How to Sell And Buy Websites? 8 Best Platforms (2023)

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Are you looking to know How To Sell And Buy Websites? then you are at the right place. It can be time-consuming to create a website from scratch, therefore many startup business owners find it advantageous to purchase an existing one.

While many individuals opt to spend their money in real estate, selling and buying websites are the best online alternative if you’re seeking one.

You’ll need to be able to tell a website with a promise from one that is a sinking ship, which involves some knowledge and experience.

We will thus assist you by providing the top 7 websites for buying and selling websites. You’ll discover a decent alternative on our list whether you’re trying to purchase or sell websites for thousands, or even billions of dollars.

Things You Should Know Before You Buy or Sell a WebsiteHow To Sell And Buy Websites

There is some risk involved in purchasing a website because there isn’t 100% assurance that it can be sold for a profit. You must thus be serious when determining how much revenue you can actually invest and bear the risk of losing.

What are the top three considerations when purchasing a website?

You believe that a publisher should be aware of or comprehend the following three factors before actually purchasing a website:

  • Good SEO techniques.
  • Optimization of conversion rates (CRO).
  • How to check a website’s traffic and income.

Never invest more money than you’re willing to lose on a website while you make the purchase, regardless of how fantastic it appears.

The nature of the website you want to buy will determine how much money you’ll require for the initial investment. It should go without saying that a better website will cost more money.

Top 8 Places For Buying And Selling Websites: How To Sell And Buy Websites

Let’s see the Top 7 Places for Buying and Selling Websites in detail:

Sr. No.Buying And Selling Websites
2.FE International
3.Empire Flippers
7.Motion Invest
8. Sedo

1. Flippa:

Similar to eBay, Flippa is an open bidding online marketplace where anybody can view and bid on your listed website. The platform, which is a pioneer in its field, offers a distinctive portfolio of recently sold properties that you can use to compare your pricing or bids.

Flippa Overview

What to sell and buy?

With the exception of domain names, Flippa allows you to purchase and sell virtually any online business. It may be used for a variety of things, including blogs, websites, eCommerce shops, Amazon FBA stores, applications, and SaaS products.


Four alternative price choices are available to merchants on the marketplace. From $29 to $499, it ranges in price. Along with the “success fee,” it also charges this. A reduced escrow, a 3-month listing period, and a typical reach are all included for $29 in the price. On Flippa, buyers may see accessible sites and the net profits with ease.

Listing cost: 29 USD to 499 USD + a listing charge.

Sales commission: 10% to 15% of the sales price

2. FE International:

Website broker services are offered mainly for e-commerce, SaaS, and content publishing companies by the expert merger and acquisitions counsel FE International.

FE International Overview

Instead of hundreds of postings, you’ll get 30 to 40 genuinely excellent companies that are actually profitable. More than 1,200 acquisitions for over 1 USD billion have been done by the business.

What to sell and buy?

eCommerce, SaaS, and content websites are the main areas of concentration for FE International. You may be confident that only verified, well-established sites enter the market since they conduct thorough research on all the assets they offer.


The firm doesn’t charge any fee to put your websites for sale on the marketplace; the firm doesn’t charge a fee; instead, they earn an average incentive of 2.5% from each sale. The amount of the deal determines the precise commission rate.

Due to the sometimes high values of the offered sites, this website is best suitable for purchasers with a sizable budget.

Listing cost: As FE International possesses a success rate of 94.1%, your webpage will probably sell. There are no listing costs; you only spend if your website sells.

Sales commission: The commission price charged by FE International typically ranges from 10% to 15%, based on the size of the sale.

3. Empire Flippers:

Only websites that generate a minimum of $1,000 in monthly revenue are listed on Empire Flippers’ website. One of the most reputable website marketplaces, Empire Flippers screens websites and looks at their earnings and traffic patterns.

Empire Flippers - How To Sell And Buy Websites

Since its inception, it has sold websites valued at more than $422 million and has a 75% success record in closing deals.

What to sell and buy?

Any internet company may use Empire Flippers. This covers sites that make money from adverts or affiliate sales, as well as companies like Amazon FBA, eCommerce, and more.


Users may list their websites for free on the website, and depending on how much a company is listed for, they may be charged a portion of the selling price. Customers may locate some of the most trustworthy websites for sale on this platform because of Empire Flipper’s stringent screening procedures and high rejection rates.

Listing cost: None

Sales commission: Empire Flippers have a tiered compensation system; the lowest level is 15% for orders under 1 million USD, and the highest level is 2% for orders above 10 million USD. The commission rate decreases steadily as the size of the deal increases.

4. MicroAcquire:

Website vendors and purchasers may connect privately and for free with MicroAcquire. The platform may assist you in selling your online company within as few as 30 days thanks to its community of over 120,000 dependable buyers. It operates by linking buyers and vendors in its marketplace in an anonymous manner. Once there is any interest, you may get in touch to seal the sale.

MicroAcquire Overview - How To Sell And Buy Websites

What to sell and buy?

Startups and SaaS products with an ARR of less than 500,000 USD can use MicroAcquire.

It is therefore a little more constrained than websites like Empire Flippers. If you’re a buyer, it also implies that you’ll only discover what you’re seeking.


All you have to do to connect with buyers as a seller is create a profile on MicroAcquire, and advertise your website without paying anything upfront.

Listing cost: For 290 USD, the portal provides premium subscriptions that allow users access to bargains, enhanced data and financial analytics, and notifications of new postings.

Sales commission:  MicroAcquire doesn’t impose any commission fees on buyers or sellers.

5. BuySellEmpire:

A variety of commercial websites, notably e-commerce and media websites, can be sold on the private online marketplace BuySellEmpire. With a community of more than 10,000 sellers and buyers, BuySellEmpire touts a 93% deal closure rate.

BuySellEmpire Overview - How To Sell And Buy Websites

What to sell and buy?

Any online business may use BuySellEmpire, including content websites, eCommerce stores, SaaS applications, and Amazon FBA companies.


This platform helps both parties through the selling process and has a 93% success record in closing deals. The BuySellEmpire team assists purchasers in all aspects of the transaction, starting with connecting with finance providers. Additionally, the platform gives customers a thorough research window of 7 to 21 days to review the website and decide whether or not they want to make a transaction.

Listing cost: None

Sales commission: Only if your company sells does BuySellEmpire charge a commission. There is a commission of 4-10% based on the size of the sale.

6. Exchange :

It’s unique way of giving the actual data rather than the fake one which is quite recommended. Shopify calculates the actual sales revenue by the help of Shopify API. So the seller cant make their own changes which makes sure that the numbers are real and not fake. Exchange also allows anonymous communication and supports Escrow.

Exchange Overview

What to sell and buy?

It is only for E commerce stores. More specifically Shopify stores. You have to be using Shopify in order to list your store.


It offers accurate results and numbers which cant be tapped by the sellers. Right information of the actual sales revenue helps the buyers to make the right decision. It also offers anonymous communication and support Escrow.

7. Motion Invest :

In Motion Invest you can list your website to market place but also can sell your site directly and get money straight away without being afraid of any commission.

Motion Invest Overview

What to sell and buy?

There’s no specific criteria given by Motion Invest. But they mainly deal with the website that are monetized with affiliate offers.


You can sell directly on the site and get money straight away without the fear of any commission being deducted.

8. Sedo:

There are multiple options provided by Sedo. Here, you can buy domains and sell domains at a fixed cost. Also, you can bid and sell in a marketplace. You can also use Sedo’s broker service. It’s a great option for domain names which are high valued.

Sedo Overview

What To Sell And Buy?

You can only buy and sell Domains here on Sedo.


Sedo offers research features which will help you understand the market trends and information better, top domains, latest bids and much more.

Tips For The Sellers And Buyers:

Finally, let’s go through some tips for using any of the services to acquire or sell websites.

For sellers

  • Acquire different values: Most brokers give free valuations. Try to check and collect maximum values and compare alternative estimations of your sites’ values.
  • Pay the commission: Paying a 15% fee is worthwhile if a broker is selling a site for at least 25% higher than you might have sold for yourself. Don’t be hesitant to pay a commission.
  • Keep the data: Ensure you have the analytics, income documentation, etc. You will get a superior price if people believe you are providing a genuine article.
  • Keep your information private: No one wants to purchase a site just to have a tonne of the competitors appear afterward. The majority of renowned marketplaces keep their information private only to reveal the actual URL to the approved purchasers.

For Buyers

  • Do your homework: To prevent making a mistake, go to well-known markets like FE International which handles a pile of the necessary homework for you.
  • Know yourself: Know yourself as a buyer first and what you want before entering a purchase. 
  • Pay heed to SEO: Look out for any shady practices that can cause your site to suffer. Sellers are necessary for good marketplaces such as the Empire Flippers.
  • Learn what platform runs the website: You can see how simple it’d be to update and manage the current website.

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Conclusion: How To Sell And Buy Websites

There is no doubt that buying and selling your website is a time-consuming way to generate money. Nevertheless, it can be an excellent method to recover your original investment without leaving the house.

It takes time and expertise to choose the best websites to sell and buy and to upgrade them so that you can turn a profit.

Today’s online resources make it simpler than ever to sell and buy websites. The majority of the websites on the list above assist you in assessing your business to establish a listing price and then assist you in marketing it.

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