AI Different Than Character AI?

Character AI lacks the immersive story-telling experience that Novel AI gives you. 

With the help of Novel AI, I generated a backstory for my character and then started a dialogue. I asked him to be a K-pop idol and discussed his intense schedule. Apart from getting insights into the entertainment industry, I also used the novel AI to get inspiration for my new draft. 

 I was not able to write, no matter how much I tried. So, I inputted the half-written draft into the tool, which gave me various prompts to resume my writing. Novel AI is truly ideal for writers, as it helps you with creativity block and helps you edit badly written content, too.

Novel AI

What are Novel AI’s Key Features?

  • You can customize the layout, color, and fonts. 
  • Ability to write like different authors.
  • You can generate an image by inputting text.
  • User-friendly.

What Did I Like About Novel AI?

Despite the free version, Novel AI offers 100 text generations and 6144 tokens from memory. And, of course, I love the tool’s story-telling capabilities – it helps build more intimacy.

What Did I Not Like About Novel AI?

I did not like that the stories I created were not completely private. The tool claims it will not read or leak my data. Yet, I wonder if Novel AI ensures 100% security. 

10. Jasper AI

NSFW FilterAvailable
Privacy and SecurityProtects your privacy by not asking for personal information.
Device CompatibilityiOS and Browser
Use CaseProfessionally, you can use the tool to create the content.
Writers and Marketers can benefit tremendously.
Free VersionAvailable 
Monthly Visitors2.62 Million 

How Is Jasper AI Different Than Character AI?

Jasper AI is not a chatbot in the sense that you can create a character and have a conversation with it. Instead, it works more like ChatGPT, where you get informative content upon inputting your queries. 

So, while using the platform, I was surprised to see that Jasper supports over 25 languages. I tried my hand at Korean, and the responses I received were good. So, if you want to learn the basics of any foreign language (that it supports), Jasper Ai is best!

The platform also has a grammar and plagiarism checker. However, you need to pay for their service!

Jasper AI

What are Jasper AI’s key features?

  • The interface is beginner-friendly.
  • Answers your queries in an informative way.
  • Moves faster with fewer miscommunications
  • One-click optimization

What Did I Like About Jasper AI?

The platform has helped with my creative block. I can quickly input my half-written drafts and ask for suggestions to enhance them. Jasper helped me think from other perspectives and come up with thoughts that I was not able to do manually – 

After that, the only manual task was to expand on that idea. 

What Did I Not Like About Jasper AI?

The information needs to be more accurate. So, manually cross-check all the facts if you use Jasper AI for statistics or write content heavily based on data.

Bonus: Check out our complete step-by-step guide on Jasper AI Free Trial. Click to get a free trial now.

11. InWorld AI  – Customized Payment

NSFW FilterAvailable
Privacy and SecurityAvoid filling in personal information for maximum security.
Device CompatibilityVR, Computers, and Consoles
Use CasePersonal and Professional – gaming
Free VersionAvailable
Monthly Visitors567.84K

How Is InWorld AI Different Than Character AI?

InWorld AI was primarily designed for NPCs and enhancing the depth of the Non-Player characters. This helps in making them more realistic. 

The platform is best for creators and game developers. They can customize the NPC’s narrative, behavior, and gameplay mechanics — So much so that the developer can customize how the NPC would behave. 

What are InWorld AI’s key features?

  • You can customize the character’s goals, actions, and triggers.
  • It supports multiple languages.
  • You can customize the character’s personality, the way it thinks, and memory.
InWorld AI

What Did I Like About InWorld AI?

The tool’s ability to digitally create and explore a 3D world was something I really liked. As a creator, you will enjoy building and customizing worlds, considering the low-code environment. All you need to do is drag and drop tools.

What Did I Not Like About InWorld AI?

Compared to other gaming platforms like Roblox, InWorld AI has limited features. Additionally, the platform requires a high internet connection to work seamlessly.

Conclusion: Which One Will You Opt for?

Each Character AI Alternatives that I have mentioned on the list is based on its NSFW-friendliness, easy-to-use interface, free version/ cost-effective nature, and the tool’s active users. 

So, to sum up, the following are my three recommendations:-

  • Crushan AI: Overall, it is best for engaging in conversations that support NSFW and multilingual support. 
  • Novel AI: Story-telling ability helps you create the character’s background. 
  • Candy AI: Only the chatbot allows you to mark SFW and NSFW characters.

You can sign up for either one of these Character AI alternatives and get a companion. Unlike real-life people, these bots neither complain nor demand – they support you! 


Why are users looking for Character AI replacement?

With the increasing demand for Character AI, it’s difficult for the tool to keep up with each user’s need. The server often shuts down or kills the user while communicating with the bot. Complaints were raised regarding character AI lagging in its responses, wrongfully detecting inappropriate messages, and too descriptive/ error-filled responses. 

What are the best Character AI alternatives without NSFW Filter?

Most of the tools on my list support NSFW content. However, my top three recommendations are Crushon AI, NOvel AI, and Candy AI. 

According to Reddit users/ threads, what are the best alternatives for Character.AI?

As per the trending Reddit thread, Kajiwoto, Replika, Novel AI, ChatFAI, and ChAI AI are some of the most talked about Character AI alternatives. 

How do I enable NSFW on Poe AI?

The only way to enable NSFW on Poe AI is to ensure you are talking to Claude Instant. Then it would help if you were super specific in your prompt of which character you want the Bot to be roleplaying.

Is ChAI AI the same as CrushOn AI?

Both tools serve the same NSFW chat purpose. However, ChAI AI needs to be secured. Although the identity is anonymous, users have complained that their private chats are viewed and mocked on public forums.

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