11 Best Ads Spy Tools of 2024 [Free & Paid]

Looking for the Best Ads Spy Tools to keep an eye on your competitors? You are at the right place. Keeping up with market trends is essential to ensure you’re acting ethically, regardless of whether you believe you’re an expert in marketing or are just getting started. You may occasionally test different ad copy and landing page combinations to achieve the best outcome. Monitoring the competitors’ approach might be a better action plan than experimenting.

This blog post will also discuss why every marketer should have ad spy tools in their toolkit. These tools aren’t just nice to have – they’re essential for gaining insights into your competitors’ strategies, optimizing your campaigns, and boosting your marketing ROI. Let’s get to the point and explore why Ad Spy Tools are a game-changer for marketers.

Let’s discuss the 12 Best Ads Spy Tools that will help you in your digital marketing strategy.

List of 11 Best Ads Spy Tools

These are the top Ad spy tools that marketers should know about in 2024:

Sr. No. ToolsWhy Go For It
1. SEMRush AdClarityThe most complete ad spy tool in the market currently
2. AdPlexityLargest database of ad campaigns
3. DropispyGreat set of data for Amazon advertising
4.AdSpyderIdeal for ethical and responsible gambling advertising
5.PowerAdSpyCovers over 20 ad platforms
6.AdSpyCovers ads from 222 regions of the globe
7.SpyFuIdeal for Google ad spying
8.BigSpyComes with a free trial – a good option for beginners
9.AnstrexIt comes with a free trial – a good option for beginners
10.SpyOverIdeal for push notification ads
11.PathmaticsDetailed insights on Paid Ad Campaign
12.AdEspressoCompare ads with your competitor to discover ad Strategies.

1. Semrush:

Semrush is a popular SEO tool for online marketers, but it’s also a valuable tool for keeping tabs on your rivals’ PPC ads. This tool may be used to find new competitors and examine their expenditure on keywords and advertisements. Its primary focus is on search engine traffic, both free and paid.

Semrush Overview

Semrush Key Features

Let’s take a quick look at Semrush’s Key Features.

  • One of SEMRush’s top features is its capacity to detect real-time competitor ad content and export the findings for later use.
  • You can view the ad content they are using, the locations they are focusing on, and the keywords they’re bidding on.
  • You can also monitor their organic search traffic for keywords driving traffic to their site.
  • SEMRush also provides a backlink analyzer that allows you to examine all the websites connecting to your rivals.

Semrush Pricing

SEMRush costs 119.95 USD per month, but if you get an annual membership, you’ll save 17%. However, sometimes it also offers a 30-day free trial.

2. AdPlexity:

Thanks to AdPlexity, it only takes a few clicks to compile a complete list of all the advertisements used by your rivals.

This application enables you to observe active campaigns in more than 80 nations, download each landing page, discover covert efforts that utilize mobile carrier traffic, and locate advertisements for affiliate marketing programs from 100+ affiliate networks.

Adplexity Overview

AdPlexity Key Features

Let’s take a quick look at Adplexity Key Features:

  • In addition, finding effective advertising will be quick and straightforward.
  • Additionally, it enables you to locate all affiliate networks and campaigns and view incoming URLs.
  • With features like advertising trends, services that are being targeted, traffic sources that are being used, and publishers, Adplexity provides you the chance to examine every component of a campaign.
  • Additionally, AdPlexity offers a variety of tools, including AdPlexity Mobile, AdPlexity Desktop, and AdPlexity Push, which you can use to follow and analyze competitors quickly across numerous platforms.

Adplexity Pricing:

AdPlexity comes with multiple plans, which include:

  • Push and Carriers- 129 USD per month
  • Mobile and Desktop- 149 USD per month
  • AdPlexity Native- 169 USD per month

You can save on your next Adplexity purchase.

3. Dropispy:

Dropispy is a potent surveillance tool designed to find social media adverts. It’s always advantageous to have an eye over your competitors, whether you’re just getting started in dropshipping or selling digital products. For accomplishing precisely that, Dropispy is a fantastic tool.

There are three primary functionalities of this competitive intelligence tool.

Dropispy Overview

Dropispy Key Features

  • Ad Search on Facebook

The most noticeable aspect of Dropispy is its ad search engine, which enables you to look for advertisements based on creativity, target market, redirect links, and amount of replies.

  • Thorough Ad Information

Users may get a more thorough picture of an advertiser’s performance with Dropispy’s Ad Information feature. Users may find out more about how an advertisement is doing and whether it is still live by seeing extra information about that advertisement.

  • Search Shop

Finding well-known drop shipping stores and seeing their advertising items may be done quickly with Dropispy’s Shop Search function.

Dropispy Pricing:

For your convenience, Dropispy has three distinct price tiers.

  • Free- It provides infinite searches, but most of the functions are limited.
  • Premium- Dropispy offers a monthly premium subscription with 50,000 search credits for 31 USD.
  • Business- For 265 USD per month, Dropispy provides you with 1.8 million search credits.

4. AdSpyder:

One of the most well-liked ad-spying platforms for monitoring your competitors’ advertisements is called AdSpyder. In addition, it enables you to examine the SEO tactics of your rivals to raise your income and conversion rates.

It operates on various platforms, including Google Search and Facebook, and Displays advertisements from Yahoo, Instagram, YouTube, and others. It can also assist in the analytical insights of the competitors’ ads. You may come up with suggestions to make your advertisements better in this way.

AdSpyder Overview

AdSpyder Key Features :

Let’s take a quick look at AdSpyder’s Key Features:

  • You may examine the Facebook advertising initiatives of your rivals and learn more details about them.
  • You may sign up for a free trial where they provide access to over 10 million advertisement copies via their dashboard.
  • Using your terms, search and explore the advertisements. Use your unique filters to hone the outcomes further.
  • The Ad analytics component of our website also allows you to check past statistics.

AdSpyder Pricing

Let’s take a quick look at the Pricing Plans of AdSpyder

  • Basic Plan: The monthly cost for the basic plan is 49 USD.
  • Premium Plan: For just 99 USD per month, the Premium plan gives you a few extra benefits.
  • Pro Plan: For 249 USD per month, you may choose the Pro plan to access AdSyder’s advanced capabilities.

5. PowerAdSpy:

Internet marketers exploring advertising on social networks and native ad platforms may use PowerAdSpy as a competitive research tool. PowerAdSpy provides thorough campaign analytics, much as the other spying platforms. Its database contains millions of adverts from more than 15 different nations.

PowerAdSpy Overview - Best Ads Spy Tools

PowerAdSpy Key Features:

Let’s take a quick look at PowerAdSpy’s Key Features.

  • You may divide ad results into groups based on the placements of social media ads by using the filter by Position or Ad Placement option.
  • You’ll even have the choice to watch the live ad while using Live Ad View and view advertisements kept in the database.
  • The domain name’s keywords, ad text, picture text, and other factors can all be used to narrow down your search.

PowerAdSpy Pricing:

Let’s take a quick look at the pricing plans of PowerAdSpy

  • Free trial- You may use the free plan for ten days, but it only allows 1000 searches or 100 advertising.
  • Basic plan costs 49 USD per month and solely includes Facebook Ads.
  • Palladium plan- All ad types and functionalities are included in Palladium, which has a monthly cost of $349 per month.

6. AdSpy:

AdSpy can become your ideal ad intelligence service if you specialize in running Instagram advertising. It finds concealed adverts on Instagram and Facebook, offering a more thorough investigation of less well-liked ads.

You get access to everything you need to build a thorough ad campaign through a simple and effective interface, including a library of over 95 million advertising in 88 languages.

AdSpy Overview - Best Ads Spy Tools

AdSpy Key Features:

Let’s take a quick look at the Key features of AdSpy

  • Find attractive new campaigns.
  • Look at the top marketplaces throughout the world.
  • Keep an eye on the brands of the opposition.
  • View advertising based on what matters most.

AdSpy Pricing:

The monthly cost of AdSpy’s plan is 149 USD.

7. SpyFu:

SpyFu is a robust and all-inclusive ad espionage and monitoring tool that keeps track of each keyword, organic ranking, and ad version the user wishes to see.

SpyFu evaluates sites based on keywords, native SERP engagement, and ad variants like its popular alternative SEMRush. This is its biggest drawback because the platform uses only custom domains to collect data. Therefore, if you want to obtain information from the social media accounts of your rivals, you’ll require a third-party tool.

SpyFu Overview - Best Ads Spy Tools

SpyFu Key Features

Let’s take a quick look at the key features of SpyFu

  • PPC competitor analysis is used for keyword snooping in ad campaigns.
  • Google Ads campaigns can use its suggestions drive to include popular ad concepts.
  • Your search ranks on various web browsers may be found using real-time rank monitoring.

SpyFu Pricing Plans

SpyFu offers three plans- The basic plan, the Professional plan, and the Team plan. These plans have monthly payments of 39 USD, 79 USD, and 299 USD, respectively.

8. BigSpy:

BigSpy is an AdSpy tool that can quickly and easily extract advertisements from Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and other websites and applications. It boasts a sizable ad base of over a billion adverts and robust search and filtering features. BigSpy provides real-time ad ideas monitored by user queries and highlighted advertising chosen by intelligent technologies.

BigSpy Overview - Best Ads Spy Tools

Key aspects

  • You can choose to follow the performance curve or the ad schedule.
  • Discover new topics or markets every day that are being watched by thousands of individuals.
  • Over one billion adverts are in BigSpy’s extensive and successful database.


  • Basic Plan- The entry-level plan includes a monthly payment of 9 USD.
  • Pro Plan- For 99 USD per month, the pro plan adds additional features.
  • Elite Plan– BigSpy Elite Plan costs 399 USD monthly and is the company’s most expensive option.

9. Anstrex:

Anstrex offers all the competitive intelligence data you need to boost your marketing initiatives.

This tool lets you quickly preview landing pages, find out information about the ad network, and filter advertisements based on their effectiveness and length of the run. It gives essential details like how many platforms an ad was active on and for how long.

Anstrex Overview - Best Ads Spy Tools

Anstrex Key Features

Let’s take a quick look at the features of Anstrex

  • By quickly evaluating hundreds of advertisements from many categories and languages, our native ad spy application saves time.
  • With the help of Anstrex, you may filter adverts in various ways to locate precisely what you’re searching for.
  • It has various spyable ad types, always attempting to diversify further.

Anstrex Pricing

The Anstrex Native plan is 69.99 USD per month, while the Anstrex Push is 79.99 USD per month.

10. SpyOver:

SpyOver is a tool for native monitoring and research that enables you to track and examine your rivals’ advertisements. From 14 of the best native ad platforms, it has gathered about 10 million adverts.

Additionally, you may save time and money by downloading advertising and landing pages and discovering new trends.

SpyOver Overview - Best Ads Spy Tools

SpyOver Key Features

Let’s take a quick look at the SpyOver Key Features

  • Can alter search results according to the country, kind of device, network, tracking application, and browser.
  • Graphs or infographics depict actual advertising patterns.
  • Large-scale downloads of landing pages and advertising materials.
  • English translation of any language’s advertisement text.

SpyOver Pricing Plans

There are two price tiers for SpyOver. Professional and Corporate rates are 1499 USD and 299 USD monthly, respectively.

11. Pathmatics :

Pathmatics is a dynamic ad intelligence platform that helps you get valuable insights about your competitor’s ad campaigns. It can be done across all the social media platforms. Pathmatics comes up with various tools that will help appraise your performance and then compare it with your competitor’s performance for better results in the future. In simple words, Pathmatics is the tool that will help you take your ad campaigns to a whole new level with insights from your competitors, which will give better results for your future campaigns.

Pathmatics Overview - Best Ads Spy Tools

Pathmatics Key Features:

Let’s take a quick look at the Pathmatics Key Features.

  • It can give you insights into your competitor’s campaigns on various social media platforms.
  • Various ways to understand competitor’s ad insights and your own business needs.

Pathmatics Pricing Plans:

Pathmatics has not disclosed the pricing, you will have to contact the sales team to het details.

12. AdEspresso

If you have been into paid social media advertisements, I am sure you would have come across AdEspresso at some point. This tool is a goldmine for marketers. Here you can find out about competitor’s strategies and their weak spots. You can compare your ad with them to get better results for yourself. Spy on your competitors over Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn & Instagram.

AdEspresso Overview

This tool is probably one of the best, with the perfect package. You can spy on your competitor’s performance, weak points, and strategies that make it better, which will eventually help you shape your campaign better. AdEspresso also can get you ad copies by spying on your competitor’s campaign.

AdEspresso Features:

Let’s take a quick look at the Key features of AdEspresso

  • You can compare your ads with competitors and get insights about their strategy and weak spots.
  • AdEspresso will help you create perfect ad copy to grab the audience’s attention and eventually help you with better conversion.
  • CRM Integration is available, which will help you manage all the leads.

AdEspresso Pricing Plans :

Let’s take a quick look at the Pricing plans of AdEspresso

  • Starter Plan $49/mo with a spending limit of $1,000/mo
  • Plus, the Plan will cost you $99/mo with no spending limit.
  • Enterprise Plan will cost you $259 with unlimited spending.

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As we conclude our exploration of the best Ad Spy Tools, it’s evident that these tools aren’t a luxury but a necessity. They empower marketers to make informed decisions, save valuable time, and maximize the ROI.

Make every attempt to match the best brands in the market regarding quality, and then work to get even better.

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