Gemini Advanced vs ChatGPT Plus – Don’t Choose Wrong One!

Google announced its brand new AI chatbot Gemini and Gemini Advanced in February 2024. This has sparked debates emerging as a new AI chatbot battle over the internet on Gemini Advanced vs ChatGPT.

Google’s Gemini Advanced has everything it needs to call itself a worthy new rival for ChatGPT Plus. However, this new chatbot is not entirely new; it was earlier called “Bard” but has far more upskilled features now. 

ChatGPT Plus and Gemini Advanced are both the most advanced AI models by OpenAI and Google, and it is interesting how this battle brews up!

Scroll further down to find out my test results.

Gemini Advanced vs ChatGPT Plus: An Overview For 2024

Below is a glance at the key differences between Gemini Advanced and ChatGPT Plus.

Comparison CriterionGemini AdvancedChatGPT Plus
Developed byGoogleOpenAI
Free trial2 months Not offered
Price for the paid subscription$19.99/mo$20/mo
Plugins and extensionsGoogle-basedThird-party + Open AI
Mobile AppAvailableAvailable

Gemini Advanced vs ChatGPT Plus: A Head-to-Head Comparison

To get to know these tools in-depth and compare them, let’s try to understand their similarities and differences. 

Gemini Advanced vs ChatGPT Plus
Source: XDA Developers

Overview Of Gemini Advanced (Formerly Google Bard)

Language model usedUltra 1.0
Ease of useBeginner-friendly without complexity
Plugins and integrationsGoogle-based plugins
Best ForReal-time contextual information

What was earlier popularly known as Bard, the Google-grown chatbot now has a new name – Gemini- but it has the same distinct identity. 

Gemini Advanced is a step above Gemini with an Ultra 1.0 language model that opens doors to advanced features like coding, executing complex tasks, availability within Gmail, Google Docs, and more. 

Just like ChatGPT Plus, Gemini Advanced gives a user the ability to generate an AI image, provide real-time information, and use extensions, but in the form of Google Maps, hotels, flights, workspace, and YouTube. 

Why Choose Gemini Advanced Over ChatGPT Plus? 

Apart from the premium AI assistance offered by this chatbot, a Gemini Advanced user gets access to:

  • 2TB worth of Google 1 storage worth $9.99/month. 
  • A Gemini-integrated Gmail and Google Docs support is to be launched soon.
  • To use Gemini Advanced as the default assistant on mobile phones. 

Overview Of ChatGPT Plus 

Language model usedGPT 4
Ease of useEasy to use, but has a learning curve
Plugins and integrationsOver 1000+ official and third-party plugins and GPTs 
Best ForGenerating AI images, data analysis and representation

ChatGPT has been one of the early entrants into the AI-tech spectrum. With its latest and most advanced AI language model, ChatGPT Plus is one of the most sought-after options preferred by users.

A ChatGPT Plus user gets access to much more than just AI chatbot assistance. With this paid subscription, you can generate AI images, have real-time conversations, generate image-to-text and even file-to-text or represent data graphically.

Experts use this AI model to fast-track research, both in terms of depth and time taken. Yet, there’s much more under development with open AI coming up with the Sora AI text-to-video AI model; who knows what the future holds? 

Why Choose ChatGPT Plus Over Gemini Advanced? 

ChatGPT Plus has many things better than Gemini Advanced, including AI image generation, usability across AI chat assistance, data analysis, and context retention. 

ChatGPT Plus offers:

  • Ability to create custom GPTs for exclusive use cases.
  • AI image generation with DALL E 3.
  • A dedicated store with 1000+ plugins and GPTs.
  • Insert a file as a prompt.
  • Use documents as prompts to analyze.

Use Case Comparison Gemini Advanced And ChatGPT Plus

Both chatbots are evidently very different from each other in terms of their language model, features, and plugin accessibility. We saw all that.

Why not test it out practically?

Here’s an example of the difference between the AI images that both the chatbots generated when given an identical prompt. 

The prompt that I used for this comparison: “Generate an image of an entrance of a Tech-themed Cafe with ‘Tech Tips With Tea’ name as a signboard.”

Gemini Advanced AI Image:

Gemini Advanced generates 4 images at a time with an option to generate a couple more. I like how I was able to get more variety into the images that were generated.

It closely resembled the idea that I had in my mind and served the purpose of including the elements from the prompt. 

Here’s the best image that Gemini Advanced generated for the above prompt.

Gemini Advanced AI image
Image generated using Gemini Advanced

ChatGPT Plus AI Image:

ChatGPT, unlike Gemini Advanced, generates only one AI image at a time and also takes a bit more time to generate the image. 

But in comparison, I found the image from ChatGPT Plus to be more realistic and high-quality. 

However, this is only a single test and cannot be considered to decide which one’s better than the other; it is surely an indicator of the veteran chatbot ChatGPT Plus having a slight edge over Gemini Advanced. 

ChatGPT Plus AI image
Image generated using ChatGPT Plus

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Final Verdict: Is Google Gemini Better Than ChatGPT?

There’s still not enough proof based on which I can declare a single chatbot to be better. Gemini Advanced is freshly launched and has yet to be explored in terms of its usability and drawbacks.

But one thing’s for sure: Google Gemini looks very promising and can give ChatGPT Plus a tough fight, given that Google backs this.

A new AI model launched by Google immediately after Gemini, named – Ultra 1.5- is under testing and has a limit of up to 1 million tokens. To give you a context, this limit is by far the largest! However, the version has been rolled out to certain individuals for the testing phase and has not been launched for everyone yet. 

Ultimately, from this direct comparison, ChatGPT’s dominance seems under threat by a worthy competitor – Gemini Advanced. 

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