Jungle Scout Free Trial (2024) – Try First 7 days

Before you commit to the paid plans, you’d want to test the free version out to see if it’s worth investing your money in. So, is Jungle Scout free trial available?

Let’s just get straight to the point – there isn’t any Jungle Scout free trial available. It might be a scam if you see any website offering a free trial on Jungle Scout plans. 

But don’t worry. There’s always a way. 

In this article, I’ll show you how you can explore Jungle Scout’s free tools and grab plans at an affordable price, along with the best deals and discounts available. 

Does Jungle Scout Offer A Free Trial Deal?

Jungle Scout clearly stated on its website that it doesn’t offer any kind of free trial. Surprisingly, this is one of the most asked questions by Amazon sellers. 

Jungle Scout Free Trial - FAQs
(Source: Jungle Scout Pricing Page)

However, it is also mentioned that Amazon sellers can leverage the 7-day refund policy to check any of their plans. If the plan doesn’t seem to fit your business needs, they can cancel the subscription within seven days of purchase to receive a full refund. 

So, technically, it is not a free trial. But this guarantee will ensure you have enough time to understand all the tools from the inside out. 

How To Claim The Jungle Scout Free Trial?

Follow these simple steps carefully to claim the free trial. In order to claim the offer, you need to purchase a paid subscription. It is applicable to all the plans. Let’s see how to claim it:

Step 1. Hop over to the official JS pricing page and click Buy Now after selecting a pricing plan. 

Jungle Scout Free Trial - Pricing

Step 2. Create a new Jungle Scout account using your email address and password. Then click Next. 

Jungle Scout Free Trial - Create A Account

Step 3. Next, complete the transaction by adding your card details and billing address. 

Jungle Scout Free Trial - Payment Detailes

Step 4. Now, activate your account from your registered email address. 

Soon, you will be redirected to the Jungle Scout dashboard. Here, you can connect your Amazon account and use every listed tool for seven days. Continue using the tool, if you are getting desired results from the services offered by Jungle Scout.

Jungle Scout Free Trial - Activate Your Account

If somehow you are not satisfied, cancel the subscription from the settings within 7 days of purchase. Or contact the support staff via email (support@junglescout.com) to cancel the plan. You will receive the refund within 2-3 business days.

Note: The refund policy is only available for new users. Existing users can’t claim a refund. Also, if you cancel the account after the 7th day, you won’t be able to claim the money. 

Jungle Scout Free Tools

Even though there isn’t a Jungle Scout free trial, you can still use a few tools for free. And you don’t even need to subscribe to a plan.

  1. Profit Calculator: With this Jungle Scout tool, you can calculate FBA fees, profit, and revenue of selected products. However, you need to sign up with a registered email to export the data in a CSV file or spreadsheet. 
  1. Amazon Sales Estimator: This free tool allows you to look into the monthly estimates of an Amazon product. You can use the tool directly on their website. All you need is to enter the BSR, preferred marketplace, and category to get the forecasted sales estimates. 
  1. Resource Center: Unlike other seller suites, Jungle Scout offers plenty of resources and video tutorials on how to start an FBA business on Amazon. Plus, the tutorials also include the usage of Jungle Scout tools. This will help you decide on purchasing a subscription without needing to go through a free trial. 

Jungle Scout Pricing Plans

Here are the three pricing plans offered by Jungle Scout. All the plans are backed by a money-back guarantee.

Jungle Scout PlanMonthly PlanAnnual Plan

You can purchase These standard plans monthly or yearly to get the money-back guarantee. Apart from that, the platform offers packages with live training for new sellers.

  • Start-up Suite: $189/3-month
  • Entrepreneur Suite: $349/6-month
  • Freedom Builder Bootcamp: $999/year

Start-up and Entrepreneur Suite packages offer the same refund policy for new users. However, with the Freedom Builder Bootcamp, you get special perks and an exclusive 14-day money-back guarantee. 

Wrapping Up On Jungle Scout Free Trial

Jungle Scout is a top-notch Amazon seller tool that offers services with promising results and growth. Sadly, there isn’t a free trial for FBA sellers. Still, more than 600K FBAers trust its services to find new opportunities and get organic traffic.

However, new sellers can subscribe to a plan and use it for seven days. If not satisfied, they can cancel the account to get their refund within 7 days. But for someone like me who has been using the Jungle Scout for a very long time, I assure you that you won’t need it. 


Is there a way to use Jungle Scout for Free?

You can use the Profit Calculator and Amazon Sales Estimator tools without subscribing to a paid Jungle Scout plan. You can also install its Chrome extension for free, but the tools will require a subscription. 

Who is Jungle Scout For?

Jungle Scout is a great tool for aspiring Amazon sellers as it is beginner-friendly. Sellers who are already selling on Amazon can use it to find new product opportunities and expand their business to other marketplaces. 

Is there any alternative to the Jungle Scout free trial?

There are plenty of Jungle Scout alternatives that offer a free trial. But only Helium 10 matches the capability in terms of services. Plus, it offers a free plan, which is available for a lifetime.  

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