Top 10 AnswerThePublic Alternatives In 2024

AnswerThePublic is a popular keyword research tool that provides keyword suggestions based on autocomplete data from search engines like Google. However, there may be times when you want to consider AnswerThePublic alternatives that offer different features, pricing, or target-specific needs.

Plenty of free and paid alternatives on the internet go beyond the keyword research capabilities. 

In this post, I will list the top 10 AnswerThePublic alternatives to help you get your hands on untapped keywords and content ideas. 

Let’s dive right into the post!

Why Look for an AnswerThePublic Alternatives?

AnswerThePublic is certainly a useful keyword research tool, but it does have some limitations that may make you want to look into alternatives:

  • Limited keywords: AnswerThePublic relies on autocomplete data, so it doesn’t index all possible keyword variations and long-tail keywords. The suggestions can be limited compared to other tools.
  • No keyword traffic data: AnswerThePublic provides no keyword search volume or competitiveness data. Other tools can give you this valuable data to optimize your keyword targeting.
  • Lack of filters/controls: You have little control over the types of keyword suggestions provided beyond the initial seed keyword. Other tools allow you to filter by keyword metrics and refine the results.
  • Pricing model: AnswerThePublic has a limited free version, while competitors may offer more generous free plans or one flat pricing model.
  • No competitor research: AnswerThePublic focuses just on keywords. Some alternatives allow you to research and track competitors within the same platform.
  • Limitations for other languages: AnswerThePublic works best for English keywords. Support for other languages can be limited compared to alternate tools.

10 AnswerThePublic Alternatives In 2024

Here is a quick overview of all the AnswerThePublic alternatives reviewed in the post.

Sr.No.AnswerThePublic AlternativesPricing Best For
1.Ahrefs$99/monthLarge agencies and enterprises
2.Semrush $129.95/monthSmall to medium-sized businesses
3.Moz$99/monthSEO beginners, small businesses
4.SE Ranking$55/monthSmall businesses focused on local SEO
5.SEO PowerSuite$299/yearAdvanced users needing technical SEO tools
6.Keywords EverywhereCredit BasedFreelancers, business on a budget$14.99/monthContent creators, bloggers
8.QuestionDB$15monthSEO professionals, content marketers
9.Ubersuggest$12/monthSmall businesses
10.SE Cockpit$39/monthIn-house SEO teams, agencies 

Now, let’s go through each alternative one by one and check their keyword research capabilities. 

1. Ahrefs

The first one on the list is Ahrefs–the top choice among digital marketers and larger agencies. Packed with top-notch tools, the platform helps users rank their websites with SEO-friendly content and SERP optimization. 

AnswerThePublic Alternatives - Ahrefs

Ahrefs mainly excels at keyword research and backlink analysis. Luckily, it offers a free keyword research tool, “Keyword Generator,” that generates over 150 keywords and 50+ question phrases with one seed keyword. The paid plan shows more in-depth keyword ideas with the Keyword Explorer tools. The results are based on terms match, questions, people may ask, and also talks about. 


  • Identify thousands of keyword ideas in multiple search engines
  • Discover top-performing content and link-building opportunities
  • Explore keyword ideas with keyword gap 
  • Get competitive insights and backlink profile of a website 


  • No AI tool is available for crafting ranking content
  • The free tool suggests generic keywords

Pricing: Ahrefs pricing ranges from $99 to $999 per month, suited for different business sizes. You can get a 20% discount on annual plans, but no free trial or version is available.

2. Semrush

Semrush is an all-in-one SEO toolkit with ultimate keyword research and optimization capabilities. The main keyword tool of the platform is the Keyword Magic tool. With one seed keyword, you will get a list of keywords semantically related to each other. 


You will get metrics like search volume, intent, keyword difficulty, CPC, and SERP with every keyword in the list. The search intent and keyword difficulty make picking keywords for organic traffic and paid advertising easy. One of the standout features of Semrush is that it helps create content with the keywords with ContentshakeAI (free trial available). 


  • A huge keyword database of 25.5 billion keywords
  • Get thousands of organic and CPC keywords for one seed keyword
  • Identify crawling and indexing issues with powerful site auditing features 
  • Get keywords that can rank with Keyword Gap features


  • The user interface and tools have a slight learning curve
  • You won’t be able to filter keywords for a specific location (only countries and regions)

Pricing: Semrush offers three pricing: Pro ($129.95/month), Guru ($249.95/month), and Business ($499.95/month). The annual subscription waives 17% off from the monthly subscription. New users can also get Semrush’s 14-day free trial

3. Moz

Moz offers a free keyword research tool that allows you to check 10 queries per month. The tool is known as Keyword Explorer, which aligns hundreds of relevant keywords with one single keyword or phrase. You can filter out keywords with low to high lexical similarities to keep the relevancy of the suggested keywords. 


The free version is good for initial keyword research. The paid version is more advanced and can bring you up to 1000 keywords and phrases with SERP analysis. Moz’s Rogerbot audits competitors’ campaigns to find their targeted keywords along with the CPC costs. If you are running paid campaigns, it can provide you an edge over your competitors. 


  • Offers detailed metrics like KD, search volume, SERP analysis, and organic CTR
  • Options to filter keywords by different metrics
  • Helps you identify keyword opportunities and gaps compared to your competitors
  • Create groups and lists of saved keyword


  • Less focused on locally-targeted keywords
  • Full access requires paid subscription 

Pricing: Moz Pro pricing starts at $99/month and goes all the way to $599/month. New users can take advantage of Moz pro 30-day free trial

Compare all the core capabilities of Semrush, Ahrefs, and Moz in the detailed comparison here

4. SE Ranking

SE Ranking is an all-in-one SEO toolkit that helps small to medium-sized scale better on the SERPs. The platform features the capabilities of Semrush and Ahrefs at a lower price point. You can find many keywords and analytics tools that are far better than AnswerThePublic. 

SE Ranking

The keyword tool of SE Ranking offers clickstream-based suggestions and accurate search volume data. You can view the detailed reports directly or filter the search results according to your needs. While the keyword database is smaller than top toolkits, SE Ranking provides many ranking keyword opportunities for small websites. 


  • Get search volume and CPC data
  • Discover AI-powered tips to optimize blog posts and web pages
  • Find referral sources of competitors’ backlinks along with winning keywords
  • Create SEO-optimized content with AI-assisted keywords


  • Metrics may not be sufficient for PPC ads 
  • Only supports the English language

Pricing: SE Ranking pricing starts at $55/month while subscribing to the annual plan gives you a flat 20% discount. You can also start with a 14-day free trial to test all the features (no credit card required). 

5. SEO PowerSuite

As the name suggests, SEO PowerSuite is a digital powerhouse of features like keyword research, rank tracking, backlink analysis, and website audit. The main keyword research tool is “Keyword Gap Finder,” which analyzes your website vs your competitors’. 

SEO PowerSuite

You can get a list of keywords in terms of organic, local, CPC, and featured snippets for desktop and mobile devices. You can filter common keywords or change the country to get exact data. You can also use the rank tracker at the same time to check which keywords are easy or difficult to rank on Google. 


  • Keyword Gap tool provides good long tail suggestions
  • The free plan includes a basic keyword research tool
  • Find technical issues with the complete SEO audit feature
  • Track ranking for worldwide and local search results


  • Keyword tools are separated, making it difficult to find solutions in one place
  • No cloud-based solutions

Pricing: Unlike other keyword research tools, SEO Powersuite offers yearly licenses starting at $299/year. However, beginners can start with the free plan with basic features. 

6. Keywords Everywhere

As a simple free browser extension, Keywords Everywhere offers the easiest way to start seeing keyword volume data for free. Once installed, the extension will display monthly search volume and CPC estimates for keywords you browse and type. The tool works across Google, YouTube, Amazon, and the app store. Just by going through your research, you can get instant metrics on potential keywords.

Keywords Everywhere

Of course, this is very limited compared to full-featured keyword research platforms. But if you just want convenient access to volumes without paying, Keywords Everywhere delivers cleanly. Those looking for more robust data, filters, and features can upgrade to a paid plan. But the free browser extension gives a taste of helpful keyword metrics on the go.


  • Free browser extension 
  • Import keywords list in CSV, Excel, or PDF file
  • Find keywords with crucial search metrics
  • Compatible with 16+ apps and SEO tools


  • No advanced option is available
  • Only shows metrics for typed keywords

Pricing: The browser extension of Keywords Everywhere is free to use. For more advanced accessibility, you can purchase credits that start at $21/year for 100,000 credits. 

7. provides an intelligent content research and ideation platform driven by AI. The goal is to help you quickly discover fresh, high-potential keywords such as title ideas, questions, headers, and more.

You simply provide a topic, and Frase uses proprietary language models to auto-generate clusters of related keywords, questions, and content ideas you can turn into articles, videos, or other assets. The AI also provides search volume data on keyword ideas so you can gauge potential. Unique features like rephrasing help turn existing keywords into new long-tail variations.


  • AI to generate titles, questions, and keywords  
  • Get search volume and difficulty metrics
  • Create clusters of related keywords
  • Affordable pricing to cater to businesses with different sizes


  • Still a newer platform building out features
  • Focused just on content keywords

Pricing: Frase’s pricing starts at $14.99/month for 1 user seat. It also offers a 5-day trial at $1. 

8. QuestionDB

Living up to its name, QuestionDB specializes in helping you find high-value question-style keywords that searchers use on Google and YouTube. The database indexes over 207,000+ questions matched to accurate local search volumes. You can filter these keywords by location, language, search volume, and other attributes.


QuestionDB is focused specifically on question mining rather than comprehensive keyword research. But if you want keyword ideas based on conversational long-tail question phrasing with metrics, QuestionDB delivers excellent capabilities. They also offer helpful Question Miner software to further facilitate and automate question keyword research for content marketing.


  • Focus on mining question keywords
  • Get keyword volumes with difficulty and ranking metrics
  • Affordable pricing plans
  • Chrome extension is available


  • Fairly small keyword database  
  • Only provides question keywords

Pricing: QuestionDB has two plans–Solo ($15/month) and Agency ($50/month). There is no free trial, but you can start with the free plan to test basic keyword capabilities. 

9. Ubersuggest

Ubersuggest is a free keyword tool from Neil Patel that aims to provide basic capabilities in an easy-to-use interface. Once you enter a seed keyword, it generates a list of additional keywords and phrases with monthly search volume estimates.


The tool analyzes search data across Google and YouTube. However, the data is not always the most accurate compared to paid tools. And the features are very limited – there are no filters, competitor analysis, or integration with other marketing platforms. 

Still, if you want a simple starting point for high-level keyword ideas and volumes, Ubersuggest delivers that for free. Just don’t expect the sophistication of paid enterprise-grade tools.


  • Clean and easy-to-use interface
  • Free keyword research tool with unlimited search options
  • Receive daily ranking updates of specific keywords
  • Best for bloggers, early-stage startups, and small businesses.


  • No advanced metrics or filters
  • Free keyword research data in very accurate

Pricing: The basic keyword research tool of Ubersuggest is free to use. To unlock advanced capabilities, you can start with the basic plan, which starts at $12/month. 

Want to know about Ubersuggest Here is my Ubersuggest Review with all Pro’s & Cons, How to use & Guide.

10. SE Cockpit

SE Cockpit specializes in keyword research and rank-tracking capabilities for small to mid-size sites. The keyword tool draws data from multiple sources to suggest relevant keywords with search volume and CPC estimates. You can filter and refine lists by length, difficulty, traffic, and other attributes. Competitor keywords can also be analyzed to find gaps. 

SE Cockpit

Alongside robust keyword capabilities, SE Cockpit provides automated rank monitoring to track website positions in the SERPs. The tool generates visual rank trend graphs and alerts for changes. SE Cockpit delivers ample SEO functionality on a budget. If you want quality keyword research paired with rank tracking, it’s an affordable option to consider.


  • Offers 100+ filters to refine your keyword list
  • Find out how the difficulty of keywords
  • Clickstream keyword suggestions 
  • Free training is available for beginners


  • Complex tool for new users
  • Question-related keywords are missing

Pricing: SE Cockpit’s pricing ranges from $39/month to $99/month. If you subscribe to the annual plan, you will get 35% off on monthly charges. 

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Conclusion: Ahrefs & Semrush Are The Best AnswerThePublic Alternatives 

While AnswerThePublic provides a quick and easy way to generate keyword ideas, many alternatives exist.

You can try more advanced keyword research tools listed in the post if you need more features, metrics, filters, language support, and competitor research capabilities. Tools like Ahrefs, Semrush, and Moz are expensive but provide ultimate SEO solutions beyond keyword research. 

I suggest you try out free trials or plans before investing in a toolkit directly. Pick the one that can take your content marketing and SEO strategy to the next level. 

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