Teachable 30 Days Free Trial 2024 → For New Users

If you’re wondering how to take advantage of the Teachable free trial offer, your search ends here. 

Teachable allows you to monetize your knowledge and sell your own courses. However, not everyone can afford its subscription plans. 

The good news is that Teachable offers a whole month of free trials for its new users, and availing it is easy, too. 

In this article, I’ll walk you through a detailed guide on how to claim your free trial, along with the pricing after the trial and saving maximum on your purchase!

Let’s get into the details!

Key Takeaways 

  • Teachable provides a 30-day free trial for new users. 
  • You need to enter your credit card details, but you won’t be charged until the free trial is over. 
  • The paid plan starts at $39/month with the annual plans. 
  • Teachable has ratings of 4.6 on Capterra and 2.3 on TrustPilot, considering people had an issue with their customer support. 

Teachable Free Trial 2024: Available Offer

Teachable offers a 30-day free trial to anyone who signs up for the first time. While you do need to enter your card details, you’ll not be charged until your trial period expires. 

You never know when the offer might disappear from their website. So, make sure you take advantage of it while it’s still there!

What Is Included With Teachable Free Trial?

Does Teachable offer a typical free trial, or does it have something special? Let’s find out!

Sadly, Teachable does not include all of its advanced features and tools in its free trial. 

Still, they let you create a fully working online course at no cost. Here is everything you get:

  • Create unlimited courses with unlimited video hosting.
  • Customize your brand by adding your name, photo, and logo. 
  • Teachable’s built-in tools to accept payments. 
  • Enroll students, communicate with them, and track their progress.
  • Teachable dashboard.
  • Basic customer support. 

Steps To Redeem Teachable Free Trial

Now that you know what you’re getting with the trial plan, here are the steps to redeem the offer. 

Step 1: Visit Teachable official website or click here

Step 2: Fill in your details to create a free account. 

Teachable - Create A Free Account

And that’s it! You have successfully redeemed the Teachable free trial. 

Pros And Cons Of Teachable Free Trial

Let’s weigh the pros and cons of the free Teachable trial. 


  • Easy to use.
  • Offers unlimited course creation and student registrations. 
  • An impressive dashboard that allows to track progress. 
  • Simple sign-up process with no hidden costs.
  • A good opportunity to try the platform before buying a plan.


  • Limited duration, only lasts for a month.
  • Users may feel rushed to set up their courses.
  • Limited features do not allow users to explore the platform fully.

After Free Trial: Teachable Pricing Plans 

Here’s a quick table for you to go over the Teachable pricing plans. 

PlanMonthly PricingAnnual Pricing

The annual pricing plans are more beneficial in the long term, even though you may have to pay a large amount upfront. 

If this is your first time using Teachable to teach a course, we recommend starting with the Basic monthly plan. As you get the hang of it all, you can further decide if you want to expand the plan. 

The Pro and Pro+ plans are for more established entrepreneurs looking to scale their online business. You can integrate affiliate marketing and give graded quizzes and advanced reports. 

Finally, the Business plan is for large businesses and organizations. Coaching centers, colleges, or other educational institutions generally use them. This is more helpful when you have a large amount of students and staff. 

Can You Make A Free Course On Teachable?

Yes. With Teachable’s free trial, users have 30 days to plan, design, and create online courses. You do not have to pay an additional price. 

However, a lot of features, including monetization, might be restricted. 

Is Upgrading To A Teachable Paid Plan Worth It?

Having seen the pros, cons, and features, you’re probably wondering if upgrading to Teachable’s pain plan is worth it. 

I would recommend giving it a try. You can try the free trial first. If you like the features and want to explore more, you can upgrade to try its advanced tools. 

Some advanced tools, such as email marketing, may not be there in the free trial. However, it is worth a try. It gives you the chance to explore the app for free. 

You can start with their cheapest plan, which starts at $59, and work your way up. 

While my experience has been good so far, let’s check out what other people have to say. 

I went on Reddit to check other people’s reviews. While a lot of people praised its features, I noticed people had issues with marketing and monetization tools. 

Check Out What Other People Say
Source: Capterra

One of the users, 14 days ago (at the time of writing this content), said: 

On the other hand, one of the user on Capterra stated: 

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Final Verdict: New Users Get 30 Days Teachable Trial 

It all comes down to the final question: should you try it? Yes. If you ask me, I loved using Teachable’s free trial. 

Along with being user-friendly for a beginner like me, it allowed me to explore many course creation tools at no cost. That is a pretty good deal for someone who does not like spending money unless I know what I’m spending on. 

It is a good platform for beginners and those on a budget. However, if you’ve been in the online teaching field for a while and are looking for something more advanced, going for the Pro plans is recommended. 

Are you going to try out the trial offer? Leave your comments below!


How many courses can you have on the Teachable free plan?

Teachable allows its free trial users to create an unlimited number of courses. 

Is the Teachable app free?

There is no charge to download the app. However, you will need to pay a monthly price after your free trial ends. 

Which payment modes are accepted by Teachable?

Teachable accepts debit and credit cards, and their transaction is processed via Stripe. They accept all major international cards, including Visa, American Express, MasterCard and Discover. 

Does Teachable offer a refund policy?

Yes. Teachable offers a 30-day refund policy for school owners on paid plans. 

Is Teachable worth it?

Yes. Given its prices and the features it offers, Teachable is a worthy app for selling courses and earning money. It offers several features to customize your course and create your own brand. 

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