Claude Pricing & Plans 2024 – How Much Does It Cost?

Ever since 2020, the rise of AI has been increasing! Claude has multiple models like other tools, some of which have a free tier, whereas some require us to pay. Therefore, in my Claude pricing article, I will be discussing the detailed breakdown of Claude subscription plans:

  • Claude Instant
  • Claude 2 & Claude 2.1
  • Claude Pro

In addition, I will discuss Claude’s AWS pricing and which plan you should opt for!

So, let’s check out the details!

Claude Pricing: Quick Verdict

  • Claude Instant: $2.40/ Million Tokens 
  • Claude 2.0: $24/ Million Tokens
  • Claude 2.1: $24/ Million Tokens
  • Claude Pro: $20/ Month + available taxes

Note that The context window for Claude models is:

  • Claude Instant & Claude 2: 100K Tokens
  • Claude 2.1: 200K Tokens

Complete Claude API Pricing Breakdown

Claude API pricing is divided into two plans: Pro and Standard Subscriptions. 

Complete Claude API Pricing
Source: Claude

The Claude Pro plan is $20/month, and you can access 5x more usage than its free-tier plans. Not only does it enhance your productivity, but it also offers the following benefits:

  • Ability to send more messages compared to the free-tier services
  • In times of high-traffic crises, you get priority access to
  • Early access to the latest key features

On the other hand, the standard subscriptions are divided into three parts:

Cost (Per Unit)Price – Prompts
(Per Million Tokens)
Price – Completion
(Per Million Tokens)
Context Window
Claude Instant$0.80$2.40100K
Claude 2 $8$24100K
Claude 2.1$8$24200K

Which Claude Plan Should You Go For?

Except for Claude Pro, the other Claude models charge tokens per their prompts and completion. So, depending on your specific need, choose the Claude plan. 

To make your process somewhat easier, check out what each Claude model is best for:

1. Claude Instant & Claude 2

If you want a lighter, faster, and more cost-effective option, then Claude Instant is best for you! It is designed to handle multiple tasks, including casual dialogue, text summarization, document comprehension, and text analysis. 

This is why Claude Instant is an ideal choice for companies/ Individuals looking for:

  • Customer Support
  • Data Analysis
  • Content Generation

Overall, Claude Instant has enhanced its AI-driven processes and added the strengths of Claude 2 to deliver its users a much better experience. Meanwhile, Claude 2 is much more suited for tasks requiring excellent performance and complex reasoning. 

2. Claude 2.1

There is not much difference between Claude 2 and 2.1. It’s just you get a significantly more significant reduction in the model’s hallucination rates. 

So, check out the tasks you can use Claude 2.1 for:

  • Text Generation
  • Multiple Documents Compare & Contrast
  • Coding
  • Legal Document Analysis

3. Claude Pro

The subscription-based Claude model gives you access to longer context windows and quicker outputs. In addition, it caters to AI that requires more attention. 

Keep in mind that the number of messages the Claude Pro gives you varies from the length of the current conversation or the number of files/ messages you are sending. However, feel no worries, as Claude Pro sends you a warning at least ten messages before it expires. 

Check out some reasons Claude Pro is best for:

  • Generate Content fluently
  • Answers questions correctly
  • Generates content

Note: Your Claude Pro limits can exhaust faster when you use the longer messages.

Claude Pricing AWS – Amazon Bedrock Edition

Check out the AWS pricing of Claude, whose cost depends on the Unit:

UnitCost (Per Unit)UnitCost (Per Unit)
Million Input Tokens$8Provisioned Throughput Hourly Price – No Commit eu-central-1$87
Provisioned Throughput Hourly Price – 1 Month Commit ap-northeast-1$86 Provisioned Throughput Hourly Price – 1 Month Commit ap-southeast-1$79
Million Response Tokens$24Million Input Tokens – eu-central-1$8
Provisioned Throughput Hourly Price – 6 Months Commit ap-northeast-1$48Million Response Tokens – eu-central-1$24
Million Input Tokens
– ap-southeast-1
$8Million Response Tokens – ap-southeast-1$24 
Provisioned Throughput Hourly Price – 1 Month Commit$63 Provisioned Throughput Hourly Price – No Commit$70
Provisioned Throughput Hourly Price — No Commit ap-southeast-1$87 Provisioned Throughput Hourly Price – 6 Months Commit$35
Million Input Tokens – ap-northeast-1$8 Million Response Tokens – ap-northeast-1$24
Provisioned Throughput Hourly Price – 6 Months Commit ap-southeast-1$44Provisioned Throughput Hourly Price – No Commit ap-northeast-1$95
Provisioned Throughput Hourly Price – 1 Month Commit eu-central-1$79Provisioned Throughput Hourly Price – 6 Months Commit eu-central-1$44

Can You Use Claude For Free?

You can use Claude for free with a free version. However, just like Claude Pro, is only available for users who reside in one of the supported regions. 

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Wrapping Up: Claude’s Pricing Starts From $2.40/ Million Tokens

Claude subscription plans are divided into two plans, which are Standard and Pro. 

The former plan is more token-based, where you pay as per Million Tokens on Prompts and Completion. On the other hand, the latter plan is a monthly subscription. 

So, let’s recap each of these Claude pricing plans:

  • Claude Instant: $2.40/ Million Tokens 
  • Claude 2.0: $24/ Million Tokens
  • Claude 2.1: $24/ Million Tokens
  • Claude Pro: $20/ Month + available taxes

I recommend Claude Instant for users looking for a cost-effective option for Claude 2. 

However, considering Claude is ideal for complex reasoning, Claude Instant is best for somewhat simpler tasks. So, what are you waiting for? Choose the Claude pricing plan and start simplifying your manual tasks. 


How much does Claude cost?

The pricing of Claude varies from model to model. For instance, Claude Instant is $2.40/ Million Tokens, Claude 2 & 2.1 is $24/ Million Tokens, and Claude Pro is $20/ Month.

How much does Claude API cost?

The standard subscription for Claude starts from $2.40/ Million Tokens, which is Claude Instant.

How much is Claude’s premium?

The Claude Pro plan is $20/ Month, which gets exhausted faster if longer messages are used. 

Does Claude Pro have a usage limit?

Claude Pro allows 1500 messages/ day with five unique Claude personas, which you can easily customize. 

What Is The Claude Pricing Per Month?

The monthly price of Claude is $20, which is a Pro membership. 

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