Threads Active Users Count 2024 – Usage & Demographics

In June 2023, Meta introduced Threads as a competitor of X, formerly known as Twitter.

The latest social platform took social media by storm. 

Thread acquired more than 30 million registered users on the very first day of its launch. However, within a few months of its launch, Thread users declined drastically. 

In this article, I have included the major statistics about Threads users, revenue, and accounts with the highest number of followers.

Threads Users Count – Top Picks 2024

  • Threads has over 160 million users.
  • Threads is used by 61.59% of males and 38.41% of females.
  • 46.66% of the thread users are aged between 25 and 34 years.
  • Threads accumulated 100 million users in just 4 days after the launch.
  • There are over 130 million monthly active Threads users.
  • Threads app usage has decreased by 79% since the peak time users.
  • 46.66% of the thread users are aged 25 to 34 years.
  • Threads app downloads crossed 150 million global downloads in just 6 days after launch.

Threads User Statistics

Threads is a text-based social platform that has amassed a large user base in a very short time. The major reason for Threads’ explosive growth is its parent company, Meta, which has a user base of 3.02 billion. 

How Many Thread Users Are There?

Threads has around 160 million users in 2024.

Threads experienced a massive surge of users and reached 10 million users in the first 7 hours after its launch.

After the high number of initial sign-ups, the growth in the number of users has slowed down in the last few months.

how many Thread users are there

Source: Quiverquant

Here is a table with the growth of the number of Threads users since its launch:

Total registered usersTime since launchDate
1 million1 hour6 July 2023
2 million2 hours6 July 2023
5 million4 hours6 July 2023
10 million7 hours6 July 2023
30 million1 day 10 hours7 July 2023
70 million2 days 10 hours8 July 2023
100 million4 days 6 hours10 July 2023
110 million12 days 6 hours18 July 2023
120 million21 days 9 hours31 July 2023
130 million62 days 3 hours5 September 2023
141 million152 days 8 hours4 December 2023
160 million5 months and 26 days1 January 2024

Source: Quiverquant

Threads User Grew To 100 Million In Just 4 Days After The Launch

Threads received over 1 million users in the first hour of its launch, and it grew to over 70 million in the first 2 days and 10 hours.

The rapid increase in the number of Thread users left every other competition behind in terms of growth.

Comparatively, ChatGPT took 5 days to reach 1 million users and 40 days to reach 10 million.

On the other hand, the growth slowed down after reaching 100 million users, and only 60 million users have been added since.

Here is a table with the comparison of Threads with other social platforms with respect to the time taken to reach 1 million users:

PlatformLaunch dateTime taken to reach 1 million users
Threads20231 hour
ChatGPT20225 days
Clubhouse20201 week
Instagram20102.5 months
Spotify20087 months
Dropbox20087 months
Facebook200410 months
Foursquare200913 months
Twitter20062 years
Airbnb20082.5 years
Netflix19993.5 years

Source: Statista

Threads Has Over 130 Million Monthly Active Users

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg reported that Threads had over 100 million monthly active users in August 2023.

Threads is currently used by 130 million users every month. It was also reported that Thread is a potential candidate to become an app with 1 billion users.

monthly active users of Threads

Source: Money Control

Threads Usage Statistics

Apart from the high number of users, Threads is best used for discussing topics in the text format.

This section will explore statistics about Threads usage.

Threads App Usage Has Decreased By 79% 

Threads had over 49.3 million daily users on July 7, and the number dropped by about 25 million in the next week.

As per August data, Thread currently has about 10.3 million daily active users, which is a decrease of around 79% since the peak time users.

Threads app usage declined by 79% in one week

Source: Similarweb

Time Spent On Threads Decreased By Over 71.43% Within One Week 

At the time of launch, Threads was used for more than 21 minutes per day. However, the time spent on the platform decreased to 6 minutes after one week of launching.

Currently, users spend just three minutes on the Thread app daily.

In comparison, Twitter users have a daily session time of over 31 minutes.  

Source: Statista

Threads Demographics

Let us explore some of the most influential statistics about Threads user demographics.

Threads Is Used By 61.59% Of Males And 38.41% Of Females

Threads is majorly used by male audiences, and females also make up a considerable part of the audience.

As per Similarweb, over 6 in 10  Thread users are male, while nearly 4 in 10 are female.

The number of female users is increasing steadily and is set to reach around 50% of total audience in the coming years.

Source: Similarweb

46.66% Of The Thread Users Are Aged Between 25 And 34 Years

Coming in as a competitor of X, Thread is mostly used by adult audiences. Though Gen Z dominates social media, the majority of Thread users are Millennials.

Almost half of the Threads users are aged between 25 and 34 years. About 17.55% of people between the ages of 35 and 44 years old.

Percentage Of Threads Users By Age

The following table shows the percentage of Threads users by age:

Age groupThreads user percentage
18 to 2412.36%
25 to 3446.66%
35 to 4417.55%
45 to 5410.75%
55 to 648.12%

Source: Similarweb

33.5% Of Thread App Downloads Came From India In The First Week Of Launch

With 54.2 million downloads, the Threads app had the highest number of downloads in India. Meanwhile, with 36.4 million, Brazil had the second most number of Thread app downloads.

The United States had over 26.1 million downloads and comprised 16.1% of the total Thread app downloads.

Highest Thread App Downloads

Here is a table with the top 10 countries with the highest Thread app downloads:

CountryNumber of downloadsPercentage share
India54.2 million33.5%
Brazil36.4 million22.5%
United States26.1 million16.1%
Mexico12.3 million7.6%
Japan7.3 million4.5%
United Kingdom6.5 million4.0%
Taiwan2.9 million1.8%
Canada2.6 million1.6%
Australia1.4 million0.8%
Vietnam0.9 million0.6%
Others11.4 million7%

Source: Insider Intelligence

Threads Reached 150 Million Global Downloads In 6 Days After Launch

It takes months or years for an app to cross 100 million downloads across all platforms. Meta’s already-established social media apps and platforms helped Threads reach 150 million downloads in just 6 days after launching.

With 54.2 million downloads, India has the highest number of Threads App downloads.

The second app on the list, Pokemon GO, took over 33 days to reach 150 million global downloads.

The table below shows the list of fastest apps to reach 150 million downloads:

PlatformDays taken to reach 150 million app downloads
Threads6 days
Pokemon GO33 days
Call of Duty: Mobile106 days
Helix Jump153 days
Happy Glass171 days
Color Bump174 days
My Talking Tom Friends176 days
slither.io190 days
Fun Race 3D192 days
PUBG Mobile193 days


Threads Revenue Statistics

Threads is set to complete its first year in July 2024. Despite the small time frame since the launch, Threads has generated considerable revenue.

Threads Is Expected To Add $8 Billion To Meta’s Revenue By 2025

The in-app ads feature on the Threads app has helped it generate significant revenue.

Analysts estimate Threads will be adding around $8 billion to Meta’s $156 billion average annual revenue in 2025.

Source: Businesspost , Bloomberg

Who Has The Most Number Of Followers On Threads?

Neymar Jr has over 13.3 million Threads followers, which is the most on the platform.

With 12.4 million followers, Selena Gomez has the second most followed account on Threads.

Here is a list of the top 10 most followed accounts on Threads:

Account holderNumber of Threads followers
Neymar Jr13.3 million
Selena Gomez12.4 million
Kylie Jenner10.8 million
Kim Kardashian9.5 million
Jennifer Lopez7.6 million
MrBeast7.2 million
Shakira7 million
Will Smith6.7 million
Khloe Kardashian6.3 million 
Chris Hemsworth6.1 million

Source: Threads

Threads Vs X (Twitter) 

Threads and X are two social media rivals that do nearly the same things.

However, the functionality of both platforms has several similarities and differences.

Twitter was launched in 2006 and was the first of its kind social media platform, while Threads was launched in 2023. 

Twitter was rebranded as X when Elon Musk acquired it in 2023

The constant banter between the owners of the platforms, Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg, has made this rivalry more interesting for users.

Let us explore some key differences between Threads and X : 

ParameterThreadsX (Twitter)
AdsThreads have inbuilt adsIt can only be used on mobile phones
Media lengthMaximum video length is about 5 min Maximum video length is 2 minutes and 20 seconds 
Direct messagingUsers can’t directly message (DM) each otherUsers can directly message each other.
Trending sectionNo trending sectionTrending section available
Accessibility It can only be used through mobile phonesIt can be used on desktops and mobile phones
Character limit There are 500 characters for a postThere are 280 characters for a post
HashtagsUsers cannot use hashtagsUsers can utilize hashtags for better reach
PostPosts cannot be editedPosts cannot be edited

Source: Investing

Threads has been exploding on the social media scene since its launch. It has managed to get a record-breaking 160 million users in very little time.

However, this rapid increase in users also saw its decline at a very rapid rate when the users dropped by 79% after reaching the peak number of users.

The rivalry between X and Threads’ owners contributes to both platforms’ popularity, and we’re curious to see how Threads will perform statistically in 2024 as well!

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