How to get Evergreen videos ranked in Youtube

Evergreen videos are timeless videos. How to Boil an Egg is evergreen, there will always be people that want to know how to boil an egg and the process is unlikely to change any time soon, on the other hand a video about How to Install WordPress Version 1 is no longer relevant seeing as we’re way past version 1, it’s not an evergreen video.

Evergreen videos are amazing for your youtube channel, they can usually rack up a steady amount of views each month and hopefully at least some of those viewers will become subscribers. But, taking on evergreen videos on youtube is not for the faint hearted. You really need a good plan in store for how you’re going to nail the SEO of your video and channel to get your evergreen video into one of the top spots.

Unfortunately, if your video doesn’t make it to the top spots of the search results for whatever your video is about, or at the very least into the first page of search results then it’s probably not going too get many views.

Evergreen Competition

The problem with evergreen videos is most of them have already been made many times over. A quick search for classics like how to tie a tie or how to boil an egg show that tonnes people have attempted to climb the ranks for this kind of content, but those top spots are being firmly held by content that is years old.

If you check out how many videos results you get for broad evergreen searches it’s pretty overwhelming with most searches returning millions of results. That’s how many videos you’re hoping to beat to those top spots.

When you consider that the videos on the first page have millions of views and are years old, that means they’ve racked up a fair bit of ranking already, and you’re going to be coming in with a brand new 0 views video and attempting to over take them.

So let’s look at some ways that you can help your evergreen video rank in the search results.

Find a Niche

The more niche your video is the more chance you have of ranking it well in the youtube search results because there’ll be less competition. It’s far better to make a few good niche evergreen videos that you can rank for niche terms than a single broader evergreen video that never makes it off page six of the search results. Obviously the more niche you go, the smaller the audience looking for your content will be.

Check out the amount of results returned, the quality of the video results, and have a guess at the channel authority of the channels on the first page of results to get an idea of what you’re up against.

Find a Sub Niche

If you decide that the competition is too tough then you might be better off finding a sub niche of the niche you’ve chosen. For example instead of How to Tie a Tie, how about How to Tie a Skinny Tie.

While your videos won’t get as many views as the broader search term videos, the amount of views these sub-niche videos get is still nothing to be sneezed at.

Find a Temporary Sub Niche

Using a temporary sub niche is a way to help your video get those initial views to give it a boost, then if at any point you feel like your video has a chance in the main niche you can change the title to that and keep your fingers crossed. Like with the sub niche, your video is going to have a smaller audience searching for it, but the amount of results you’re competing against will be significantly less.

For example, instead of Smokey Eye Tutorial, what about Smokey Eye with The Naked Palette Tutorial, instead of How to Setup a GMail Account how about How to Setup a GMail Account 2017.

Both sets of videos work under both titles, just one title is more specific about the videos content. If you are struggling to come up with something to add to your title type your main niches title into google search and check out the related searches for some ideas.

In some cases you won’t be able to think of anything to add to your videos title to make it more specific, if that’s the case just leave the title as it is.

That’s a whole load of niches!

Get your views off of youtube

Another solution is to not focus entirely on getting your views from youtube search results. If you have a blog with a large audience, or a large social media following then that could be a way to get views from an audience that already appreciate your content, and help give your video a little boost up the rankings. A youtube video with 0 views relying purely on youtube search results to increase that view count when it’s lost in a sea of millions of other results is tough.  When you start getting views on your video from other places you should begin to see a rise in your search position.

If you’re embedding your video in a blog post then make sure to include written instructions and use good SEO tactics to help your blog post get higher up in the google search results as well. If you can get high up in the google search results with evergreen content you could end up with your video making a swift jump up the ranks not long after.

Other Sites

If you don’t have a blog, then look for sites that allow users to create tutorials with video, or even tutorials with links to references. Wikihow is one site that will allow you to post your tutorial in text and image format and embed your video.

One thing you want to watch out for is how many people have already posted a similar tutorial on there, you could find that your tutorial ends up just as lost amongst the noise as with youtube.

Channel Authority

So far we’ve talked about some off youtube tactics to give your video a boost, so let’s talk about some on youtube tactics.

Channel authority is a whole can of worms, but it’s fairly similar to the concept of domain authority or page authority in SEO. It’s kind of like Youtube’s way of ranking your channel against other channels.

If you have a channel with a high authority and you release a how to tie a tie video, chances are you’ll have a much better starting position in those search results than a channel with a low authority.

There’s a tonne of factors that go into channel authority, many of which are mysterious as Youtube like to keep the algorithms they use tightly under wrap, but things like the amount of subscribers you have, how many views your videos get, how frequently you upload, how setup your channel is among other things go into it. I’ve put together a post all about channel authority to try and demystify it a little. The main takeaway is that you want to be constantly working on your channel authority to help your videos up the search results ladder.

Video SEO

I have another post that talks more in depth about Youtube video SEO techniques, but you want to make sure you’ve covered the basics.

  • A well thought out title that contains your keywords (but isn’t key word stuffed).
  • A nice long description that contains your keywords, and variations of your key words (again, don’t keyword stuff). If there’s relevant information elsewhere like on your blog then link to it.
  • A compelling thumbnail that accurately represents your video contents, and stands out from the other search result thumbnails.
  • Your video category is set correctly.
  • You are using optimised tags.
  • You’ve added accurate subtitles/closed captions to your video
  • You engage in any comments you get on the video

Aside from the basic SEO, try and link to your video from other videos, but make sure it makes sense to link for those videos. You wouldn’t want to throw a link to your how to tie a tie video from your how to do a smokey eye video.

You’ll want to be doing this SEO on all your youtube videos to help boost your channel authority.

AB Test

AB Testing is a way of testing the same content under different conditions. For example, with the temporary sub niche idea of having a more specific title, you would want to AB test that at some point with your main niches title.

Basically, you’re making some kind of change to see if it has any positive or negative results. It’s not just about the title though, try different thumbnails, try giving the video a shoutout on your social media at a different time of day, try changing the tags, category or description.

This is not something you want to be doing everyday, for AB testing it’s best to make one small change, then gather the results of that change before making any other changes. If you change things too frequently, or make a lot of changes at once then it’ll be hard to work out which of the changes made a difference.

Have a Good Video

This one should go without saying, but just in case any of you thought you could get away with a mediocre video you absolutely can’t when it comes to making evergreen videos and ranking them. You need a good video. If you fail to keep the retention time on your video up nice and high then your video will go sliding straight back down the search results as youtube will take that as a sign that the video isn’t performing well for that search term.

Be Realistic

If Rhianna or PewDiePie was to release a how to boil an egg video chances are it would make it onto that first page in a heartbeat. For us mere mortals it’s something that’s going to take a lot of time and a lot of work. You’re going to need to be working on boosting your channel authority as well as growing a social media following to watch your videos to get those views up, and of course dealing with any other platforms you’re on online like a blog.

Taking on evergreen videos isn’t going to come overnight but hopefully these tips will help get you on your way up the youtube search results ladder.

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