11 Best Link Building Tools (2024) For Next Level SEO

Did you know that using free link-building tools may help you advertise your content more successfully and improve your placement on search engine results pages?

There is no doubt that link-building tactics have evolved over time. The appropriate tools may make a significant impact when it comes to executing a link-building strategy. Even if many SEO tools are available, only the most efficient one can help you automate the process and eliminate human labor.

Encouragement of other websites to connect to your material is referred to as link building. Links are one of the most significant indicators that search engines consider when ranking your articles in the SERPs since they provide you access to new audiences, boost your online visibility, and raise your visibility.

Let’s check out the top 11 link-building tools which will help you in every stage of the link-building process, including prospecting for fresh backlink prospects, automating email marketing, tracking backlinks, and more.

Top 11 Link Building tools To try in 2024

Lets have a look at the Top Best 10 Linking Tools, they are as given below :

Sr.No.Best Link Building ToolsUnique Selling Point
1.SemrushIntegration of Google Search Console with Gmail.
2.AhrefsOffers Information on the Health of SEO, including no-Follow and Broken Links.
3.BuzzstreamAn Integrated Tool For Gathering Social Media & Website Data about Prospects
4.LinkodyEnables Many Users to Access a Linkody Account at Once
5.Hunter.ioEasy to Navigate and use for the Non-Tech Users.
6.MajesticUse the Bulk Backlink Checker to Examine the state of up to 1,000,000 URLs Concurrently.
7.NeverBounceEffectively Examines The Most recent actions the user has taken with the Emails.
8.GroupHighEffective reporting on Engagement and Content.
9.HAROExperts for your subject can be found directly.
10.BuzzSumoResearches the best-performing online content via a content analyzer.
11.MozHelps You Identify Which Anchor Text Is Been Used.

Let’s look at the best Link Building Tools in Detail.

1. Semrush

One of the finest places to start any link-building strategy is by conducting a backlink gap analysis. This is because it allows you to uncover chances based on websites that publicly connect to rival websites.

Assess your link strategy with those of your competitors with the SEMrush Tool to find untapped chances for link growth.

Semrush-Link Building Tool

If your competitors possess a stronger web presence than you do, you can try to narrow the gap by changing your approach to gain links that they don’t already have. You may check the hyperlinks they share to identify targets to concentrate on.

The domains that refer to the competitors you specified but not to you will be displayed by default under the best tab. Moreover, you can see the connection gap prospects depending on.

  • Weak: Domains that link to you less frequently than competitors.
  • Unique: Domains that link to just one other domain are unique.
  • Shared: Domains that connect to every domain entered.
  • Strong: Strong domain names are those that connect to you rather than any of these competitors.

Semrush Advantages

Let’s look at the Semrush Advantages:

  • Huge prospect lists for outreach based on desired keywords and competitors.
  • Integration of Google Search Console with Gmail.
  • An integrated workflow to control the outreach procedure.
  • The automatic extraction of contact details from target websites.

Semrush Disadvantages

Let’s look at Semrush Disadvantages

  • You can only import 100 domains into the SEMRush tool’s free edition for a link-building campaign. With a commercial edition, this limit increases to 10,000 domains.
  • You are only permitted to send 500 emails daily from the associated account when you connect a Gmail account to the outreach tool.


The following rates are for Semrush’s three regular monthly memberships.

Semrush Pro Plan:

119.95 USD

Semrush Guru Plan:

229.95 USD

Semrush Business Plan:

449.95 USD

2. Ahrefs

Ahrefs is a link-building toolkit made specifically for SEO experts. It is the go-to option for many businesses with more than three trillion backlinks in its index. With updates every 15 minutes, it is the second most active web crawler. It ensures that your customer is constantly on top of their link-building game.

Ahrefs-Link Building Tool

Ahrefs Advantages

Let’s look at the Ahrefs Advantages:

  • Link Intersect: With this tool, you can examine which websites link to your rivals but not to you.
  • Backlink Checker: This tool analyses competitor links and has the potential to eliminate spam connections.
  • Rank Tracker: Tracks rival keywords and Google ranking
  • Site Audit: Offers information on the health of SEO, including no-follow and broken links.

Ahrefs Disadvantages

Let’s look at the Ahrefs Disadvantages:

  • Ahrefs doesn’t have any free trial.
  • In comparison to its main rivals, Moz and Semrush, Ahref’s link index is weaker.
  • Ineffective customer support.

Ahrefs Pricing

The following rates are for Ahrefs’s monthly memberships.

Ahrefs Lite Plan:

99 USD per month

Ahrefs Standard Plan:

199 USD per month

Ahrefs Advanced Plan:

399 USD per month

Ahrefs Enterprise Plan:

999 USD per month

It is a platform that focuses on creating excellent email campaigns, developing relationships, and simplifying the outreach procedure. After all, obtaining a backlink typically necessitates many emails.

3. Buzzstream:

Buzzstream-Link Building Tool

Buzzstream Advantages

Let’s look at the Buzzstream Advantages:

  • Link Building Manager: Monitors the status of incoming backlinks, team updates, and the advancement of customer campaigns.
  • Prospect Research: An integrated tool for gathering social media and website data about prospects.

Buzzstream Disadvantages

Let’s look at the Buzzstream Disadvantages:

  • In contrast to its competitors, it doesn’t provide pre-built campaigns.
  • Numerous evaluations of Buzzstream users claim that the platform might occasionally be a little sluggish. This occasionally poses a challenge.

Buzzstream Pricing

The following rates are for Buzzstream‘s monthly memberships.

Buzzstream Starter Plan:

99 USD per month

Buzzstream Growth Plan:

124 USD per month

Buzzstream Professional Plan:

299 USD per month

Buzzstream Custom Plan:

999 USD per month

4. Linkody:

Linkody is the backlink monitor and checker tool. Actually, it’s a search engine optimization tool for all webmasters.

Among the best link-building tools, it is affordable and available in the mark. It still has a respectable link index, though. Linkody is worth a try if you’re just getting started with SEO and have a tight budget.

Linkody-Link Building Tool

Linkody Advantages

Let’s look at the Linkody Advantages:

  • Multi-User Support: This feature enables many users to access a Linkody account at once.
  • Disavow Tool identifies and removes any harmful backlinks.

Linkody Disadvantages

Let’s look at the Linkody Disadvantages:

  • The user interface needs to be improved.
  • You must wait a day or 24 hours to receive the final reports. Inadequate client service.
  • Occasionally, Linkody will have crawl issues.

Linkody Pricing

The following rates are for Linkody’s monthly memberships.

Linkody WEBMASTER Plan :

14.90 USD per month

Linkody ADVANCED Plan:

24.90 USD per month

Linkody PRO Plan :

49.90 USD per month

Linkody AGENCY Plan:

99.90 USD per month

Linkody AGENCY XL Plan:

153.90 USD per month

5. Hunter.io:

Hunter.io can quickly locate any emails linked to a domain or an individual’s email account. Although the Google Sheets add-on more than makes up for its shortcomings when it pertains to link hunting at scale, the email lookup service is not the most accurate.

All of Hunter.io’s services comply with data protection regulations, so you can use their tools to find emails without being concerned about getting into trouble.

Hunter.io-Link Building Tool

Hunter.io Advantages:

Let’s look at the Hunter.io Advantages:

  • Free trial available for the beginners
  • Easy to navigate and use for the non-tech users.
  • It is pretty easy to locate emails from website domains.

Hunter.io Disadvantages

Let’s look at the Hunter.io Disadvantages:

  • There is no mail tracking capability, which would allow the communications staff to monitor the conversation.
  • It’s challenging to locate contact details for smaller businesses or websites.
  • Only Gmail or GSuite are compatible with cold email outreach services.

Hunter.io Pricing:

The following rates are for Hunter.io‘s memberships.

Hunter.io Free Plan :

$0 /user – 5 credit – 1 user

Hunter.io Pro Plan:

$348 /user – 480 credit – 1 user

Hunter.io Premium Plan:

$612 / user – 960 – 1 user

6. Majestic:

If you don’t need all the additional SEO bells and whistles, Majestic is a great alternative for a backlink monitoring tool. The tool also offers “Flow” scores, which rank websites according to their credibility, citations, and exposure. All of them, once again, contribute to a link-building plan since valuable content is crucial.

Majestic does not provide on-page SEO analysis, SEO site audits, or keyword research all in one. It is entirely devoted to backlinks.

Majestic-Link Building Tool

Majestic Advantages :

Let’s look at the Majestic Advantages:

  • Use the bulk backlink checker to examine the state of up to 1,000,000 URLs concurrently.
  • Users may combine websites and monitor for recurring updates in backlink campaigns.
  • Topical Trust Flow: Examines the sector of a website that has the most sway.

Majestic Disadvantages :

Let’s look at the Majestic Disadvantages:

  • Neither landing pages nor SERP outcomes are aligned.
  • Confusion can exist using Custom Majestic metrics.
  • There is no backlink alert system you can set up for your domain to receive prompt notifications of any influx.

Majestic Pricing :

The following rates are for Majestic‘s memberships.

Majestic Lite Plan:

$49.99 per month – 1 user

Majestic Pro Plan:

$99.99 per month – 1 user

Majestic API Plan:

$399.99 per month – 5 users

7. NeverBounce:

It would be beneficial if you consistently check the delivery of your prospects’ email addresses of your prospects before mailing outreach emails. If you don’t, bounces may severely impact the delivery of your entire campaign. With NeverBounce, email verification is straightforward.

With the help of the email verification system NeverBounce, businesses, startups, and non-profit organizations may eliminate duplicate emails, identify dangers, and validate email lists. It makes use of a 20+ phase, patented cleaning process that also uses hybrid and real-time verification techniques.

NeverBounce Overview

NeverBounce Advantages:

Let’s look at the NeverBounce Advantages:

  • Uploading an Excel file with data is the simplest approach to clean up the database.
  • Effectively examines the most recent actions the user has taken with the emails.
  • Excellent feature to download the validated email addresses as a CSV.

NeverBounce Disadvantages:

Let’s look at the NeverBounce Disadvantages:

  • The assistance is appalling. Known problems are not disclosed proactively.
  • Some spam emails are falsely reported as real by the tool.
  • Compared to other instruments on the market, the cost is more significant.

NeverBounce Pricing:

Prices per 10,000 Email Verification

NeverBounce Kudos Hub Plan

$34 per 10k Email Verification

Neverbounce Plan

$50 per 10k Email Verification

8. GroupHigh:

Blogger outreach is a crucial skill to perfect if you wish people to connect to your website. Any outreach effort must start by locating a blogger, and GroupHigh makes this process simple. Thousands of bloggers and organizations utilize the influencer marketing software on GroupHigh, which is a platform for influencer marketing.

It offers the biggest and most advanced blog search engine made to locate the greatest and most genuine blogger connections rapidly.

GroupHigh- Link building tools

GroupHigh Advantages

Let’s look at the GroupHigh Advantages:

  • Identifies the top influencers and bloggers.
  • Calculate the content’s worth.
  • Effective reporting on engagement and content.

GroupHigh Disadvantages

Let’s look at the GroupHigh Disadvantages:

  • Although the program is excellent, it does crash frequently.
  • The outcomes are occasionally inaccurate or overly general.
  • The contact information is occasionally incomplete.

GroupHigh Pricing

Pricing are as follows :

179 to 499 USD per month

The Pricing for the plans differ from $179 to $499.

9. HARO:

For their pieces, journalists frequently seek the opinions, recommendations, and insights of subject-matter experts. Help A Reporter Out (HARO) addresses this issue by setting up daily email connections between journalists and subject matter specialists.

Haro Overview

If your client is an expert in their field, then HARO is the go-to solution for providing thoughtful comments and boosting the probability that their website will receive backlinks.

HARO Advantages

Let’s look at the HARO Advantages:

  • Promotes links between sources with experts and journalists.
  • Earned publicity for free on DR-rich websites.
  • Experts for your subject can be found directly.

HARO Disadvantages

Let’s look at the HARO Disadvantages:

  • There are too many websites looking to profit.
  • Anyone may rapidly register to become a source on HARO without being verified.

HARO Pricing

Pricing are as follow :

The aforementioned journalist opt-ins is included in the free trial package. The typical HARO bundle ranges in price from 19 USD to 149 USD per month.

The price ranges from 19 USD to 149 USD per month.

10. BuzzSumo:

BuzzSumo is a tool for influencer marketing with an emphasis on author reports, influencer location, and content analysis to identify trends, and domain comparisons to help with competition analysis. 

It is the goal of the analytical engine to monitor and improve content marketing initiatives.

BuzzSumo Overview

As part of your overall link-building strategy, a service like BuzzSumo can be helpful in analysing the most compelling material available online. While providing you with content ideas to help your client’s brand is positioned positively, this platform assists you in identifying any outreach opportunities.

BuzzSumo Advantages

Let’s look at the BuzzSumo Advantages:

  • Researches the best-performing online content via a content analyzer.
  • Specifically designed to locate the most popular material on two important social media networks, Facebook and Youtube content research.
  • In order to consistently produce new, high-quality content and keep track of changes to their backlink portfolio, agencies require ideas.

BuzzSumo Disadvantages

Let’s look at the BuzzSumo Disadvantages:

  • Compared to alternatives, it is rather pricey.
  • The efficacy of the free trial is severely constrained.
  • Sometimes navigating might be difficult.

BuzzSumo Pricing

Pricing are as follows :

BuzzSumo Basic:

$119 per month – 1 user

BuzzSumo Content Creation:

$249 per month – 5 user

BuzzSumo PR & Comms:

$249 /mo – 5 users

BuzzSumo Suite:

$399 /mo – 10 users

BuzzSumo Enterprise :

$999 /mo – 30 users

11. Moz Link Explorer

Last in our list of Best Link Building Tools is Moz Link Explorer. Considered as one of the best for Link Building. If you are looking to understand how good your backlink profile is then Moz is the best option for you. It is a simple tool with easy to use. With Moz you will get details about how many back links are there and what types of anchor text are there. Once you know how many backlinks are there and how healthy your website is you can always compare it with Competitor’s website.

Moz Link Explorer Overview

Moz Link Explorer Advantages

Let’s have a look at Moz Link Explorer Advantages.

  • Simple And Easy to Understand.
  • Helps you Identify which anchor text is been used.

Moz Link Explorer Disadvantages

Let’s have a look at Moz Link Explorer Disadvantages

  • Doesn’t compare the entire data as competitors like Semrush, Ahrefs.

Moz Link Explorer Pricing

Moz Link Explorer is a free tool. Though, it also has a paid plan. Moz Pro costs you $99/mo with all the important features.

Conclusion: We pick Semrush, Ahrefs & BuzzSumo as our choice

Tools for link building make life simpler. It is, therefore, feasible to develop relationships without them, but the process will be slower and less effective. It will take longer to rank the more time you spend establishing relationships.

Start small by producing pertinent material if it sounds scary, and then work your way up gradually. Investigate the available link-building tools and make a purchase to help your client’s SEO efforts.

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