Top 50 Nano Influencers Across All Industries (2024 Updated)

Enter into the influencing world with my carefully crafted list of the “Top 50 nano influencers”, whose authenticity and genuine connections will boost your brand’s sales and image.   

But who are nano influencers, you ask? They are creators with a small following ranging from around  1,000 to 10,000 followers. Nano influencers positively impact the brand they promote because their followers, even though small in number, share an authentic connection with them.

This connection between the followers and nano influencers can lead to a genuine connection with the brand, leading to great sales and brand awareness for you. 

 In this article, I share a list of 50 Nano- influencers in the USA with high engagement rates and some tips that will help your brand grow organically. 

Top 10 Nano-Influencers 2024 (My Recommendations)

I have hand-picked my favorite content creators; some might be slightly over 10k, but I have added them to the list anyway, as their unique niche generates excellent engagement.

Let us begin with the table:

Sr No.Nano-InfluencerPlatformFollowersEngagement Rate
1. Myah (myahpart4)Instagram63261.81%
2.Anessalyn (anessalyn.soltero)Instagram2,22631.52%
3.Ximena (ximenamoreno_)Instagram and TikTok2,56928.57%
4.Lizi (lizestefanii)Instagram5,84118.32%
5.Rileigh (rileigh_bb)Instagram1,86513.04%
6.Dime Cotti (princeza.morena)Instagram3,18910.22%
7.Lisa Ayers (sweetpeasandpoppies)Instagram18.8k8.80%
8.Javiera Riquelme (javiriq01)Instagram10.7k7.48 %
9.Gery (gerycntrd)Instagram4,1896.36 %
10.Destiny (afro_eclectic)Instagram13.7k2.79 %

If you want more options or are looking for a specific niche, check the complete list below with a short description of each profile.

1. Myah

NicheLifestyle and Content-Making Tips
Social Media Handle@myahpart4

Myah’s relatable content is often a big hit amongst her clients, pulling thousands of comments on each of her posts. Hire Myah for her skill in engaging her audience, which will ensure your brand reaches the targeted audience. 

Image Source: Instagram 

2. Anessalyn

NicheBeauty & Fashion
Social Media Handle@anessalyn.soltero

Anessalyn shares many personal stories on her Instagram account, making her a very genuine content creator on social media. She is also into beauty and fashion and shares her secrets and glimpses about the same. 

Authenticity is Anessalyn’s strong point; she will create content that is relatable for her audience while remaining true to your brand.

Image Source- Instagram 

3. Ximena

PlatformInstagram & TIktok
NicheTravel, Beauty and Lifestyle
Social Media Handle@ximenamoreno_

Ximena is a good fit for brands looking to promote their product on a profile with “classy vibes.”

Ximena is active on Instagram and TikTok. On TikTok, my favorite is Ximena GRWM talks. They feel very personal and natural to me, making Ximena my favorite. 

Image Source- TikTok

4. Lizi 

NicheBeauty and Content-Making Tips
Social Media Handle@lizestefanii

Lizi from Texas gives tips and reviews products for her followers. 

A strong focus on her Spanish community makes Lizi a very reliable source to reach effectively to this target audience.

Image Source- Instagram 

5. Rileigh

NichePhotography and Lifestyle
Social Media Handle@rileigh_bb

Riliegh generates very organic content that is high on creativity yet relatable.

She actively interacts with her audience through comments, making her an engaging content creator.

Image Source- Instagram 

6. Dime Cotti

NicheFashion, Lifestyle & Content Making Tips
Social Media Handle@princeza.morena

Spanish-speaking content creator Dime shoots mini vlogs and gives styling tips to her followers via Instagram.

Demi’s style of content creation is perfect for consumers today. Her videos have a little RAW quality to it. Making them extremely easy to consume.

Dime Cotti
Image Source- Instagram 

7. Lisa Ayers

NicheBeauty and Lifestyle
Social Media Handle@sweetpeasandpoppies

Lisa helps her followers by giving a detailed, honest review and her personal experience of the product in simple words.

Simple words are easier to process for her audience, which makes Lisa a good source of information for her followers.

Lisa Ayers
Image Source- Instagram 

8. Javiera Riquelme

NicheFashion & Lifestyle
Social Media Handle@javiriq01

Javiera has a loyal follower base of Gen-Z and millennials who speak Spanish.

If you take a look at her profile, you will quickly realize that Javiera is known for fashion tips and skin care reviews. I would recommend hiring her for any business related to clothes and skin care products.

Javiera Riquelme
Image Source- Instagram 

9. Gery

Social Media Handle@gerycntrd

K-pop fan Gery connects to her followers via Instagram by posting her favorite finds on her page.

One look at her profile, and emotes “Kawai” (the quality of being cute in Japanese pop culture). If that is the aesthetic of your brand, Gery is the one who can promote your products and brand.

Image Source- Instagram 

10. Destiny

NicheLifestyle & Travel
Social Media Handleafro_eclectic

Content creator Destiny’s profile screams two things-  happy and beach. Destiny is great for any brand promoting their swimwear collection or beach essentials.

What I love about her profile is her ability to create pleasing videos she takes while traveling.

Image Source- Instagram 

11. Graciela

PlatformInstagram, Pinterest 
NicheLifestyle Blogger
Social Media Handle@gracefs_

Seattle City’s’ Graciela is an engineer who also blogs about her day-to-day activities in the city.

Image Source- Instagram 

12. Roxanne

NicheFashion and Lifestyle
Social Media Handle@roxnfong

Roxanne is a digital creator from LA who updates her outfit diary on Instagram for her followers to take inspiration from.

Image Source- Instagram 

13. Anastasia

NicheSocial media marketing & Travel
Social Media Handle@nastia_ugc

Social media expert and coach Anastasia helps her followers thrive on social media.

 She uses her expertise to promote social media tools by generating original videos, and images and sharing product reviews.

Image Source- Instagram 

14. Chloe Marie 

PlatformInstagram/ TikTok/ amazon/LinkedIn
NicheFashion and Beauty
Social Media Handle@chloemcook

Chloe is a genius art director and social media marketer who has worked with cosmetic industry giants.

 Her profile showcases personalized content aimed at creating brand awareness. 

Chloe Marie
Image Source- Instagram 

15. Victoria Belardo

NicheASMR and Lifestyle
Social Media Handle@victoriapaige.xo

22 years old, Victoria creates videos that are very calm to look at. Her reels are unique because she uses ASMR to create soothing unboxing videos.

Victoria Belardo
Image Source- Instagram 

16. Francine Vega 

NicheFashion & Lifestyle
Social Media Handle@_francinevega

Self-proclaimed Mexican Princess Francine makes content that is pleasing to the eye.

Francine Vega
Image Source- Instagram 

17. Kaela Arellano 

NicheSustainability & Thrift
Social Media

Kaela is the creator for you if your brand is eco-conscious and eco-friendly. 

Kaela is a trustworthy source for promoting an eco-friendly brand, as she is an environmental educator.

Kaela Arellano
Image Source- Instagram 

18. Nadja

NicheFashion, make-up & skincare
Social Media Handle@h8myfacelovemyskin

LA-based Nadja is a fierce feminist voice for Latina women in the USA.

 She also promotes the idea of loving your skin and all its flaws.

Image Source- Instagram 

19. Paola Ocha

NicheFashion and Styling
Social Media Handle@paola.ochoaa

Fashion girl Paola loves all things with pink and bows, and it shows on her profile. To promote your brand in the prettiest way, Paola is your go-to.

Paola Ocha
Image Source- Instagram 

20. Ilka Bee

NicheSexual well-being and Parenting
Social Media Handle@nurturebeyondbaby

Bee is an intimacy expert who gives excellent tips on postpartum, relationships, and safe sex. 

21. Mollie Eastman

NicheCircadian Health
Social Media Handle@mollie.eastman

This creator has a very unique niche. She helps her followers with tips to improve their sleep cycle and get enough rest. 

She also sends newsletters to her mailing list, creating a good rapport and sense of community with her followers.

Mollie Eastman
Image Source- Instagram 

22. Aryana

NicheLifestyle, Fashion and Travel
Social Media Handle@aryanailene

Aryana is made for your brand if your brand is looking for an avid traveler who loves fashion.

Image Source- Instagram 

23. Erin Kee 

NicheWellness & Lifestyle 
Social Media Handle@kee_to_wellness

Erin Kee shares easy-to-make recipes and tips on beauty and home. Her stories about her IVF journey have struck a chord with her followers and other mothers going through the process of IVF.

Erin Kee
Image Source- Instagram 

24. Sam Aravopoulos 

NicheHealth and Fitness
Social Media Handle@samavocados

Sam is an MBG-certified health coach, which makes her a trustworthy source for her followers. 

She is also a Katonah yoga teacher who shares tips and recipes for holistic health and healing for longevity.

Sam Aravopoulos
Image Source- Instagram 

25. Jackie Marra 

NicheFitness and Mental Well-being 
Social Media Handle@flowwithjackie

Jackie Marra has an aesthetic profile, taking us through her journey of going to wellness retreats and events. 

She is also a yoga and pilates instructor based in California.

Jackie Marra
Image Source- Instagram 

26. Dr. Maritza 

NicheMental Well-being
Social Media Handledr.maritza.byg

Dr. Martiza helps followers in training their bodies to heal anxiety, trauma, and stress. 

What makes her unique is that she uses Chinese medicines with modern neuroscience-backed techniques.

Dr. Maritza
Image Source- Instagram 

27. Kayli

NicheMake-up and skin care
Social Media Handle@akayliaart

Kayli from Arizona is a makeup artist. Her profile is full of the latest trends in makeup and skin care.

Image Source- Instagram 

28. Audrey Zona

NicheWeight management and Wellness
Social Media Handle@zo_healthy

Audrey is an experienced wellness expert who helps her follower heal their relationship with unhealthy eating.

Audrey Zona
Image Source- Instagram 

29. Natalia 

NicheHealth and Beauty
Social Media Handle@altra.pmu

Natalia is from Maryland and is a professional permanent makeup artist and trainer.

Image Source- Instagram 

30. Ashley

NicheHair & Personal Care
Social Media Handle@aashleyallure

From San Diego, I found Ashley, a hairstylist. If you want to promote anything related to hair, you are looking at the right option.

Image Source- Instagram 

31. Sophie

NicheFood Blogger
Social Media Handle@socalyums

Through her content, San Diego foodie Sophie takes her followers on a food adventure.

 She is also a Yelp Elite 2024, making her a reliable source when it comes to food.

Image Source- Instagram 

32. Geniva Myricks

NicheFashion and Travel
Social Media Handle@swiisg

Geniva exudes style on her Instagram profile through aesthetic reels and photos.

Geniva Myricks
Image Source- Instagram 

33. Eli Kulp

NicheFood and Cooking
Social Media Handle@elikulp

Eli, the chef, runs a podcast where he speaks about his delicious food journey and his own experiences as a chef alongside his guest speakers. 

Eli Kulp
Image Source- Instagram 

34. Elena

NicheProduct and Food Photographer
Social Media Handle@elena_productart

Miami-based photographers create breathtaking photos to promote products.

Image Source- Instagram 

35. Noah Timlin

NicheBody Building and Fitness
Social Media Handle@noahtimgym

Noah keeps his followers motivated through his journey of bodybuilding.

Noah Timlin
Image Source- Instagram 

36. Lucy

NicheFood content creator and Food Blogger
Social Media Handle@bunchofgarlic

Lucy describes herself as a foodie best friend from LA to her followers. 

She creates relatable content revolving around food. She also shares recipes through reels and gives restaurant recommendations.

Image Source- Instagram 

37. Jerilou

NicheFood Blogger
Social Media Handle@hhorchatamami

Sharing food and matcha recommendations to her followers in California, Jerilo creates detailed food blogs.

Image Source- Instagram 

38. Britney Chiu

NicheTennis, Sports and Travel
Social Media Handle@britnvys

California-based tennis enthusiast – Britney makes relatable content for all tennis players and lovers while she travels worldwide playing the sport she loves the most.

Britney Chiu
Image Source- Instagram 

39. Jeanne Camling

NicheLifestyle and Fashion
Social Media Handle@jeannetcamiling

LA content Creator Jeanne posts some great outfit inspirations for her followers for different occasions.

Jeanne Camling
Image Source- Instagram 

40. Alena Muux

PlatformInstagram & TikTok
NicheBeauty, Cosmetics & Lifestyle
Social Media Handle@alena.muux

Alena collaborates with brands to showcase how their brand or product can be used in the day-to-day life of her followers by using them in her daily routine herself.

This creates a significant factor of trust between herself and her community.

Alena Muux
Image Source- Instagram 

41. Karina Ixta 

NicheFashion and Lifestyle
Social Media Handle@keepupkarina_

Karina creates very Pinterest-looking content for her followers. Her Aesthetic is soothing and pretty to look at.

Karina Ixta
Image Source- Instagram 

42. Michelle

PlatformInstagram / TikTok
NicheFashion &Lifestyle
Social Media

A full-time pharmacy student and a part-time fashion & makeup enthusiast, Michelle has a beautiful, subtle Instagram Profile. 

Image Source- Instagram 

43. Anela Tayan

NichePhotography & Brand strategist
Social Media Handle@anelatayanphoto

Using her photography and social media marketing skills, Anela creates intentional content to spread brand awareness.

Anela Tayan
Image Source- Instagram 

44. Priscilla Perez

NicheFitness, Cycling & Lifestyle 
Social Media Handle@priscillaperezzz

Master coach Priscilla motivates her followers to stay fit by doing activities like dance and cycling.

Priscilla Perez
Image Source- Instagram 

45. Bianca

PlatformInstagram/ YouTube
NicheFashion and Lifestyle
Social Media Handle@biancamatissetaylor

If you are looking for an aesthetic profile, You are at the right place. Trust Bianca to promote your product in an alluring way.

Image Source- Instagram 

46. Abbey

NichePilates and Wellness Coach
Social Media Handle@ajoy10

Digital and wellness creator Abbey helps her followers lead a healthy lifestyle and find products that contribute to people’s overall health.

Image Source- Instagram 

47. Sasha

PlatformInstagram, Twitch
NicheGaming and Make-up
Social Media Handle@msashrocks

Sasha is a professional gamer who loves to indulge in skincare and makeup through her content.

Image Source- Instagram 

48. Alexandria Rose

NicheFashion & Lifestyle
Social Media Handle@a.lexrose

A budding model who is also great at creative direction will take your brand to the next level.

Alexandria Rose
Image Source- Instagram 

49. Jasmine

NicheBeauty and Wellness
Social Media Handle@jasylifestyle

24-year-old Jasmine shuffles between Canada and New York City. 

She aims to live every day better than yesterday and shares wellness tips and routines to live a healthy life on her page.

Image Source- Instagram 

50. Bri Wallace

PlatformInstagram/ TikTok
NicheFashion & Lifestyle
Social Media Handle@briwallace

Bri creates beautiful mini vlogs revolving around skincare and styling.

Bri Wallace
Image Source- Instagram 

Why Hiring A Nano-Influencer Is The Right Choice?

Nano Influencers have a better engagement rate than their big-time influencer counterparts.

Here is an example with proof – 

The Sorry Girls
Image Source- @thesorrygirls. Instagram

Google can hire anyone to promote their products, but they hired DIY influencers, “thesorrygirls,” (they were not as famous as they are today) instead to run a giveaway of their new laptop.

The post by “thesorrygirls” yielded an engagement rate of 59.4%, which is way better than that of any big celebrity (whose engagement rate is usually less than 1%). 

You, too, can use this same strategy used by Google to catch more eyeballs for your brand. 

Nano-influencers usually stick to their niche, creating more trust and authority amongst their followers. They also regularly interact with their audience, leading to a great bond of trust between them.

So, if you hire a nano-influencer aligned with your brand or product, you will directly reach your target audience via their platform and create more engagement for your brand.  

Do you know the highest-paid influencers make millions? Explore the highest-paid influencers ruling the industry with our detailed list! 

Tips To Hire A Nano-Influencer

The most important thing while hiring an influencer is to check their engagement rate. A higher engagement rate guarantees that your brand will reach the right audience, skyrocketing your brand’s awareness.

The other important thing is that you must do your research on the influencer. Despite all the lists available on Google, you must run a search on individual influencers of your choice to gather information about the style they use to create their content, comments, and likes on their post.

The above tips help you determine if the influencer you are hiring can drive engagement and generate brand awareness for your brand or product.

If you are short of time, hire an agency that helps you do all the above research and coordinates with the influencer on your behalf. However, you must ensure the agency you hire is good, which again requires thorough research on ad agencies. 

You can also learn about how much influencers charge with our post and get a complete pricing breakdown idea. 

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Wrap-Up: Elevate Your Brand with Nano Influencers

Nano influencers have a greater engagement rate than celebrities and big influencers.

Additionally, nano influencers are more affordable to collaborate with, which is also a great option to publicize your product or brand on a budget.

I encourage you to start your collaboration journey by using my list of the top 50 Nano Influencers to enhance your brand’s sales and value today.

While you are here, you can also check out how do influencers make money from social media to see the possibilities of collaboration and work with them in different ways. 

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