Moz Pro Offers 30 Days Free Trial Plans (2024)

You can claim a 30-day Moz free trial by following the simple steps below!

Moz is currently offering a free trial with an additional discount of 20% off monthly and 30% off on yearly subscriptions, respectively. 

Termed as one of the best link-building tools, Moz can be a great choice to understand backlink profiles and anchor texts used. Check how you can use this amazing SEO tool for free!

Keep reading to know more about this free trial, what it offers, how to avail it, pricing plans, and who it might be best for. 

Moz Overview
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Is Moz Free Trial Available?

As of 2024, Moz is offering a 30-day free trial, which includes all the advanced features of the Moz Pro Medium Plan. 

You can opt for the Moz free trial to test the tool’s features before deciding to purchase it. 

The all-in-one SEO toolkit will help increase your overall business with features such as keyword research, ranking tracking, site crawl, content optimization, link research analytics, and reports. 

What’s Included With Moz Free Trial?

The ultimate SEO toolkit now provides users a free trial with exquisite features to make tasks easier for SEO.  Some of the key features you can enjoy include: 

  • Keywords Explorer:  Get the highest-ranking keywords that will enable conversions. 
  • Track your Rankings: Check what searchers see by tracking and try to improve your ranking with Moz Pro visible score. This will also enable you to keep up with your competitors and look for areas of improvement. 
  • Crawl and audit your sites:  Crawlers search for technical errors and suggest changes if needed. You can also recrawl your site to check for further changes. 
  • Page Optimization: Your page must be user-friendly to attract more customers.

With Moz Pro, you will get a page optimization score, a guide, improvement suggestions, and content suggestions to optimize your page in the best possible way. This will also increase your ranking simultaneously. 

  • Link Research: Build a strong quality link profile with Moz Pro. You can create link profiles by measuring your linking domains, backlinks, anchor text, and important pages. 

You may compare your link profile with other platform’s link profiles and try to improve your profile to achieve more growth. Moreover, you can also set goals and track your linking progress. 

  • Custom Reports: Create and share your reports to get an overall result of your growth over time. These reports can be exported easily into a PDF or CSV format. 

Furthermore, you can customize these reports or use the templates to save time. 

How To Get Moz Free Trial? 

Make use of the Moz Free Trial with seven easy-to-do steps to get a preview of the features provided by Moz. 

Let’s take a look at some simple steps to get started with your Moz Free trial: 

Step 1:  Click on this link here to be redirected to the official Moz homepage.

Step 2: Click on “Start my free trial”. 

Moz - Click On Start Free Trial
Source: Moz Pro

Step 3: Create your Moz Profile by filling in details or logging in with an existing account. 

Enter the email, enter a display name, create a new password, read the policies, and select the check box to agree with their terms. 

Create Your Moz Account
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Step 4: After completing this process, click on the next step button. 

Click On The Next Step Button
Source: Moz Pro

Step 5: Fill in your billing information and click on submit.  

The billing information includes your full name, country, and detailed address.

Fill Your Billing Information And Click Submit
Source: Moz Pro

Step 6: Enter your card details with the expiration date and CVC number. 

The expiration date and CVC, a 3-digit number, are present on your card itself. 

Enter Your Card Details With Expiration Date
Source: Moz Pro

Step 7: Go to your purchase summary, follow further instructions, and check out. 

After the process, you can use the app for free for 30 days. However, remember to cancel your membership before the end of the billing cycle to avoid getting charged. 

For instance, after trying out the free trial, you can end your subscription to ensure that Moz doesn’t charge you for the next billing cycle. 

Moz Doesn't Charge You

As you can see, Moz has mentioned in the entering card details section (Step number 6) that I will get charged every month starting from February 29th, 2024, exactly after a 30-day of my signing up for the Moz free trial. 

Furthermore, Moz allows you to cancel your membership anytime, and you don’t necessarily have to complete 30 days to cancel. You won’t lose access to your free trial even after canceling your membership. 

Moz Ongoing Deals And Discounts

In addition to its 30-day free trial, Moz Pro is currently offering its 20th-anniversary sale, which will let you save 30% on Moz plans. Take advantage of this offer as it is available for a limited period. 

Click here for the 30% off benefit. 

This 30% discount will let you try Moz’s medium plan for free and give a discount of 20% every month. 

PlanFree trialPrice Per year 30% offPrice Per year 30% off
Medium  30-day free trial$143$126/month 

After Trial: Moz Pricing & Plans 

The all-in-one SEO toolkit, Moz, has four different pricing plans, which I will review below. 

PlanPrice Per Month (Without discount) Price Per Month (20% off)Price Per Month if paid annually (30% off)

As you can see, you can pay for your plan monthly, which will give you a discount of 20%, and the yearly plan will give you 30% off. 

Who Is Moz Right For?

Moz is a great tool for growing your brand or company’s digital presence. They also render many features that will ensure your brand’s growth in the long term. 

Our SEO statistics revealed that Moz is one of the best link-building tools, chosen by 31% of the respondents. 

With the help of Moz, you can easily boost your company’s growth and outperform your competitors by using their exceptional SEO tools.

Let’s take a look at whom Moz might be best for: 

  • SEO professionals  
  • Bloggers
  • Marketers
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Content Creators

In short, Moz is best suited for anyone who wants to grow their brand, company, or organization’s presence online with its powerful SEO features. 

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Final Verdict: Try Moz Pro For 30 Days

With Moz’s free trial, you can first test out the features of the SEO tool before heading to purchase its subscription plan. By exploring Moz’s features with its free trial, you will know if the tool works out for you. 

However, the free trial will only give you access to the Medium plan features. You can test the tool out before making your purchase. And whenever you decide to upgrade, keep an eye on the discounts. 


Is Moz offering a free trial?

Moz is currently offering a 30-day free trial for which you need to fill in your card credentials. However, you can still cancel your subscription before the billing cycle, which is at the end of the free trial. 

Can I use Moz for free? 

You can use Moz for free with its free features, including SEO tools such as MozBar, which enables you to do all your SEO tasks easily. 

Is Moz a good tool for SEO? 

Moz is indeed a good SEO tool available. This SEO tool is one of the leading tools that render features that benefit you by enhancing your brand’s images and authority. Doing this will also expand your overall company’s growth. 

What is Moz used for? 

Moz is an excellent SEO tool used to boost your brand’s or company’s overall digital growth. This tool will help you compete with other platforms and increase your overall presence.  

What does Moz cost per month? 

Moz does offer some of its tools for free. However, they have subscription plans such as the standard plan costs $79/month, the medium plan costs $143/month, the large plan costs $239/month, and the premium plan costs $479/month. 

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