My Number One Tip For Beauty Gurus (2023)

Don’t start with youtube! Youtube is probably THE hardest platform to gain a following on. How often do you see fresh new channels with hardly any views or content popping up in the recommended videos or search results? Pretty much never.

The beauty community is so over saturated with beauty gurus. A ton of whom are flooding the site with videos every single day (kudos on the hard work ladies, but wow, over saturation) that you’ll be hard pushed to find a topic that hasn’t been covered elsewhere by someone with a large following. Offcourse big gurus videos and production quality tend to blow any new gurus videos out of the water. At the very least dominate the first page or two of the search making it hard for new channels videos to get seen.

Basically on YouTube there’s not many ways for someone to organically find your video. There’s the video search, the watch next sidebar, playlists, or the recommended page. There isn’t much opportunity on YouTube to get your videos or channel noticed other than organically.

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Advice For You – My Number One Tip For Beauty Gurus

So, my number one bit of advice is to pick a different platform to start building a following on first. If you’re a beauty guru or doing something visual like photography or art then I’d recommend Instagram. It’s the most visual social network, and one of the quickest to grow a following on for that kind of stuff.

However, Instagram itself is pretty oversaturated as well so it’s still no small feat taking on the Insta-art world. The Instagram community does give you a lot more ways to get your work in front of people. The chronological nature of the content helps a lot. In other words, if you use the hashtag #beautyguru and someone goes to that hashtag, they’ll see the content based on the newest post. Instead of the most popular one which means as a newbie you’re work has a lot more chance of getting seen compared to YouTube.

Of course, if you’re main goal is to be on YouTube then once you feel like you’ve got a fairly decent following, once you’ve created a little community. That’s the time to start transitioning over to YouTube. If you play your cards right you’ll be able to get most of your followers to come with you.

Another little side bonus from doing this is that when you launch your channel, your initial videos will be getting a tonne of views and engagement right out the gate from your insta community which will help give your channel and videos a little boost and hopefully bump them up the search results and into the what to watch next sidebar.

While my advice is to target Instagram for visual arts, it does depend what you’re doing. Look at the social media platforms available. Decide based on what you’re doing where you think your content is going to fit best. Where you think you’ll be able to build the biggest following.

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Conclusion – My Number One Tip For Beauty Gurus

It’s not impossible to start out on YouTube and make a success of things. But it is much more challenging than other platforms.

I’d love to hear what you guys think about this. Do you think it’s possible to make it starting out on YouTube nowadays? or do you think you need to build up your following first? Let us know in the comment section below.

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