7 Ways to Find Trending Songs for Reels [How to Guide]

Instagram is a place where one can be an overnight star! You only need a viral track and pair it up with an aesthetic clip. Now, the question is, how do you find trending songs for reels? What are trending songs on Instagram Reels today?

In a discussion with my friends trying their best to dominate the reel game, I came across some cool strategies you can implement. Additionally, after evaluating some viral reels, multiple research, and a few articles later, I’m here to help you get closer to becoming the next Instagram viral sensation! 

Editor’s Note: Of course, these strategies do not work overnight, nor it will they 100% guarantee to make you an Instagram sensation in a day. However, with the right approach and efforts, you can get closer to at least getting tons of likes and engagement on your Reel. 

It’s important to note that business accounts have some limitations while accessing certain Reel sounds. In order to combat that, I have also listed other methods that you can follow to ensure you do not miss out on the opportunity of going viral. 

With that, let’s dive into the details. 

Guide To Find Trending Songs For Reels On Instagram

Searching for Instagram trending sounds is a piece of cake if you are an avid user. 

However, that, too, varies in terms of the content you engage with. For example, if you interact with Western artists/creators more, you would likely not know the sounds locals or even your peers are talking about! In that case, I have seven working strategies for you:-

  • Instagram Weekly Trends
  • Manual Search 
  • Take Inspiration From TikTok
  • Instagram Reels Templates
  • Trending Reels Instagram Accounts
  • Scroll Instagram Reels Feed

Now, let’s check out these points in more detail and see why they work!

1. Instagram Weekly Trends

Tracking the Instagram weekly trends is fairly simple. Check out the steps mentioned below:-

Step 1: Select the Reels icon at the bottom of the page. It looks like a playback button.

How To Find Trending Songs For Reels - Playback Button
Source: Instagram

Step 2: Scroll through the Reels until you find a sound you like.

Step 3: Once you spot a sound you like, click the music icon.

How To Find Trending Songs For Reels - Click The Music Icon
Source: Instagram

Step 4: On the bottom-left, you will locate the symbol. 

Step 5: Click on the audio to be redirected to an audio page. 

How To Find Trending Songs For Reels - Click The Audio
Source: Instagram

There, you will get an idea of how popular that sound is considering the number of reels created, views, and where the original sound come from.

2. Manual Search

Manually finding the trending audio on Instagram is not accurate. For example, my method is searching for the audio with the help of a search bar – you can locate the magnifying glass at the bottom of your screen.

After that, you just need to enter “trending audio” in the blank space. By default, the “For You” page will open, so simply click on either “Audio” or “Tags.” I think tags are not as reliable as anyone can type #trendingaudio in their caption. 

However, you can opt for the Audio and gauge the popularity by the number of views. 

3. Take Inspiration From TikTok

Have you ever stumbled upon a sound that feels like a personal jab? TikTok is known for its up-to-date algorithm— so much so that you would feel the platform is spying on you. 

Regarding finding trending sounds on TikTok, it is convenient. You must head to its “For You” page and enter “trending sounds” in the search bar. There, you can filter the results by setting “last week.”

Now, you can scroll through the sounds and understand which audio is best used! 

Then come back to Instagram and use the sound, though try to give your personal touch rather than copy-pasting what most TikTokers are doing!

4. Instagram Reels Templates

In manier times, I have seen an aesthetically pleasing template with an existing sound. All we need to do is select the template and add your own clips. Now, the question is, where can you find these templates? Easy – Reels Feed, where you will find trending templates. 

Or you can manually find it in the video editor feature. Check out the steps below:-

Step 1: Head to your Reels Feed.

Step 2: You will locate a camera icon at the top-right corner.

How To Find Trending Songs For Reels - Click The Camera Icon
Source: Instagram

Step 3: Once you click on “Templates,” many templates will appear. 

How To Find Trending Songs For Reels - Click The Templates Option
Source: Instagram

Step 4: The top templates are recommendations, whereas the below ones are trending.

How To Find Trending Songs For Reels - Recommendations
Source: Instagram

Step 5: You can scroll left to pick out any sound you choose.

Keep in mind not all templates are super in trend. Instead, these sounds are more likely to hit the “popularity spectrum.” I would suggest uploading an innovative Reel based on that template; this will make your video stand out and hopefully go viral. 

5. Trending Reels Instagram Accounts

If you are not fond of going through all the hassle of finding trendy sounds, simply follow creators who keep up with the challenges. Boy band Seventeen is currently my favorite Instagram account. 

Even though I am not part of their fandom, their Reels are primarily in my feed, considering the sounds they post are constantly engaging and in-trend. 

Likewise, you can identify whose accounts you interact with the most and whether they keep up with the trends. In that case, you found your personal “trending Reel sound finder”!

6. Scroll Instagram Reels Feed

Most times, scrolling your Reels’ feed will help you track popular sounds. 

For example, the Wop Challenge was recently trending on Instagram, TikTok, and even YouTube Shorts. Maybe I had engaged with the sound by either liking or commenting too much – Regardless, my feed was filled with Wop challenges. 

So, that’s a trick you can use, too. If you stumble on an unfamiliar yet engaging sound, it’s likely an emerging trend. So, hop on it while it’s at the beginning stage, and you never know, your Reel might go viral!

7. Instagram Story Music

My last tip is the easiest! Post a random picture on your Instagram story, and add an audio in the background. Now, the platform’s sound library will open. On the “For You” page, you will see a long list of sounds. 

At the top of the screen, you will see audio you mainly engage with. However, when you scroll down, you will locate unfamiliar sounds mostly used worldwide.

Can Business Accounts Find Trending Songs For Reels?

Business accounts can have a hard time finding trending songs for Reels, considering the platform’s copyright concerns. Thus enforcing limitations on commercial music. 

Generally, “this sound is not licensed for commercial use” will let you know what Reel sounds you can use. However, you can also use the “original audio” sounds. 

These sounds are mostly free and will not have a consequence upon usage.

Why You Should Use Trending Songs For Reels?

The best way to make your brand relevant or even get discovered by a new audience is by using trending sounds. This not only boosts your page’s engagement, but Instagram often favors the Reels that use popular sounds and push their videos more, increasing your chances of going viral. 

For example, Yaz Ghotb has posted a motivating reel where she appreciates anyone who moves out of their home city and starts a new life. If you notice, the Macro Influencer has 171K followers, and yet her Reel has 8.8 Million views. 

As you can see, popular audio does make one viral – in Yaz’s case, she created the audio herself! I would suggest understanding your audience and the brand you are selling. After that, you can make creative reels and start your own challenge that way.

2024’s Trending Songs On Instagram Reels 

Before diving into the elaborative list of trendy Instagram audios, let’s check out the February hits! Keep in mind this list is based on the tracks available when writing. 

So, in case more viral sounds drop, I will keep the table updated!

Upload DateAudioArtistUse ForLink
2nd FebruaryShow me howMen I Trust – Indie BandCosy-looking clips Here
2nd FebruaryDo You Wanna Grab A Coffee?Random VoiceFlaunting your love for Coffee, promoting beverages or restaurants. Here
2nd FebruaryNothing Burns Like ColdSnoh AlegrahBehind the scenes, min-vlogs, makeup tutorials, etc.Here

17 Trendiest Reel Sounds For Both January And February 2024! 

So, let’s check them out in the sequence:-

1. Murder On The Dance Floor

Check Audio: Link

The first-ever trend of January is the Saltburn soundtrack, sung by Sofie Ellis-Bexter.

With the help of “Murder on the Dance Floor” audio, you can share your mini-vlogs, pet clips, outfit checks, and even random food items.

2. Guitar Riff – Jazzy

Check Audio: Link

You can use these groovy tracks in the background of any piece of content at any time. So far, I have seen cooking clips, outfit checks, places, room tours, etc. Therefore, what clip you want to pair up with this jazzy guitar riff is completely on you. (Just keep it aesthetic.)

3. Still Players My Name

Check Audio: Link

Alicia Keys’ remixed track had everyone recapping their 2023. So, take your multiple clips from the last year (preferably the best) and add the Still Players My Name in the background. As a brand, you can use this sound to share your best sales/ achievements from 2023.

4. Okay, Bye!

Check Audio: Link

Dropped at the beginning of January, “Okay, bye” is the best sound for stringing together clips from 2023. You can also add terrible moments, make peace with them, and move ahead. 

So, what are you waiting for? Set your 2024 mood and discuss some goals for the year.

5. Quick Change

Check Audio: Link

Quick Change is best for compiling feel-good clips. So, you can add your OOTD pictures, food clips, mini-vlogs, and basically, anything that makes you happy. With the help of this audio, you can even promote your products/ services. 

6. Because I Feel Better

Check Audio: Link

The original voice is from the reality show “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.” It basically gives users an excuse to justify their supposedly morally incorrect actions in the eyes of society. 

Let’s say you shop out, you can add that clip over the audio. Likewise, you can add any guilty pleasure clips and use the “because I feel better” voice.

7. Noah Kanan’s Unreleased Track

Check Audio: Link

The 8-second sound helps you post fond memories, and instead of long captions, simply express them through text on the screen. This Noah Kanan’s unreleased track unexpectedly went viral between mid to late January.

8. 2008 Throwback

Check Audio: Link

Throwback tracks are always fun; you can film random clips or pictures and string them together. Then, you can add the audio in the background, giving it a slight nostalgia. You can also shoot your mini-vlogs or trip with vintage filters.

9. Reintroducing Yourself To The Audience

Check Audio: Link

With the help of this sound, you can introduce yourself to your new followers. This way, the users who started following you through viral content will get an idea of who you are and what your page is primarily about. 

Other than that, you can also post job vacancies, cucumber salad, and basically random things that you want to put the word out about!

10. You’re On Your Own, Kid (Sped Up)

Check Audio: Link

The fifth track from Taylor Swift’s Midnights album has been used in many motivational clips. 

The users show defeated clips or pictures where they are not doing well and switch them with happy clips. The heartwarming lyric change from “I gave my blood, sweat, and tears for this” to “everything you lose is a step you take” gives you hope for living and getting past your current obstacles.

11. What You Won’t Do For Love?

Check Audio: Link

Bobby Cadwell’s groovy remix has been making runs on Reels. This sounds like the features behind many accessory/ product clips, where users either show tutorials or add text, “2nd person from your share list has to give you this.”

You can use your own creativity to promote your brand through this sound.

12. I Just Flipped A Switch

Check Audio: Link

Best for personal branding or even providing information about a product. What I like about this trend is that you are not required to share your face. 

Instead, you can show random, relevant clips and share texts featuring some lessons or pointers regarding a particular subject. The title “I just flipped a switch” suggests how you overcame an obstacle, thus your learnings.

13. Hip-Hop Drums

Check Audio: Link

This sound is better for an informative video. You can add random clips you want to give context about or even share your knowledge on the subject, or maybe you are just promoting the product. Either way, Hip-Hop Drums are a good sound choice.

14. We’re Focused

Check Audio: Link

The soundtrack was by an Indie Rock Band called Her’s. More than lyrics, the melody was viral. You can add multiple clips, maybe from the same day or 2023 monthly highlights. Here, you can shift the clip with every beat drop. 

15. Show me how

Check Audio: Link

Indie band Men I Trust is the original performer of “Show Me How.” However, not the standardized track, but the remix one was viral, and many users would put the sound in the background of any cozy clips. 

So, you can film your “get unready with me,” where you show many skincare products and a bubbling bathtub. Maybe sipping on your juice while wearing a face mask. As long as your video is aesthetic, you can use the track. 

16. Do You Wanna Grab A Coffee?

Check Audio: Link

Are you a coffee lover? Maybe tea, even? Irrespective of what beverage you like or if you are flaunting a little pastry, “Do you wanna grab a coffee?” is an audio you can put in the background. 

Most users have explored cozy cafes and shown the treaties offered in them. So, if you have a food and beverage business, this trending sound will also benefit your sales!

17. Nothing Burns Like Cold

Check Audio: Link

Snoh Aalegrah’s soundtrack has returned on Instagram, where everybody posts their behind-the-scenes footage, mini-vlog, or outfit of the day. 

The 2018 track also features Vince Staples, and most people are using snippets of his verse, which says, “Good morning, darling!”

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Wrapping Up – Trending Songs On Reels Gives You Better Reach

Most Rookie services use viral sounds or original challenges to skyrocket their brand’s popularity. Now, the question is, how do you find trending songs on Reel? Well, look no further and check out my quick tried and tested methods below:-

  • Follow the Instagram accounts that keep up with trends.
  • Tracking viral challenges on TikTok.
  • Keeping tabs on unfamiliar homepage Reels will help you find popular sounds. 

So, waste no more time and get your service out there by following either of these methods!


What are some of the trending Reels songs this week?

My boyfriend has two girlfriends that were trending – where, the before clip’s female looks not that presentable. However, the later one shows her snatched.

How do I find good music for reels?

Checking the “for you” page or your Instagram story is the best way to find popular yet good music. 

How do you find what is trending on Instagram?

Generally, trends are visible on your Reels’ feed. So, when you spot an unfamiliar yet catchy sound, head to its audio page. You can do that by clicking on its musical note, which is located at the bottom-left. After that, you can spot how many Reels are created with the same sound.

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