Is Disney Plus Free Trial Available in 2024? Detailed Guide

Disney Plus free trial would be an excellent opportunity for people who want to experience the platform before committing to the paid plans. Does Disney Plus actually offer free trials in 2024? 

This post will solve all your queries! I’ll cover all the details of the Disney Plus free trial option, along with methods to save on your paid subscriptions. 

Make sure to stick until the end to explore all the exciting offers and options for you! 

Key Takeaway 

  • There is no free trial available for Disney Plus. Instead, users can go with the basic plan at $7.99/month. 
  • Go for the annual billing plans, as Disney Plus gives 16% off on that. 
  • You can also go for the bundle plans of Disney Plus, in which the basic duo plan costs $9.99/month, and the trio plan costs $14.99/month. 
  • Netflix, Hulu, Pluto, etc., are some of the alternatives to Disney Plus with free trials/options. 

Does Disney Plus Have A Free Trial?

As of 2024, Disney Plus does not offer a free trial or any kind of discount deals at the moment. 

However, you can still opt for the cheapest plan, which costs $7.99/month.  Another way is to go for the Disney bundle plans or look out for discount deals on various discount sites. 

How To Get Disney Plus At A Low Cost Or For Free?  

With a number of in-hand expenses, you might just want to save money or cut down costs on unnecessary expenses such as online platforms and much more. 

So, let’s take a look at the best optimal solution to save money or get Disney Plus for free: 

1. Disney Plus Basic Plan 

Disney Plus Basic Plan (with ads), which costs $7.99/month, is quite affordable.

2. US Military Discount 

Disney Plus offers a US military discount for their service members, veterans, and family members. The discount is that they get 25% off on the annual plan. You can check their eligibility criteria and get the same. 

3. The Disney Bundle Duo Basic 

The Disney bundle duo basic provides Hulu + Disney Plus (with ads), which costs $9.99/month and is quite affordable. This duo plan gives you the benefit of experiencing two streaming platforms at a lower price.

To check out the bundle duo basic plan, click here: Hulu X Disney Plus. 

4. Disney Bundle Trio Basic Plan With Hulu + Disney Plus + ESPN Plus

The Disney bundle trio basic plan with Hulu + Disney Plus + ESPN Plus is all with ads and costs $14.99/month. The Disney bundle trio premium plan costs $24.99/month.  This offer gives you the experience of three different platforms altogether at a low cost.

You can click here to get the offer: Hulu X Disney Plus X ESPN Plus. 

5. Verizon Disney Bundle

Verizon’s Disney Bundle Perk includes Hulu X Disney Plus X ESPN Plus together at the price of $10/month. Also, this offer is valid until May 17, 2024.  You are eligible for this plan if you have 5G Get More, 5G Play More, Unlimited Ultimate, Unlimited Plus, and Unlimited Welcome.

Click here to avail of this offer: Verizon Disney Bundle Plan. 

6. US Mobile

US Mobile gives its users with 3 or more unlimited premium lines the benefit of utilizing Disney Plus, Hulu, and ESPN Plus, which initially cost $14.99 for free with many more additional perks. Check if you’re eligible for this plan to get 12 months free for Disney Plus.

Click here: Disney Plus with US Mobile

7. Samsung 

With the new Samsung Boost offers, Samsung owners can claim Disney Plus for free for up to 6 months. To redeem this offer, you should go to the Samsung page, scan a QR code, and see if you qualify for the offer. 

You can also scan your QR code on a trough Google lens or Samsung camera. If you qualify for this offer, you will be redirected to a Samsung Bosst page where you enter your details, create an account, and get started. 

Additional tips: 

  • You can also choose to buy the premium plan by Disney with your friends and family. Split the cost to save money. 
  • You can also save money with Disney Plus annual plan billing, which gives you 16% off. 

Disney Plus also offers their employees free access to their services, such as access to Disney Bundle Basic, free theme park entry, discounts on Disney restaurants, and more. 

To check more about the Disney Plus benefits, click here

There are so many various methods to cut down your cost for Disney Plus or get it for free. You can opt for any way that best suits your requirements. 

After Free Trial: Disney Plus Pricing

Disney Plus has affordable pricing plans with basic and premium subscriptions.

Let’s take a look at Disney Plus Pricing:

PlanPrice Per MonthPrice Per Year (16% off) 
Disney Basic (with ads)$7.99$79.99
Disney Premium (without ads) $13.99$139.99 

Disney Plus also allows its member to cancel their membership at any time without any complications. 

However, if you cancel your subscription mid-period, you will not get a refund for that; the cancellation will be applied to the next billing cycle. 

Disney Plus Alternatives In 2024

If you don’t find Disney Plus the right fit for you, you can switch to another platform that provides similar or more advanced features.  

Listed below are some paid and free Disney Plus Alternatives with brief descriptions: 

1. Hulu 

Famous ShowsThe Bear, The Act, Ricky and Morty, Dropout, Pam and Tommy, and much more. 
Free Trial30-day free trial
PricingHulu (with ads): $7.99/month,
Hulu (no ads): $17.99/month. 

Watch many shows, web originals, videos, movies, and live shows with Hulu. They also provide their own originals as well. Also, Hulu has now merged with the Disney plan along with the trio plan of Hulu, Disney Plus, and ESPN Plus. 

Source: Amazon store

2. Amazon Prime

Famous ShowsHanna, Daisy Jones & The Six, Homecoming, The Power, etc.
Free Trial30-day free trial 
PricingPrime Monthly: $14.99/month, 

Amazon Prime gives you the benefit of streaming services, shopping perks, free books for reading, and free delivery. This platform gives you all the exclusive deals and benefits with its subscriptions. 

Amazon Prime
Source: Amazon Prime

3. Tubi TV 

Famous ShowsGreat British Menu, Silent Witness, Sam and Colby, Master Chef, and movies like Till Death Do Us Part, Rebroken, Hollow, and many more. 

Tubi TV provides you with an extensive library of more than 40,000 hours worth of content. This streaming platform is completely free and ad-supported. They have many shows, Live channels, movies, Tubi originals, and much more. 

Tubi TV
Source: Tubi TV

4. Pluto TV 

Famous ShowsYellow Jackets, Hannibal, Criminal Minds, The Walking Dead etc. 

Pluto TV includes more than 250 movies and thousands of movies for free. This platform brings a whole new world of content, including channels like CNN, NBC News, CBSN, and much more. 

Pluto TV
Source: Google Play Store

You can also watch your favorite shows and games, such as Fox Sports, MLS,  VH1 Love + Hip Hop, and many more, 24/7.

5. Netflix – Paid

Famous ShowsGriselda, Fool Me Once, Ginny & Georgia, After Life, Peaky Blinders etc. 
Free TrialNot available
PricingStandard plan with ads: $6.99/month

The world-leading streaming platform provides you with a wide range of shows, movies, documentaries, games, and much more. With Netflix, you can watch any show you want at any time. 

Source: Netflix

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The Final Verdict!

Disney Plus gives you access to its vast content library, such as Marvel, Star Wars, National Geographic, shows, movies, etc. However, to access their content, you must purchase the subscription plan as they don’t offer a Disney Plus Free Trial. 

Instead, you can follow various workarounds to get Disney Plus at the most pocket-friendly price! 


How long does the 1.99 deal last on Disney Plus? 

The $1.99 deal on Disney Plus is no longer available. This deal was introduced in September 2023 and was available for a limited time. 

Does Disney Plus provide a student discount? 

Disney Plus does not provide a student discount. However, you can still check out other sites that provide discount codes, such as Students Beans, Max, Groupon, etc.  

Can you share your Disney Plus account? 

Disney Plus lets you share accounts in the same household, similar to the Netflix household plan. However, you can still share your account with 4 people, as Disney Plus allows 4 devices to work simultaneously. 

How do I get Disney for free?

You cannot get a Disney Plus subscription for free. However, you can still opt for the Disney plan at a low cost with its basic plan, which costs $7.99/month. Another way is to ask your cable service provider if you are eligible for any Disney Plus free or discount offers.  

How many people can watch Disney Plus at the same time? 

Disney Plus allows 4 simultaneous streams at a time with the availability of 6 profiles. So, 4 people can watch Disney Plus from different screens simultaneously. 

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