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With internet users’ average attention span of 8.25 seconds, short-form video content is the top content consumed in 2024.

Over 90% of marketers implement short-form content to run successful marketing campaigns.

In this article, I have rounded up the most significant statistics, impacts, and trends revolving around short-form videos.

Short Form Videos Statistics: Top Picks 2024 

  • Short-form videos have over 30% return on investment- the highest for any social media strategy
  • About 66% of the users said short-form videos are more engaging than long-form content
  • 68% of the viewers thoroughly watch a business video shorter than one minute
  • More than 26% of marketers use short-form video as an advertising format
  • Over 85% of marketers believe short-form videos are the most effective in marketing 
  • Approximately 73% of customers prefer watching a short-form video to learn about a product
  • There are over 781 million Shorts on YouTube from 43 million channels in 2024

Short Form Video Revenue Statistics

Short-Form Video Ad Revenue Is Projected To Cross $10 Billion

Due to ease and more monetization opportunities, many social platforms have enabled the monetization of short-form videos.

YouTube’s ad revenue reached $15 billion in 2019. It was expected that the short-form video ad revenue would reach over $10 billion in 2022.

With the constant demand for short-form content on the internet, revenue will continue to grow in the coming years. 

Source: AOV UP 

Short Form Video Growth Statistics 

Short-form videos have grown exponentially in the last decade.

Vine was a successful platform launched in 2013. It was the first platform to introduce users to the short video format. 

TikTok created a new hype train for short videos in 2016 and has been one of the most used short video content platforms to date.

Instagram reels and YouTube shorts have also gained a lot of traction in the past few years, and social media companies are promoting short videos the most in 2024. 

Impact Of Short-Form Videos On Marketing 

Due to the high engagement rate and accessibility, marketers now utilize videos on a large scale.

With users consuming short videos at the record highest rate, most marketers are now eyeing to capitalize on the short video trends in 2024.

Short-form Videos Have An ROI of 10%

A HubSpot survey indicated that marketers received the highest return on investments when they used short forms in their marketing campaigns.

Short-form videos comprised around 10% of the return on investments, while influencer marketing returned below 7% ROI.

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Here is a table showing marketing trends and their ROI percentage:

Marketing trendROI percentage
Short videos10%
Influencer marketing7%
Social media DMs6%
Creating content that reflects your brand’s values4%

Source: HubSpot

68% Of The Viewers Watch A Business Video Shorter Than One Minute

With shorter viewers’ attention spans, businesses must engage potential customers as soon as possible.

On average, around 52% of viewers watch a video from start to finish. This number was at 46% in 2017.

A survey revealed that nearly 7 in 10 viewers watch a full business video if the length is shorter than a minute.

About 25% of viewers finish a video if it is more than 20 minutes long. Marketers can take advantage of this fact and include the most essential details in the short video.

Source: Vidyard

57% Of Marketers Using Short-Form Video Will Increase Their Budgets In 2024

Around 30% of marketers who don’t use short-form videos will start using short-form videos for marketing in 2024.

The 57% of marketers who already use short-form videos are set to invest and increase their budget for short video marketing in 2024.

Short-form videos will get the highest investments compared to other media forms like podcasts, images, and case studies.

 Short-Form Video stats
Source: Hubspot

Here is a table showing the percentage of the top six media formats marketers

plan to invest the most in this year:

Marketing formatPercentage of investment
Videos 25%
Podcast or other audio content10%
Blog posts8%
Case studies7%

Source: HubSpot, HubSpot

73% Of Customers Prefer Watching A Short-Form Video To Learn About A Service Or Product

Over 7 in 10 customers use a short-form video to discover more about the items or services they want to buy. 

Due to the fast consummation of information in less time, a short-form video has proved to be more effective than a long-form video when learning about a product or a service.

Source: Wyzowl

85% Of Marketers Believe Short-Form Videos Are The Most Effective In Marketing 

Short-form videos showcase their effectiveness through the return on investments and rate of adaptation. Marketers are set to utilize the trend fully in 2024.

To support the above statements, over 4 in 5 marketers reported short-form videos as the most effective form of media in marketing.

Source: HubSpot

66% Of The Companies Collaborate With Tiktok Influencers For Marketing Needs

With a large user base of over 689 million users, TikTok is the leading short-form video platform in 2024.

Major companies tie up with TikTok influencers to reach customers through short-form videos in order to reach a specific target audience.

Due to its effectiveness, the micro-influencer marketing technique is becoming more popular among marketers.

Source: HubSpot

More Than 26% Of Marketers Use Short-Form Video As An Advertising Format

The short-form video will comprise 40% of all video content and will become the most popular type of content on social media.

Around 26% of marketers plan to use short-form videos as ads to run their marketing campaigns more effectively.

Source: AOV UP 

57% Of Gen Z Prefer Short Videos To Learn About Products And Services

With 47% of the short video users being aged between 9 and 29 years, TikTok is mainly used by Gen Z. 

As the digitally active generation of this age, 57% of Gen Z reported preferring short videos to learn about online products and services.

As per a study by Influencer Marketing Factory, 97% of Gen Z consumers say they use social media as the top source of shopping inspiration.

Another study also revealed that Gen Z are four times more likely to convert on social media than Millennials.

Source: Statista, HubSpot, Influencer Marketing Factory

Social Media Short-form Video Statistics

With a global user base exceeding 4.95 billion, short-form videos on social media have received impressive feedback from the audience.

With TikTok starting the short video revolution in 2016, social media platforms like Snapchat, Instagram, and YouTube have also jumped in to benefit from the short-form video trend.

TikTok Users Spend Over 95 Minutes Consuming Short-Form Videos

TikTok has over 1 billion monthly active users. Around 83% of TikTok users have posted a short-form video.

An average TikTok user is said to spend over 1.5 hours on the app browsing short videos.

Due to the large active user base, it is a wonderland for marketers to run marketing campaigns using short-form video creators on the platform.

Source: Sensor Tower, Wallaroo media

Around 30 Million New YouTube Shorts get added to YouTube every month in 2023

With over 3.86 billion standard videos, YouTube has over 781 million Shorts on YouTube from 43 million channels in 2024.

In February 2023, Google reported that YouTube Shorts received over 50 billion daily views or 1.5 trillion views monthly.

These numbers prove that the short video format is the key to success in 2024.

Source: Photutorial

Instagram Users Watch Around 17.6 Million Hours Of Reels Daily

Though TikTok gets more watch hours, Instagram Reels usage has increased 57.4% year-over-year.

Despite the low number of users, the adoption rate of Instagram Reels is much higher than TikTok.

A study revealed that over 74% of Instagram users prefer the Reels feature, while 49% of users in the survey prefer TikTok.

Source: Influencer Marketing Hub 

Short Form Video Trends to Watch for in 2024

Short-form videos are already performing better than long-form videos, and their growth will not slow down in 2024.

With marketers from every niche adopting short video marketing techniques, new trends and features are yet to be fully explored.

Let us see some of the key short-form video trends that will prevail in 2024

Social Media Platforms With More Short-Format Video Content Will Dominate In 2024

YouTube is the second most visited website after Google.

The video-sharing platform is one of the best for video marketing. The new YouTube Shorts feature attracts millions of people, and short-form content is gaining billions of views.

Other social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok will also promote short-form video content.

Microlearning From Short-Form Videos Is In Demand 

Short-form content is easy to understand and grasp, and more creators are indulging in creating shorter videos for various learning topics.

A short video with an average length of 2 to 5 minutes is considered efficient in the microlearning process.

The main aim is to provide summarized and concise content that is easily understood and digested by the viewers.

Source: Biteable

Product Promos & Teasers In Short Video Format  Can Help Marketers

No one has the time to read product descriptions in today’s fast-paced digital environment.

Marketers will be more invested in creating engaging product promos with the best product or service features in 2024.

The video content, like unboxing videos and product features in action, will be responsible for providing the highest value to the consumers.

User-Generated Content Will Enhance The Customer’s Relationship With Brands

User-generated content has proved to be an excellent marketing technique that boosted sales in several cases.

Inviting consumers to try and create DIY videos of products helps generate a proper review of the product that other users find helpful.

This short-form video content will help brands reach a larger audience and build stronger customer relationships.

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The short-form video content has been a key trend in the latest social media trends. Its usage in marketing is proving to be successful in getting higher ROIs.

These were some of the most significant statistics and trends regarding short-form videos.

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