Top 30 Micro Influencers For Brand Collaborations (2024)

Gone are the days when celebrities were preferred as brand influencers. The latest trend in the business is micro-influencers, creating an impact with their authenticity and trust.

Teaming up with micro-influencers is smart for businesses wanting to get their message out without spending much money

So, if you’re a brand thinking about how to get your message out there, don’t underestimate the power of micro-influencers. I’ve listed the top 30 micro-influencers here for your reference.

Let’s dive in and explore the top micro-influencers of 2024!

Top Micro-Influencers 2024 for Your Brand

Micro-influencers have fewer followers, but their conversion rates are substantially high. In fact, 63% of buyers trust micro- and nano-influencers as their first choice.

They have worked out for many businesses and will work for you as well. With that said, let’s check out the top micro-influencers of 2024.

Sr No.Micro-InfluencerPlatformFollowers
1.Karla CristinaTikTok50.6K
2.Madeline FrickeTikTok34.1K
3.Gemaen Jordan TaylorInstagram67K
4.Caroll SalazarInstagram42K
5.Kevin HeimbachYouTube65.4K
6.Jonny PaceInstagram 29.3K
7.Jikaiah AylaInstagram20.3K
8.Alexandra KaufmannInstagram490K
9.Izzy and Ailbhe Keane (Izzy Wheels)Instagram51.5K
10.The Planet DYouTube69.9K

I am sure you wouldn’t identify all the top 10 micro-influencers, but the brands they promote speak volumes. 

I have compiled the top 30 micro-influencers further with a brief overview. Check out their social media handles and the brands they promote!

1. Karla Cristina

Karla Cristina
(Source: Amazon)
NicheFashion & Lifestyle
Social Media Handle@heykarlaclc

Karla is your go-to option if you are a growing fashion brand. She has had collaborations with many fashion and beauty giants like Aiori, La Fiorentina, L’Oreal Paris, and Shein.

Cristina primarily promotes these brands via her TikTok videos and Instagram. So, you can partner with her for sponsored content, brand partnerships, and digital advertising.

2. Madeline Fricke

Madeline Fricke
(Source: TikTok)
NicheBeauty & Lifestyle
Social Media Handle@madelinefricke

Madeline Fricke is a TikToker who shares beauty routines and other fun activities with her fans. Primarily, she is into beauty and lifestyle, which has landed her various brand deals.

However, not much is known about the brands she promotes. Most likely, they are budding brands that are in the process of making a big name.

3. Gemaen Jordan Taylor

Gemaen Jordan Taylor
(Source: Instagram)
NicheLifestyle & Fashion
Social Media Handle@gemaentaylor

Gemaen is a South African influencer who has a thing for fashion and style. Alongside 67K followers, he has a high engagement rate, bringing him more brand deals. 

Taylor has partnered with brands like Burberry, Colgate, Prada, and Sunglass Hut.

4. Caroll Salazar

Caroll Salazar
(Source: Instagram)
NicheBeauty & Lifestyle
Social Media Handle@makeuphuney

Caroll’s Instagram is all about Parenting, beauty routines, travel, and lifestyle. That’s why she promotes a wide array of brands.

Good Start, Listos, Nanobebe, and mamaRoo are some of such brands. These include baby care products, which all mothers can relate to.

5. Kevin Heimbach

Kevin Heimbach
(Source: Instagram)
NicheAdventure & Internet
Social Media Handle@KevinHeimbach

Kevin Heimbach is a YouTuber who makes review and recap videos. His videos cover food, festivals, adventures, and many more things.

Heimbach covers theme parks all across the world. With this, he promotes these attractions like Disneyland, Disney World, Busch Gardens, and Universal Studios.

6. Jonny Pace 

Jonny Pace 
(Source: Instagram)
NicheSports & Recreation 
Social Media Handle@jonnypace44

Jonny Pace is a professional hockey player who shares his fun routines on social media. You can partner with him if you are a sports or fitness brand.

Moreover, Pace is open to many other brand promotions, too. However, he hasn’t been a part of any big brand till now.

7. Jikaiah Ayla

Jikaiah Ayla
(Source: Instagram)
NicheFashion & Beauty
Social Media Handle@jikaiahstylist

Jikaiah is a master hairstylist who talks about fashion and feminism. Her followers trust Alya as her posts are relatable and authentic.

So, you can take advantage of this trust and thus collaborate with this influencer. She has many deals with businesses like Hairstory Studio, Edo Salon, and others.

8. Alexandra Kaufmann 

Alexandra Kaufmann 
(Source: Instagram)
NicheYoga & Wellness
Social Media Handle@bahayogi

Alexandra has knitted a strong community on Instagram with 490K followers. Besides, her engagement rate is quite high compared to many other micro-influencers.

Kaufmann talks about yoga and fitness and thus promotes similar brands. Some of such brands are pjur, True Voice, and Liforme Yoga.

9. Izzy and Ailbhe Keane (Izzy Wheels)

Izzy and Ailbhe Keane (Izzy Wheels)
(Source: Instagram)
NicheLifestyle & design
Social Media Handle@izzywheels

Izzy Wheels resonates with two sisters, Ailbhe and Izzy, who talk about disability awareness. Both of them have been featured in the Forbes 30 Under 30 list.

They have partnered with global brands such as Disney, Marvel, Hello Kitty, and Barbie. Moreover, the sister duo has raised money for charities along the way. 

10. The Planet D

The Planet D
(Source: Instagram)
NicheTravel & Vlogging
Social Media Handle@ThePlanetD

Dave & Deb are the reason behind TheplanetD’s success. They are among the top 10 travel influencers in the world.

Hence, they are your best pick if you are a travel brand. You can get inspired by their collaboration with Churchill Wild, Yacht Gateways, and other brands.

11. Aly Gray

Aly Gray
(Source: Instagram)
NicheLifestyle & Fitness
Social Media Handle@alygrayfit

Aly Gray has created a business empire while promoting her brand and other brands too. She has a shop page where Aly shares her recipes, branded merchandise, and blogs.

You can either partner with these product lines or expand your brand through sponsored content. 

12. Lauren Caruso

Lauren Caruso
(Source: Instagram)
NicheFashion & Beauty
Social Media Handle@laurencaruso_

Lauren Caruso is one of the authentic influencers with 59.9K followers. She talks about fashion, beauty, writing, and consultancy.

Furthermore, Caruso has brand deals with Microsoft, belief USA, Necessaire, and Aday.

13. Zander Whitehurst

 Zander Whitehurst
(Source: Instagram)
NicheTech & Education
Social Media Handle@zanderwhitehurst

Zander is a technical influencer who talks about UX/UI design. His platform, Memorisely, is a place for online tech classes and live boot camps.

Whitehurst also collaborates with Figma, where he is part of the education board. Zinder educates others about design through super-engaging short videos and reels.

14. Shayda Campbell

Shayda Campbell
(Source: Instagram)
NicheArt & Beauty
Social Media Handle@shaydacampbell

Shayda is a Canadian artist who celebrates everyday life through colors. Not only this, but she also gives art tutorials on YouTube.

As of now, she is growing her presence through an online print shop. So, you can partner with her if her target audience meets your needs. 

15. Kristin Addis

Kristin Addis
(Source: Instagram)
NicheTravel & Vlogging
Social Media Handle@bemytravelmuse

Kristin is a part of many publications like Vogue, Business Insider, and Marie Claire. She is a travel vlogger, and her Instagram posts take her fans to many places.

Moreover, Addis has also monetized her blog which brings her $50K per month.

16. William LaChance

William LaChance
(Source: Instagram)
NicheArt & Design
Social Media Handle@wmlachance

LaChance is a designer and artist who has expanded his brand globally. His designs have been featured for The U.S. Federal Reserve, Nike, and other brands.

William also conducts many live shows internationally. This gives you room for a sponsored promotion with him. 

17. Maxime Senior

 Maxime Senior
(Source: Instagram)
NicheTravel & Vlogging
Social Media Handle@exploraddict

Maxime is another travel influencer who is primarily engaged on TikTok. She shares her life with her followers and promotes unexplored places.

Hence, Senior can be a great asset if you are a travel agency or new-budding brand.

18. Planting Ashley

Planting Ashley
(Source: Instagram)
NicheNature & Wellness
Social Media Handle@PlantingAshley

Planting Ashley is a power-backed guide for everything related to planting. She has the solution for everything, whether gardening material, pots, or plants.

Ashley brings her expertise to social media through paid partnerships and ad revenues. The brands that help her with this are Urban Gardener, Zamzows, and many others.

19. Megan Armitage

 Megan Armitage
(Source: Instagram)
NicheFashion & Wellness
Social Media Handle@m3gan_andtheboys

Megan Armitage, a mother of two, is a preferred influencer by many women who are embracing motherhood. She shares about parenting, fashion, and lifestyle, and this builds trust with the audience.

Armitage has partnered with some kids’, fashion, and even luxury brands. To name some, Nutrigums, Vital Life, and Wild are among Megan’s favorites.

20. Rebecca Lueck

Rebecca Lueck
(Source: Instagram)
NicheLifestyle & Photography
Social Media Handle@beccajeanphotography

Rebecca is one of the photographers who has now turned to the influencing career. She gives styling and location help clubbed with mentorship sessions.

Hence, if you are a budding studio or brand that needs online visibility, Lueck can be your best option.

21. Paul Fuentes

 Paul Fuentes
(Source: Instagram)
NicheArt & Photography
Social Media Handle@paulfuentes_photo

Yet another photographer and artist is Paul Fuentes. He is into lifestyle, fashion, and business, which he has translated online.

One of his ventures is the online print store, which he runs alongside his wife. Plus, some of the businesses that he promotes are AWA and The Other Art Fair.

22. Abi Connick

Abi Connick
(Source: Instagram)
NicheBrand Design & Education
Social Media Handle@itsabiconnick

Abi Connick is the best pick if you are looking for brand design. She will help you with the design and even promote it as well.

Connick has helped many brands to grow and escalate over the years. A few of those brands are The Clayful Co., Tails and Bloom, and Nando’s.

23. Kailash Saravanan

Kailash Saravanan
(Source: LinkedIn)
NicheDesign & Digital Wellbeing
Social Media Handle@kail.designs

This Indian Influencer is a genius when it comes to Digital wellbeing and design. He understands what are the pain points of the audience and thus knows how to build that trust.

So, if you want to leverage your brand through aesthetics, Kailash is your best pick. He will help you with the gradients, contrast, and rebranding.

24. Lillian Jackson

Lillian Jackson
(Source: Instagram)
NicheLifestyle & Wellness
Social Media Handle@brunchinlilly

Lilian Jackson is a digital creator who brings trust to the table with her real ‘life-jayz.’ She is the perfect influencer if you need any content ideas for growing your business.

In addition, Lilian has a thing for Photography and videos, which can be yet another asset for you.

25. Anya Butler

Anya Butler
(Source: Voyagela)
NicheDesign & Animation
Social Media Handle@meppity

Anya is an animation artist who helps brands to scale up. She provides prints, doodles, and designs that make a brand attractive.

You can either go for her services or partner with Butler for some sponsored content

26. Katie Costa/Blynk Social

Katie Costa/Blynk Social
(Source: Instagram)
NicheBranding & Design
Social Media Handle@blynksocial

If you are looking to rebrand your business, Katie’s Blynk social platform can be helpful. Her social media agency offers a new perspective on brands as per Gen Z trends.

Moreover, Katie helps to connect the brands with their dream community.

27. Tommy Geoco

Tommy Geoco
(Source: Instagram)
NicheProduct design
Social Media Handle@itsdesignertom

Tommy Geoco is an Influencer who has designed many products for Logitech and Silicon Valley. Alongside this, he is also into educating brands about designs.

One of his podcasts, The Zero Content Design Show, is very beneficial for a brand that wants to attract global recognition.

28. Zaria Forman

Zaria Forman
(Source: Instagram)
NicheArt & Environment
Social Media Handle@zarialynn

Zaria Forman is an artist who talks about the climate crisis using photo-realistic imagery.  

Alongside her documenting journey, Forman also promotes local and global brands. Some of these are Vacheron Constantin, ArtStar, Canada Goose, and Eleven Six.

29. Lucy Lugi

Lucy Lugi
(Source: Instagram)
NicheDesign & Tech
Social Media Handle@lugidesign

Lucy Lugi is a creator and designer who helps brands to shape their dreams. She combines typography and interior design to bring desirable results. 

With a love for architecture, Lugi also brings her visual expertise to the brands. She is the right choice even if you want help with the campaigns.

30. Mia Stav

Mia Stav
(Source: Instagram)
NicheCakes & Bakery
Social Media Handle@miastavcakes

If you are a small business owner who wants to find recognition through cakes, Mia Stav is for you. 

Stav is growing her business alongside helping other brands, too. Hence, she is open to collaboration if you have similar interests. 

Why Go With Micro-Influencers?

The engaged audiences and specialized niche of micro-influencers provide great advantages for building your brand. When compared to mega-influencers, partnering with micro-influencers can offer a 20% higher conversion rate.

Moreover, there are plenty of reasons why you should go for micro-influencers. I have explained the major benefits below:

  • Flexibility: Micro-influencers are flexible with their content creation strategies and are thus always open to feedback and collaboration.
  • Targeted reach: As they have a specialized niche, you can partner with an influencer according to your targeted audience. This will help you reach your ultimate buyers, and your brand can grow in the right direction.
  • High engagement rates: These influencers have a close community; thus, their remarks have trust and authenticity. By collaborating with them, your brand also gets high engagement and, thus, higher visibility.
  • Affordable: Micro-influencers are up there for their personal growth. So, they don’t charge high prices and can even promote your product for free.
  • Credibility: The audience can’t relate to a mega-influencer or celebrity as well as to a micro-influencer. So, their recommendations are more credible for consumers.

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Conclusion: Micro Influencers Can Boost Your Brand

If you are looking for long-term brand growth, you should have a genuine relationship with the influencer.

Note that micro-influencer marketing is a continuous process. It’s about building relationships based on trust, being genuine, and seeing your business grow with passionate supporters.

You can explore all the recommended influencers mentioned in this article and collaborate with any of them as per your targeted audience.

Check out their profiles and see if they work for you!

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