20 Most Liked Instagram Posts Till Date (2024)

Your popularity on Instagram depends on your creativity, engaging content, and the number of followers. You can be an overnight star with just one post that goes viral.

Sounds fun? Well, I will be introducing some of such Instagram accounts to you. Moreover, I will be discussing the most liked Instagram posts here. These posts certainly belong to your favorite celebrities. Yet, they are not confined to them only!

Let’s explore a record-breaking egg, a breathtaking sunset, and many more exciting posts.

But before that, I will highlight the most-liked Instagram post in 2024.

Which Is The #1 Most Liked Instagram Post in 2024?

Lionel Messi’s carousel post celebrating Argentina’s World Cup win is the most-liked Instagram post in 2024. With 75.55 Million likes, it also holds the record for the most-liked post in 24 hours.

Messi shared some pictures of him holding the trophy, jumping, and celebrating with his teammates in the post. Let’s say he was living his dream! 

Following it, this post became the most popular of all time. It has maintained the top position for the last two years. 

Top 10 Most Liked Posts On Instagram

If you are a football maniac, the following list will satisfy you. However, the list also has some surprises for the misfits here!

With that said, I will now quickly walk you through the top 10 most-liked Instagram posts. You can look at them by following the link I have attached to each.

RankInstagram PostNumber Of Likes (millions)Instagram AccountDate Posted
1.Messi lifting the World Cup trophy by Lionel Messi75.55Link19 December 2022
2.A World-record holding egg picture by Egg Gang60.13Link4 January 2019
3.Messi in bed with the World Cup trophy by Lionel Messi54.61Link20 December 2022
4.Ronaldo and Messi playing chess by Cristiano Ronaldo42.63Link19 November 2022
5.Messi with the World Cup trophy by Lionel Messi41.90Link19 December 2022
6.Sunset Reel by Liz 634.38Link5 August 2023
7.The 2022 FIFA World Cup celebration by Lionel Messi34.36Link22 December 2022
8.Ronaldo signs with Al Nassr FC by Al Nassr34.35Link31 December 2022
9.After Portugal’s elimination by Cristiano Ronaldo34.09Link11 December 2022
10.Messi and Ronaldo playing chess by Lionel Messi32.77Link19 November 2022

Now, it’s quite clear that Messi and Ronaldo are ruling the Instagram game, but the fun doesn’t stop here. How did these posts become famous? What about the egg? I know these questions are igniting your curiosity.

So, I will now discuss these posts in detail. Moreover, I will expand this list to the top 20 most-liked Instagram posts.

1. Messi Lifting The World Cup Trophy – 75.77M Likes

Lionel Messi’s Instagram post following his victory in the 2022 FIFA World Cup has the highest number of likes, totaling 75.55 Million.

Most Liked Instagram Posts - Messi Lifting The World Cup Trophy
Source: Instagram

In his post, Messi expressed his appreciation to the fans for their support and an image of him lifting the trophy.

2. A World-Record Holding Egg Picture – 60.13M Likes

On January 4, a humble egg cracked the internet’s biggest achievement, with 60.13 Million likes. The Egg Gang posted this Egg picture, which became a milestone after that.

A World-Record Holding Egg Picture
(Source: Instagram)

It held the title of most-liked for a staggering 1,436 days until Messi’s post stole the spotlight.

3. Messi In Bed With The World Cup Trophy – 54.61M Likes

Next is one more of Messi’s posts with his trophy, where he peacefully sleeps while living his dream. 

Messi In Bed With The World Cup Trophy
Source: Instagram

This post is again followed by the 2022 World Cup win, which has attracted 54.61 Million fans to date.

4. Ronaldo And Messi Playing Chess – 42.63M Likes

The Instagram post sponsored by Louis Vuitton featuring Messi and Ronaldo playing chess has 42.63 Million likes. It brings up their rivalry while adding some stylish flair. 

Ronaldo And Messi Playing Chess
Source: Instagram

5. Messi With The World Cup Trophy – 41.90M Likes

Yet again, Messi’s post featuring his trophy has claimed its spot among the popular posts on Instagram. With 41.90 Million likes, it marks another remarkable milestone for Messi’s Instagram account. 

Messi With The World Cup Trophy
Source: Instagram

It’s obvious now: Messi and his trophy make an iconic duo that’s hard to separate.

6. Sunset Reel – 34.38M Likes

This sunset post is one of the thousands of romances in the sky with 34.38 Million likes. It was posted in 2023 by an Instagram account named Liz 6, a self-proclaimed photographer.

Sunset Reel
Source: Instagram

It indeed is a breathtaking post that tugs at your heartstrings!

7. The 2022 FIFA World Cup Celebration – 34.36M Likes

Messi and his trophy make an unbeatable pair, capturing the hearts of 34.36 Million fans in this post. 

The 2022 FIFA World Cup Celebration
Source: Instagram

The post celebrates Argentina’s triumphant return home after their victory. Messi also shared exciting pictures from the winning game, adding to the excitement.

8. Ronaldo Signs With Al Nassr FC – 34.35M Likes

Al Nassr FC’s post featuring Ronaldo has attracted 34.35 Million likes. With the post, the club announced Ronaldo’s joining, sparking excitement among fans worldwide. 

Ronaldo Signs With Al Nassr FC
Source: Instagram

The news spread like wildfire, drawing Millions of likes and capturing the attention of enthusiasts everywhere.

9. Ronaldo’s Picture After Portugal’s Elimination – 34.09M Likes

Ronaldo’s emotional message after Portugal’s elimination has gained much attention, with 34.09 Million likes

Ronaldo's Picture After Portugal's Elimination
Source: Instagram

Expressing his heartbreak over the elimination, Cristiano received overwhelming support from his fans, who flooded the post with love through likes and comments.

10. Messi and Ronaldo Playing Chess – 32.77M Likes

The Louis Vuitton-sponsored post featuring Messi and Ronaldo has attracted 32.77 Million likes. Interestingly, Messi shared the same post that was previously shared by Ronaldo. 

Messi and Ronaldo Playing Chess
Source: Instagram

This indicates Ronaldo may have a slightly larger fan base compared to Messi!

11.XXXTentacion’s Last Post Before His Death – 32.54M Likes

The last post from the late American rapper and singer XXXTentacion stands out as one of the most popular, with 32.54 Million likes. 

XXXTentacion's Last Post Before His Death
Source: Instagram

It’s the sole post managed by his team following his passing. The post features XXXTentacion and is captioned with “Love is War.”

12. Ronaldo’s Twins Announcement – 32.33M Likes

The next post on the list features Cristiano Ronaldo beside his wife, Georgia, proudly displaying baby scan images.

Ronaldo's Twins Announcement
Source: Instagram

The exciting announcement revealed they were expecting twins, sparking a wave of joy that earned an impressive 32.33 Million likes.

13. Ronaldo’s Tribute To Pele – 32.26M Likes

The post of Cristiano Ronaldo and Pele shaking hands has attracted 32.26 Million likes.

Ronaldo's Tribute To Pele
Source: Instagram

This picture is part of the memory of Ronaldo receiving the 2008 FIFA World Player trophy. Moreover, this post serves as a tribute to Pele.

Ronaldo expresses his deep admiration for the legendary player and reflects on their shared memories.

14. Messi’s LA Final Pictures – 29.65M Likes

Messi dominates Instagram with his posts, and one of his most popular ones features moments from the LA finals. 

Messi's LA Final Pictures
Source: Instagram

With 29.65 Million likes, the post captures Messi’s playful and aggressive side during the match.

15. Ronaldo Praising Al Nassr’s Fans – 27.87M Likes

Cristiano Ronaldo’s post about the Al Nassr reception has 27.87 Million likes

Ronaldo Praising Al Nassr's Fans
Source: Instagram

The fans warmly welcomed him when he joined the club, so Ronaldo thanked them on Instagram for their amazing support.

16. Ronaldo On The Field (Riyadh Season) – 27.82M Likes

Ronaldo recently joined Al Nassr, and he posted on Instagram about his first match, which received 27.82 Million likes

Ronaldo On The Field
Source: Instagram

In the post, he looks excited and happy to be back playing on the field with his old friends.

17. Zendaya’s Birthday Post For Tom Holland – 26.28M Likes

The well-known strong couple Zendaya and Tom Holland got a tonne of support on Zendaya’s birthday post for Tom. 

Zendaya's Birthday Post For Tom Holland
Source: Instagram

The black-and-white photo shows Tom hugging Zendaya. It received 26.28 Million likes, displaying their immense fan following.

18. Messi’s Tribute To Pele – 25.98M Likes

The famous post featuring Lionel Messi and the legendary player Pele has received 25.98 Million likes

Messi's Tribute To Pele
Source: Instagram

In the post, Messi honored Pele with a picture of them celebrating together with the Canarinha. Alongside the picture, he wrote ‘Rest in peace,’ adding a heartfelt and emotional touch to the post.

19. Selena Gomez’s Violet Chemistry– 25.82M Likes

With the caption “Violet Chemistry,” Selena Gomez’s post has received an incredible 25.82 Million likes

Selena Gomez's Violet Chemistry
Source: Instagram

Selena embraces her natural beauty without makeup in the post, radiating raw charm.

20. Viral Meme Of Spider-Man: No Way Home – 25.17M Likes

Tom Holland’s IG snap featuring Spider-Man has racked up an impressive 25.17 Million likes, becoming his most popular post yet. 

Viral Meme Of Spider-Man: No Way Home
Source: Instagram

The carousel captures a viral meme moment where Tom, Tobey, and Andrew donning Spider-Man costumes and pointing at each other.

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Final Thoughts: Messi’s World Cup Celebration Is The Most-Liked Instagram Post

Instagram is about more than just sharing photos and videos; it’s about making memories that Millions of people can relate to. This is what the most liked Instagram posts have in common!

From Messi’s major victory to Ronaldo’s heartbreaking defeat, these posts keep you tugging with them. Similarly, you can take inspiration from Liz 6’s sunset reel, which attracted Millions despite its narrow reach.

So, here are the top three most-liked Instagram posts in 2024:

  • Messi lifting the World Cup trophy: 75.55 Million likes
  • A world-record-holding egg picture: 60.13 Million likes
  • Messi in bed with the World Cup trophy: 54.61 Million likes

Remember, these figures are bound to change; in that case, I will keep you updated.


Who has the fastest 1 Million likes on Instagram?

Juliette Freire, a Brazilian singer and makeup artist, holds the record for the fastest 1 Million likes on Instagram. Her post about winning the 21st season of Big Brother Brazil reached 1 Million likes in only 3 minutes.

What is the most popular content on Instagram?

According to a global online survey, funny content is mostly preferred by users. In addition, creative and informative content is engaging for many Instagram enthusiasts.

Which is the most liked post in 24 hours?

Lionel Messi’s post of winning the 2022 FIFA World Cup is the most-liked post in 24 hours, hitting 50 Million likes. The post broke the record previously held by one of Ronaldo’s posts.

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