Ahrefs vs. Moz – The SEO Ninja (2024 Winner)

Are you struggling to choose between Ahrefs and Moz? If so, you have come to the right place. 

Ahrefs and Moz are two SEO giants in the digital marketing and SEO industries. Both platforms offer almost similar features to help improve website ranking and SEO performance. 

Ahrefs is more sophisticated and advanced, while Moz is intuitive and user-friendly. So which one do you choose?

I will compare Ahrefs and Moz to answer this question in this article. I will compare all the major features and pricing to help you pick between these toolkits. 

Ultimate Ahrefs vs. Moz Pro Showdown (2024)

Here’s a quick comparison table to give you an overview of the main differences between Ahrefs and Moz:

Features Ahrefs Moz Pro
Ease of UseUser-friendly, but some features have a learning curveKnown for an intuitive interface, easier for beginners
Keyword ResearchA huge keyword database, powerful suggestion toolsRobust keyword research with solid metrics and analysis functions
Domain AnalysisOffers an in-depth domain overview Provides DA metrics and comparison capabilities 
Backlink AnalysisThe largest backlink index with a powerful filtering systemBasic backlink analysis, harmful links 
Site AuditExtensive audits with actionable recommendationsThorough site audit highlighting critical SEO issues
Rank TrackingAccurate tracking across multiple search enginesTracking with reporting features
Pricing Starts at $99/monthStarts at $99/month
Free TrialNo free trial30-day free trial
Best ForAgencies, enterprise-level SEOSmall to medium-sized businesses

Ahrefs vs Moz: A Quick Overview

Ahrefs is one of the finest SEO toolkits in the digital marketing field. It provides in-depth insight into backlinks, referring domains, keyword research, and site audits. 

Ahrefs Overview

SEO experts use the platform to optimize their websites and pages to rank on the first page of SERPs. 

Moz is well-known for its keyword research, link-building, and on-page optimization capabilities. It has a user-friendly interface and flexible pricing tier. 

Moz Overview

So whatever your expertise level in SEO, you will find a set of tools matching your criteria. However, the platform is preferred by small businesses and individual users. 

Ahrefs vs Moz – An In-Depth Features Comparison

Now, let’s compare both tools and their features side by side. 

1. Keyword Research

With Ahrefs’s Keyword Explorer tool, you can conduct keyword research in multiple search engines. Then the tool comes up with thousands of keywords and phrases with keyword difficulty score, search volume data, and SERP analysis. 


Ahrefs Keyword Research

It also allows you to identify low-competition keywords, analyze competitors’ strategies, and discover long-tail and question-based keyword opportunities. 


On the other hand, Moz provides basic keyword metrics, such as search volume and keyword difficulty. 

Moz Keyword Suggestion

However, it lacks the in-depth data and analysis that you will get in Ahrefs. 

2. Domain Analysis

Moz and Ahrefs both offer domain analysis features. With this tool, you can get a quick overview of the performance, keywords, traffic, and backlinks of your or your competitors’ websites. 


Ahrefs Domain Analysis

On Ahrefs, as soon as you add a project and website domain, it displays all the key metrics in the “Overview” section in the Site Explorer. 

As you can see in the image, you will get a detailed and in-depth overview of your domain. From the General section, you can check performance (infographics) in terms of:

  • Referring domain
  • Domain rating
  • Organic traffic
  • URL rating
  • Organic traffic value
  • Organic pages
  • Paid traffic
  • Paid traffic cost
  • Crawled pages

Apart from that, you can also check the organic search value and backlinks profile of your website. The best part about this tool is that it breaks down the overall traffic share country by country (140+). 


Moz also offers a high level of domain and page-level metrics, such as DA (Domain Authority) and PA (Page Authority). These insights provide a general overview of a site’s authority. 

Moz Domain Analysis

Compared to Ahrefs, the data provided by Moz Pro is not very in-depth, and some metrics are missing as well. For example, you won’t get an estimate of the domain’s traffic.

The best you can do that is connect your Google Analytics account to Moz. This will give you a complete overview of your domain with precise data and ranking information. 

3. Rank Tracking

Both Ahrefs and Moz offer rank-tracking features. However, according to my tests, their data and tracking capabilities weren’t up to the mark as other top-rank tracking tools in the market.


Ahrefs’s Position Explorer checks domain and sub-domain to provide accurate rank positions on Google. You can track rankings in different locations, devices, and search engines to get a complete picture of how your website is performing in terms of ranking. 

Ahrefs Rank Tracking

You can also use advanced filter options to check ranking based on various factors, such as mobile vs desktop or local vs national rankings. The only downside is that you can check the rankings of guest posts or keywords one at a time.

Moz’s rank tracking capabilities are very basic compared to Ahrefs. It lacks the customization and advanced filtering options that Ahrefs offers. 

Moz Rank Tracking

You won’t be able to get a ranking keyword list out of a URL. It is much more suitable for basic monitoring of a website’s ranking performance. 

4. Backlinks And Link Building 

Ahrefs is highly praised for its backlink analysis. It has the largest backlink index in the world among top Ahrefs alternatives. Besides a vast database, it provides detailed information on backlink data, referring domains, anchor text, and link types (new, lost, and broken).


Talking about its link-building abilities, it features powerful tools like Backlink Gap and Link Intersect tools that help users identify link-building opportunities and monitor competitors’ backlink profiles. Ahrefs also provides metrics such as DR and UR with the backlinks, which can be used to evaluate the quality and potential of backlinks. 

Ahrefs Backlinks and Link Building 


As for Moz, spotting inbound and outbound links is not as easy as Ahrefs. You will get basic backlink data, including the number of referring domains and anchor text distribution. 

Moz Backlinks and Link Building 

The link-building features are also limited on the platform (at least with the basic plans). That makes it less suitable for advanced link-building strategies and competitor analysis. 

5. Site Auditing

Coming to one of the essential factors of SEO optimization – Site Auditing.


Ahrefs conducts an in-depth site audit for any website to analyze both technical and on-page SEO factors. Once the audit is done, you will get detailed reports on issues such as broken links, duplicate content, and site speed. You will also get recommendations for improving on-page optimization.

Ahrefs Site Auditing

The site audit feature of Ahrefs is capable of improving search engine performance, content quality, internal linking structure, and page speed. 


Moz also offers on-page and technical SEO audits that cover some of the essential elements of SEO, such as page titles, meta descriptions, and HTML structure. 

Moz Site Auditing

But again, the data level and insights are not similar to Ahrefs. Also, you won’t get recommendations for improving a website’s overall search engine optimization. 

6. Ease Of Use Ahrefs vs Moz

After using the core features of Ahrefs and Moz, here’s my overall verdict on both platforms’ user interface.


Ahrefs has an intuitive yet user-friendly interface. Features are cleanly lined up and easy to navigate and use. However, some features may be too advanced for beginners. So, it has a learning curve but not as Semrush. 

Overall, the platform is designed with SEO professionals in mind. So, they can use flexible filters and customization options to fine-tune their website optimization.


On the contrary, Moz’s interface is very straightforward. It doesn’t have a learning curve like Ahrefs or Semrush. All the tools are accessible through the left side of the dashboard. However, you need to check subsections in order to find a specific tool. 

In terms of customization and depth of features, Moz seriously lags. That’s why it is more suitable for someone who needs basic SEO tools and easy-to-use features. 

7. Support And Resources

I admire how Ahrefs quickly provides step-by-step guides whenever a user is stuck using a specific tool. All you need is to go to the “how to use” with the question mark and check the video tutorial and articles. 


What’s more, you can find all the articles and guides for all the tools Ahrefs has in its inventory. You can go through them one by one or check whenever you are using the tool. 


Moz also has a good knowledge base and support system. All the guides and tutorials are focused on the basics of SEO and the usage of Moz tools. 

You can access all the guides even if you are not on a subscription. You can sign up with your email and check how the tools work in real-time without subscribing. 

Ahrefs vs Moz: Pricing Plans Comparison

Both platforms offer different pricing models, with Ahrefs generally being more expensive than Moz Pro. 


Ahrefs pricing starts at $99 per month for the Lite plan and goes up to $999 per month for the Agency plan. 

Ahrefs Pricing
  • Lite: $99/month or $990/year
  • Standard: $199/month or $1,990/year
  • Advanced: $399/month or $3,990/year
  • Enterprise: $999/month or $9,990/year

Subscribing to the annual plan gives you two months free. Unfortunately, Ahrefs doesn’t offer any free trial or offers a refund policy.


Moz also offers four plans ranging from $99 to $599 per month. All the plans cater to different types of users.

Moz Pricing
  • Standard: $99/month or $950/year
  • Medium: $179/month or $1,719/year
  • Large: $299/month or $2,868/year
  • Premium: $599/month or $5,750/year

Unlike Ahrefs, Moz offers a 30-day free trial without any upfront cost. You can choose the Standard or Medium plan and check out all the features for 30 days straight. You can cancel your plan before the trial expires if you don’t want to continue using the services. 

Customer Testimonials

To gain a better understanding of how Ahrefs and Moz are observed by their users, let’s take a look at some real customer reviews (both positive and negative aspects): 

Ahrefs Customer Reviews:

  • Good: Ahrefs is very good to start with SEO projects as it gives all the details of any website by just putting its domain name under the backlink profile, Organic search details, and paid details in one go and comparing organic traffic with competitors on the fly. I can easily find the top pages of any website, which can help in devising the content strategies for our websites. Another feature I like is Keyword Explorer, which provides the keyword with its difficulty and click ratio. Click ratio is very important for us it’s the true metric that makes us understand to make it a primary or secondary keyword.
  • Bad: Beyond its link index (and corresponding API), there aren’t a whole lot of features that really help Ahrefs stand out. Further, or perhaps because of that, they continuously increase the pricing while reducing the number of searches you can do for backlinks/sites (again, the primary tool and the one I would guess the vast majority of people use Ahrefs for, whether they admit it or not).

Source: G2

Moz Pro Customer Reviews:

  • Good: I quite enjoy using Moz most of the time. It does a lot of different tasks quite well, including keyword research, SERPs ranking monitoring, backlink checking, etc. For budding SEOs on teams with a budget, it’s a useful tool to get started with. I currently use it daily at work, and I find it works great for my main use for it, being tracking rankings both daily and as part of ongoing campaigns to increase our company’s standing in Google searches.
  • Bad: My main gripe with this software is that it seems features are often struggling to work correctly. Rank tracker, in particular, has been a source of frustration, with the feature just not working at all for weeks. While it’s not strictly necessary to monitor the day-by-day ranking fluctuation of pages against specific keywords, it’s something that Moz’s rank tracker is supposed to enable you to do, so the fact that it doesn’t work consistently is quite annoying.

Source: GetApp

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Final Verdict: Ahrefs Is The SEO Ninja Tool! Winner!

Ahrefs and Moz are two of the most preferred tools in the SEO industry. However, Ahrefs has a set of more powerful tools than Moz. The data and insights the platform provides are considerably reliable and accurate, too. That’s why it is ideal for SEO professionals and tech-compliant. 

Moz, on the other hand, is suitable for small and medium-sized businesses. The tools are good, but they don’t provide deeper data like Semrush or Ahrefs. Still, it can be great starting point for beginners who want to learn more about SEO and optimization. 

The selection between both tools depends on your specific needs. If you want to try Moz before investing directly into it, you can start with the free trial. 

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