11 Best Zoom Alternatives & Competitors (2024 List)

Despite being the most popular communication platform, Zoom has a few setbacks that can result in missing out on an important meeting. Therefore, some of the best Zoom Alternatives should always be kept as backup options.

Since Zoom didn’t check all the boxes for me during my work-from-home days, I tried multiple Zoom alternatives, and I have shared the top 11 picks in this article. 

The list was created based on each of the platforms’ unique features and ability to provide additional value to your working styles. Additionally, I have listed all the paid and free Zoom alternatives I have come across.

With that, let’s dive in and help you explore all your options!

Top 11 Zoom Alternatives of 2024: In a Nutshell 

Here’s the list of the best Zoom alternatives to choose from.

Zoom AlternativeBest FeatureFree PlanPaid PlanOverall Ratings
Microsoft TeamsCreate a chat boxYes$45/5
Google MeetBest for Google usersYes$9.995/5
Webex MeetingsBest for modern-day workYes$14.504.5/5
VowelAI-powered meetingsYes$19.994.5/5
GoTo MeetingBest for online teachingNo$124/5
LivestormBest engaging platformYes$794.5/5
DiscordBuilding a communityYes$4.994/5
Slack (Hurdles)Organized communication via channels and threadsYes$7.255/5
Skype For international phone callsYes $3.053.5/5
Chanty Cloud bases users Yes $3.04/5

Now that you know a bit about these apps, let’s get into more details. 

1. Microsoft Teams

Compatibility Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS
User interface & design Easy to use
Integration capabilitiesConnects with a variety of third-party apps and services
Overall Ratings4.5/5
Microsoft Teams

While Zoom is primarily a video conferencing app, Microsoft Teams has additional productivity features. There are a bunch of collaboration features, such as a chat box, whiteboard, and a fun ‘Together Mode.’ 

The platform’s main standout feature is that it bridges the gap between video calls and team chat. For example, once your meeting has ended, it automatically shares your notes with the team.

While Microsoft Teams is a great alternative to zoom, you can still try Zoom by signing up for a free trial.

Key Features 

  • Direct access to Microsoft 365 applications
  • Fast work with slash commands
  • Bots gallery
  • Live captions
  • Shareable recordings


  • All-in-one solution for video conferencing
  • Up to 1 TB of cloud storage
  • No additional cost for MS 365 users
  • Seamless file search through filters
  • Helpful bots


  • Features come with costs.
  • Excess features add complexity.

2. Google Meet

Compatibility Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS
User interface & design Easy to use
Integration capabilitiesConnects with several Google apps like Google Classroom, Google Calender, etc. 
Overall Ratings5/5
Google Meet

Google Meet is among the first services to offer video conferencing through the web. While it has come a long way since its launch, the basic plan lacks complex features such as meeting recording, noise cancellation, polls, etc. 

Still, Google Meet is the simplest tool if all you’re looking for is a video meeting. You’re not required to download an app. Just click on “Start meeting,” and you’re pretty much done. 

You can add events on the Google Calendar for everyone to see. However, it doesn’t connect with Microsoft Office shops. 

Key features

  • In-meeting chat.
  • Schedule future meetings.
  • Virtual backgrounds, visual effects.
  • Live closed captions.
  • Hand-raising to get the moderator’s attention.


  • Up to 100 participants.
  • Anti-Hijacking privacy feature.
  • Option to remove users.
  • Customizable tile layout.
  • No unwanted ads.


  • Screen-sharing restrictions.
  • Limited view of participants.

3. Whereby

Compatibility Windows, Mac, Linux
User interface & design Moderately complex
Integration capabilitiesGoogle Drive, Trello, YouTube, Miro
Overall Ratings4/5

If you need a simple video conferencing app with no complex features or interface, Whereby is perfect. Creating and joining a meeting has never been easier. Although simple, Whereby supports up to 100 participants, recording, chat tools, and screen sharing. 

While exploring the app, I encountered something different from the other alternatives. 

Whereby has a different way of integration. For example, when you open a Google Doc file during a meeting, it will show your document alongside the video. It allows anyone in the meeting to edit it. 

Key Features 

  • No downloaded or sign-ups.
  • Customizable meeting rooms.
  • Simple interface. 
  • Secure meeting rooms. 
  • Unlimited one-on-one meetings.


  • Simple solution. 
  • Cost-effective. 


  • Less advanced features.
  • No mobile app for Android users. 

4. Webex Meetings

Compatibility iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, Web
User interface & design Quite user-friendly
Integration capabilitiesMicrosoft Teams, Salesforce, Slido, Slack, Hubspot, Chrome, Miro, etc.  
Overall Ratings4.5/5
Webex Meetings

Webex Meetings is an innovative, inclusive, and engaging software. It has an AI assistant, which starts meetings at your command. One impressive thing was that it provided not just automatic transcriptions but summaries and highlights of the meeting. 

Webex Meetings has an excellent background noise cancellation feature that worked well with me. With next-gen dynamic polling and a Q&A option with Slido, everyone’s voices get heard. You can customize your screen and decide who you want to focus on during the meeting. 

Key Features 

  • Virtual background and filters.
  • Whiteboard and annotation tools.
  • Breakout rooms.
  • Translations of 100+ languages.
  • A range of security features. 


  • Easy-to-share content. 
  • Helpful integrations.
  • Friendly user interface.
  • Good app interface.


  • Screen sharing could be improved.
  • Some technical glitches may occur.

5. Vowel

Compatibility iOS, Android, Web
User interface & design Easy to use
Integration capabilitiesZapier, Google Calendar, Slack, Outlook Add-In, Calendly, etc. 
Overall Ratings4.5/5

If you’re a fan of AI-powered apps, you’ll like Vowel. Vowel makes communication with one person or an entire group seamless. After a video session, it generates the transcripts. If someone misses a word during the meeting, they can quickly refer to it. 

Vowel is excellent for newcomers or new team members. The transcriptions and video recordings help to catch up. However, they are only available for a few days before they get deleted. 

Key Features 

  • Best AI meeting assistant
  • Detailed view of participants and their actions
  • Activity dashboard
  • Automatic transcription
  • Calendar management


  • All-in-one solution
  • Several advanced features in one place
  • Various AI-powered features
  • Helps in brainstorming


  • No easy downloads for recordings
  • Transcriptions are not always accurate

6. GoTo Meeting

Compatibility iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, Web
User interface & design Quite easy-to-use
Integration capabilitiesMS Office, Google, Chrome, Suite, etc. 
Overall Ratings4.5/5
GO To Meeting

GoTo Meeting has a friendly and intuitive interface. It’s geared toward a high number of participants, with the cheapest plan allowing 150 attendees! You can also try a free trial (14 days), which allows 250 participants. 

Apart from video conferencing, GoTo Meeting has session recording, chat tools, screen sharing, etc. There’s also an interesting PIN-based entry system that ensures outsiders cannot enter without permission. 

However, the audio quality is something that could be improved. I also noticed that GoTo Meeting uses a higher bandwidth than other platforms. 

Key Features 

  • Call while on the go.
  • Customize your background.
  • Presenter screen sharing.
  • Automatic cloud recording.
  • Meeting diagnostic reports. 


  • Integrations with valuable tools.
  • Quick loading.
  • Clean screen sharing.
  • Consumes less data.
  • Larger meetings (250 participants)


  • No free plan.
  • Limited chatroom options.

7. Discord 

Compatibility Mac, Windows, Linux, Android, iOS
User interface & design Easy to use
Integration capabilitiesGoogle Calendar, YouTube, X (Twitter), Facebook, SoundCloud, etc.
Overall Ratings4.5/5

Discord is much more than a calling app. It has video and audio calling, both private and for groups as well. It allows you to create communities, which is why gamers mostly use it. 

While one can use it for business and meetings, it is more inclined towards informal work. It allows you to create a server and talk to each other on a call while simultaneously chatting and sending files. 

I found Discord’s interface a bit more complex than the others. It indeed has a lot going on in one place. Getting used to the features took me some time, but I eventually got the hang of it. 

Key Features 

  • Organized servers and channels.
  • Set roles and permissions.
  • Helpful and fun bot integrations.
  • Discover public servers and communities.
  • Game integration. 


  • Free private and public servers.
  • Works on game consoles.
  • Text, audio, and video chat.
  • Easy live screen-sharing.
  • Most features are free.


  • Meant mainly for gamers.
  • Not meant for academics or business.

8. Slack (Hurdles)

Compatibility Mac, Windows, Linux, Android, iOS
User interface & design Quite easy to use
Integration capabilitiesGoogle Sheets, Zoom, Google Calendar, Notion, Salesforce, etc.
Overall Ratings4.5/5

Slack is an all-in-one solution to connect with the people and tools you work with every day. It offers real-time calls and messages. You can create different channels for different groups. Its advanced search feature allows you to look for files and documents you’ve sent during the conversation. 

One downside I’ve noticed with Slack is that it takes time to load new messages on the desktop app. The phone app is more user-friendly and provides a quicker response. 

Key Features 

  • Know participant availability.
  • Set reminders.
  • Get instant notifications.
  • Private and public channels.
  • Description area for each channel.


  • The free plan has many features.
  • Thousands of integrations.
  • User-friendly interface.
  • Highly customizable.
  • Advanced search function.


  • Messages get deleted after 14 days.
  • Minimum file storage. 

9. Livestorm

Compatibility Android and iOS phones and tablets
User interface & design Easy to use
Integration capabilitiesHubspot, Slack, Intercom, Zapier, Google Analytics, Drift, etc. 
Overall Ratings4.5/5

Livestorm is a high-rated, engaging video conference platform for webinars and meetings. It is a browser-based platform and does not require any downloads. This is also the reason why meetings experience a 63% attendance rate. 

My favorite thing about using Livestorm is the significantly less time spent on events administration. You get access to email templates, website widgets, registration pages, email delivery tracking, etc., all in one place. 

Key Features 

  • Polls, Q&A, emojis for engagement. 
  • Built with ease of use in mind. 
  • Integrated dashboard.
  • Powerful analytics tool.
  • Customizable and pre-built landing pages. 


  • No downloads are required to join a meeting.
  • Available in 24 languages.
  • Very engaging features.
  • Invitation emails help improve attendance. 
  • Adaptable to all kinds of meetings. 


  • Recordings are limited to 4 hours. 
  • The free plan is limited to 20 minutes.
  • Expensive. 

10. Skype 

Compatibility Android, iOS, Mac, Windows
User interface & design Easy to use
Integration capabilitiesTeams, Outlook
Overall Ratings3.5/5

Skype is a popular video conferencing tool that has been in use for a long time. It was primarily used for video chat. However, they have recently added a new feature, “Skype Meet Now,” for business conferences. 

Skype does not have advanced features like newer tools. It is a simple app with features that are easy to understand. If you are looking for something less complex and tech-savvy, Skype is the perfect option. 

Key Features 

  • Call recording and live subtitles. 
  • Screen sharing for PPTs, images, etc. 
  • Background blur.
  • React to messages with emojis. 
  • Call people who are not on Skype. 


  • Intuitive interface.
  • High-quality audio and video quality. 
  • Available on the web without the app. 
  • Offers stable connections. 
  • Has a translator. 


  • Too simple for modern-day needs. 
  • Still has challenges to overcome. 

11. Chanty

Compatibility Android, iOS, Windows, Mac
User interface & design Easy to use
Integration capabilitiesZapier, Tasks, Giphy, Google Drive, OneDrive, Github, Trello, Asana 
Overall Ratings4/5

Chanty is a cloud-based communication and collaboration platform. Chanty makes a promise to get work done together with your team. It has an engaging and detailed task board. The tasks are listed in rows and columns, giving you a clear view of what is to be done. 

Chanty makes task management easy and makes teamwork efficient. If you have a team with many members and find it challenging to collaborate online, this app could help you. 

Key Features 

  • 4K audio and video calls, chat messages. 
  • Instantly share files.
  • Create, assign, and set deadlines for tasks.
  • Watch YouTube videos, GIFS, and social media content. 
  • Up to 1000 video participants. 


  • The focus is on task management.
  • Increases efficiency and productivity. 
  • Excellent search functions. 
  • Integration with project management tools. 
  • 6 languages supported. 


  • No custom emojis.
  • Need to download the app. 

Final Thoughts: We Pick Slack, MS Teams & G Meet!

What’s “right” will vary depending on your needs. But all the Zoom Alternatives I’ve listed here have an excellent user interface, features, plenty of integrations, and is cost-effective. 

I personally liked them all for business and collaboration purposes. However, my top three would be these:

  • Slack: Best for formal work settings at a free price. 
  • Microsoft Teams: It lets you connect with a large group of people and is an all-in-one solution at no cost. 
  • Google Meet: The only tool that allows you to schedule future meetings. It also allows the participants to get reminded at their preferred time. 

You can try a few from the list to figure out which one works the best for you and your team. 

Pro tip: Do not let prices be the basis of your choice. Look at all the features. 

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