SE Ranking vs SpyFu: Which One Is The Best In 2023?

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Are you not sure which one to go between SE Ranking & SpyFu? We have got you an unbiased SE Ranking vs SpyFu Comparison. Lets get started. What transpires with websites that don’t appear on the front page of the search results? Forever, they are buried. To increase website traffic and acquire new customers, we thus require marketing professionals. After all, with persistence, this endeavor yields fruitful outcomes.

Like no other strategy, SEO has advanced significantly. It is applied at a high level to obtain the necessary traction with the target audience. The way individuals typically search has changed dramatically due to algorithm adjustments.

Using smart SEO, companies may increase their exposure, bring in leads, and increase revenue. Investments in digital marketing and the development of tactics for natural search result appearance are, nonetheless, highly valuable.

The two industry titans, SE Ranking and SpyFu must be considered when discussing SEO. These two tools are among the most widely used in the SEO industry. While SE Ranking swiftly built a reputation as a comprehensive SEO tool, SpyFu has carved out a position on its own in the competitive analysis market.

Let’s take a closer look at these leading candidates to see what advantages SEO has for your company and how to use them.

SE Ranking vs SpyFu: Brief Comparison (2023)

Here is a brief comparison of their leading rivals for your convenience. (SE Ranking vs SpyFu)

ParametersSE RankingSpyFu
Keyword researchSuperior for keyword researchOffers limited keyword variations
Competitor analysis  Competitor analysis is easier and accurateLess accurate and more complex implementation
PPC analysisNo additional tools for PPC analysisBetter experience than SE Ranking with additional tools
PricingExpensive than SpyFuCheaper than SE Ranking
UserFreelance, Personal, Startups, Agencies, SMEs, EnterprisesStartups, Agencies, SMEs, Enterprises

Prime Deciders: SE Ranking vs SpyFu

  • SE Ranking is a far better tool for keyword research. While SpyFu is useful for generating keywords based on competitors, SE Ranking offers better keyword variants and more detailed information for those keywords.
  • From the PPC standpoint, SpyFu offers a superior value due to tools such as AdWords Templates.
  • Competitor analysis is simpler to perform in SE Ranking, and the results are more accurate and pertinent.

What is SE Ranking?

SE Ranking is a top-notch SEO tool created to assist marketers with the crucial work of optimizing a blog or website or blog to make their content appear high up on search engine results pages.

SERanking Overview

Currently, SE Ranking serves more than 12,000 small and medium-sized enterprises and has over 300,000 users. The application has also been utilized by more than 4,000 organizations to create client plans.

You may finish several tasks with SE Ranking, which includes

  • Examining your website using hundreds of SEO-related criteria and looking for any serious problems.
  • Monitoring, choosing, and removing backlinks.
  • Acquiring a large collection of long- and short-tail keywords.
  • Improving your marketing efforts by adhering to a thorough marketing strategy that is ideal for both SEO novices and seasoned pros.
  • Monitoring your social media exposure and managing all your profiles conveniently in one location.
  • Manually and on a regular basis, generating branded reports.

SE Ranking Pros:

Let’s have a quick look at the SE Ranking Pros:

  • SE Ranking is appropriate for all marketing initiatives and growth hacking.
  • SE Ranking’s dashboard is simple to use and gives you access to all of your features, including the rank tracker, competition analysis, and keyword research tool, in one place.
  • The tool gives you the ability to monitor your standing at the city level, giving local companies a very potent choice.
  • SE Ranking provides an extraordinarily fast page crawler that can scan 1,000 pages in only two minutes.
  • Its website audit contains answers to all issues rather than simply a list of things to repair.

SE Ranking Cons:

Let’s have a quick look at the SE Ranking Cons:

  • It’s challenging to contrast rival keyword analysis side by side. It would be preferable if plans were restricted based on the website rather than keyword counts.
  • It encompasses several functions that new users could become confused about.
  • Sets a limit for the number of keywords you may track for each plan’s rank.
  • The time it takes for the results to appear depends on how many terms you are searching

Overview of SpyFu

SpyFu is a great tool for competitive intelligence and keyword research that is perfect for small businesses on a budget who want to boost their internet search rankings. The utility has an intuitive and user-friendly interface and is packaged in a complete package. In the sponsored and organic search efforts of your rivals, SpyFu can help you find the most lucrative search phrases.

SpyFu Overview

The data that SpyFu uses is gathered from US and UK Google search results. Consequently, this tool will only display the data within the mentioned nations, which is a significant flaw in the tool.

SpyFu Pros:

Let’s have a quick look at the SpyFu Pros:

  • With SpyFu, you can rapidly examine PPC keyword overlap across rivals and find the strongest competitors for your specific domain.
  • Finding your top online rivals is simple with the help of our competition intelligence tool.
  • There is nearly 13 years’ worth of Google data in SpyFu’s database.

SpyFu Cons:

Let’s have a quick look at the SpyFu Cons:

  • Although the UI might be more straightforward, it will start to pay off after you take the time to grasp how it works.
  • There are various data gaps in keyword research tools that can be filled by more expensive options like SEMrush.
  • Very minimal keyword rank tracking features, which are not suitable for site audits or backlink analyses.

A detailed comparison: SE Ranking vs SpyFu

After a brief introduction to the two tools, it’s time to put them to the test. Let’s start by going through the keyword research characteristics.

1. Keyword research

The most essential component of SEO is keyword research. You need to create a framework for keyword research if you want to understand your target audience’s search terms better.

SE Ranking

SERanking Keyword Research

You may obtain a summary of key keyword data for your keywords, such as keyword difficulty, search volume, and CPC, by entering your seed keywords in SE Ranking. All of your registered keywords are continuously monitored by SE Ranking. By focusing on pertinent search queries, it helps you extend the keyword lists with related, comparable, and long-tail keywords and attracts your target audience to your website.


SpyFu Keyword Research

On SpyFu, there are two methods for conducting keyword research: either you may use the standard method or a competitor-based method. The latter is where SpyFu excels, and by analysing the domains of your rivals, you have a greater chance of discovering keywords with traffic potential.

If you’re operating in a competitive niche, their keyword tool can help you find profitable, practically untouched phrases. By putting your seed terms in SpyFu’s search box, you may also carry out standard keyword research.

2. PPC analysis

You may learn more about the performance of the pay-per-click campaign and methods to make it better by doing a full PPC study. Making sure you’re looking at the appropriate data, though, is essential for a successful PPC study that provides you with suggestions for your subsequent PPC campaign.

SE Ranking PPC Analysis

You may see the approximate CPC for the selected keywords in the report after entering them in SE Ranking. The premium results for the chosen keywords are also presented. While you may receive a good number of the target keywords for the PPC campaigns, the knowledge required for PPC to make smart advertising decisions is woefully missing.

SpyFu PPC Analysis

SpyFu also offers data of more than 13 years on all big websites’ sponsored search activity. SpyFu’s PPC research may be used for both your own website and your competitors, much as organic research. SpyFu’s grouping algorithm finds and groups comparable sponsored search phrases. This allows you to quickly determine the keyword categories on which your website or a rival is bidding.

PPC Analysis

The SpyFu PPC keyword tool’s UI is very similar to its SEO keyword tool. You can use this tool to view the sponsored keywords for any website along with other important details like ad timeline, monthly cost, cost-per-click, monthly searches, total ads and ad position. You can also check the sponsored adverts being used by different websites. This is an easy approach to keep tabs on your rivals’ marketing initiatives.

3. Competitor analysis

You may gain detailed insights into what you’re doing well and what you could do to outperform your main competitors in search results by conducting competitor analysis. When it comes to competition analysis, both SpyFu and SE Ranking provide useful tools.

SE Ranking Competitor Analysis

All the capabilities needed to do competition analysis are present in SE Ranking. With the help of SE Ranking’s competition analysis tool, you may learn more about the SEO and PPC strategies used by your rivals. You may examine all of a website’s PPC and SEO tactics by simply copying and pasting any URL or domain. 

SERanking Competitor Analysis

This SEO software solution enables you to: 

  • View the paid campaign and organic traffic dynamics of your competitors’ websites.
  • Research your main rivals, obtain a complete list of the target search terms used by your competitors and contrast it with your list of keywords.
  • Examine your PPC rivals’ ad campaigns and the keywords they use to determine which advertisements are more effective for them.

SpyFu Competitor Analysis

Understanding your rivals’ online marketing strategies is possible using SpyFu’s keyword rank tracking, PPC research, and SEO research tools. You may utilise a couple of the reports that SpyFu provides expressly for competition analysis. These tools assist you in finding out who your rivals are and the terms you share.

SpyFu Competitor Analysis - SE Ranking vs SpyFu

The websites with the biggest organic search phrase overlap with your website are included in the top organic competitors’ reports. Similar to the aforementioned organic search reports, SpyFu offers sponsored search information. 

Identifying these difficult-to-rank keywords for paid search is perhaps the most useful feature that SpyFu offers.

4. Pricing plans

SpyFu and SE Ranking are two of the SEO market’s most reasonably priced products.

SE Ranking Pricing

Three price tiers are provided by SE Ranking viz

SERanking Pricing Plans - SE Ranking vs SpyFu
SE Ranking Essential Plan:

31.20 USD per month for 250 keyword ranking and 10 websites

SE Ranking Pro Plan:

71.20 USD per month for 1000 keyword ranking and unlimited websites

SE Ranking Business Plan:

151.20 USD per month for 2500 keyword ranking and unlimited websites

SpyFu Pricing

The fact that SpyFu is free to use and allows for limitless searches is its biggest feature. However, it comes with certain limitations. The current price for SpyFu is as follows:

SpyFu Pricing Plans - SE Ranking vs SpyFu
SpyFu Basic Plan:

39 USD per month for 10k search results, 10k row data exports and much more.

SpyFu Professional Plan:

79 USD per month for unlimited search results, custom branded reports, and much more

SpyFu Team Plan:

299 USD per month for unlimited search results and row data exports, and much more.

5. User

One of the most important things is the user base. It identifies the intended audience for whom the technology is beneficial.

SE Ranking User

The software provides a full suite of tools for performing a thorough site assessment, analysing competitors, rating websites, providing keyword suggestions and groupings, keeping track of backlinks, creating automatic professional reports, and much more. Webmasters, marketing groups, and agencies may use SE Ranking as a complete SEO platform.

SpyFu User

Search marketers use SpyFu as a tool for competition information. Online marketers at major companies, marketing agencies, and SMEs are the main consumers of SpyFu. For newly launched websites, SpyFu is a fantastic keyword research tool.

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Final Verdict: SE Ranking vs SpyFu (2023)

To summarise, SEO is an ongoing activity. The digital scene is ever-changing and dynamic. As a result, you must constantly evaluate and optimize the speed of your site.

All of the tools vary in their area of operation, but they all assess distinct SEO parameters. Keywords, content, backlinks, domain, and social media are some of the most significant areas to examine.

SE Ranking or SpyFu, both are very distinct SEO tools, although competing in the same market. SpyFu is a good tool for competition research and PPC analysis. SE Ranking, on the other hand, is a robust all-purpose SEO software suite that contains tools for website auditing, competition research, PPC analysis, and keyword research among other things.

SE Ranking is very worthwhile. However, SpyFu is specialised in this field if you’re seeking for a good but less expensive option. Because of this, it can provide the advantages at a far lower cost than competing products like SEMrush. SpyFu can be your ally if you’re looking for a tool designed for competitive keyword analysis.

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