How to Turn Off Read Receipts on Instagram?

Privacy on Instagram has been a debatable issue for years. In December 2023, Instagram turned off read receipts options that allowed people to open DMs without notifying the other person. However, how do you activate Instagram’s turn-off read receipts feature? Where is the feature available? 

If you are here with the same questions, this post will help you understand the availability of the feature, how to get activated, and some tips as a bonus to protect your privacy on Instagram. 

Let’s explore the new feature in detail below!

Instagram Turn Off Read Receipts Feature – Available For Everyone?

Currently, the Instagram turn-off read receipts feature is not available for everyone. The feature is still in the testing phase. It is expected to be live for everyone soon. 

However, there is no official announcement on the official date for the release of this feature to everyone. But I’m expecting it to be out in the upcoming months. Once Instagram announces the dates or gives any hint, I’ll keep my content updated and share the news!

To check if you have the feature, you can update your app to the recent version and check through the settings. If you can’t see the option, there is a high chance you don’t have the feature yet. Wait until the worldwide release. 

How To Turn Off Read Receipts

There are two methods to turn off your read receipts, and a step-by-step guide for both is given below. 

Let’s Jump right into it.

Method #1: Individual Chat

Following these steps, you can turn off read receipts for an individual or a specific group chat.

Step 1: Open your Instagram App.

Open Your Instagram App

Step 2: Go to your DMs.

Go To DMs

Step 3: Tap on the “User Name” or “group chat” you want to turn off read receipts for.

Tap On User Name

Step 4: Tap on their “user name” on the top left.

Tap On Their User Name

Step 5: Choose the “Privacy and Safety” option.

Choose The Privace & Safety

Step 6: Toggle off the switch of “Read Receipts,” as pointed out below.

Toggle Off The Switch Of Read Receipts

Now, this individual or the selected group chat won’t be able to know when you have read their message.

Note- Other users can still see if you have seen their message unless you turn off the read receipts for them. 

Method #2: All Chats

If you want to avoid the hassle of turning off read receipts for each of your Instagram followers, then follow these steps to turn off read receipts for all

Step 1: Open your Instgram App.

Step 2: Go to “Settings and Privacy”.

Go To The Settings

Step 3: Navigate to “ Messages and Story Replies” and Choose “Show read receipts.”

Choose Show Read Receipts

Step 4: Toggle off your read receipts.

Toggle Off Your Read Receipts

Now, none of the users on Instagram will be able to know if you have read their messages.

Privacy Tips To Remember While Using Instagram

If you want more privacy on Instagram, I insist you hide your activity status, too. This combination of turning off your read receipts along with Hidden activity status makes your online presence more discreet.

People won’t know if you are online by hiding your activity status. Hiding activity removes the pressure to reply to someone who can see you online.

Note- if you hide your activity status, you won’t be able to see other users’ activity, either. Simply put, you will not be able to see whether they are online. 

What Next?- End-To-End Encryption

Instagram is planning to make DMs end-to-end encrypted. Encrypted messages will ensure more protection of users’ privacy and data.

End-to-end encryption protection for Instagram DMs will see the light of day by the end of the year.

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Conclusion: The Feature is not available for Everyone! (Beta Testing)

In this guide on “Instagram turn off read receipts,” we learned how to turn off read receipts by simply clicking a few options in settings on Instagram. This feature is a boon for anyone like me who is anxious to hurt people’s feelings by leaving them on read but can not find the time to reply. 

Turning off read receipts gives you the liberty to respond when you have time.

Also, if you deeply care about your privacy online and are uncomfortable sharing information, this feature is made for you.


Can you turn off seen receipts on Instagram?

Instagram is testing the feature to turn off read receipts. This feature is now available for some users. Check your settings or the “Privacy and Safety” option to turn off read receipts for your account. 

Can you read Instagram messages without it saying seen?

You can now turn off your read receipts on some Instagram accounts, ensuring the other person is not left with the seen mark. Or you can read the message from your notification bar in case you do not have the option to turn off read receipts yet.

How do I turn off read receipts?

To turn off your read receipts for an individual, tap the “privacy and safety” option and then toggle off the read receipts option. Or, to turn off read receipts for all, go to Settings >Messages and Story Replies>Show read receipts, and toggle off read receipts.

Can you see when Instagram messages are read?

You can see if the message is read on Instagram DMs only if the other person has not turned off their read receipts.

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