Average YouTube CPM Rates (2024) – Country & Industry Wise

Most creators stumble upon the term “Average YouTube CPM” at the beginning of their monetizing journey. But do you even know what CPM is? Cost Per Mile is the amount advertisers pay you for every 1000 views. 

Out of which, Google only pays you 55% of the earned revenue. Remember, the high-valued CPM rates determine the quality of the channel. If you are making a few cents for every 1000 views, then it’s your cue to enhance your channel. 

Since I have done a lot of research to understand how much YouTube pays, it did not take much of my time to learn the average YouTube CPM. I will discuss the average YouTube CPM in this article, depending on the country and popular niches. 

Additionally, I will also discuss additional factors influencing your YouTube CPM, giving you some proven strategies to enhance the cost per mile. 

So, let’s dig in!̧

YouTube CPM Rates – As Per Industry

Depending on the niche that you create, the CPM fluctuates. So, let’s take a look at the different industries and their respective CPMs:-

IndustryCPM RatesIndustryCPM Rates
Music$1.36Digital Marketing$14.55 – Lower Bound
Pets & Animals$1.82Finance$14.55 – Lower Bound
Entertainment$1.82Digital Marketing$36.36 – Higher Bound
Gaming$4.45Finance$36.36 – Higher Bound
How To Guides$6.36Affiliate Marketing$5-10
People and Blogs$6.36Tech Reviews$7.31

YouTube CPM Rates By Country

As you know, YouTube’s cost per mile varies from country to country. This is why, as per “Is This Channel Monetised,” I have mentioned the top 10 locations with the strongest CPM below!

CountryCPM Mean
2.5th %ile
97.5th %ile
Total Views
United States of America11.048.1915.51352,754,135
New Zealand6.812.7317.025,821,858
United Kingdom6.314.2010.01102,718,351

Factors Influencing Your Average YouTube CPM

Check out some factors that could affect your CPM in both positive and negative ways. 

1. Geographical Location – Countries 

Gaining more RPM on your YouTube videos is fairly simple if you get maximum viewers from economically stronger countries. Australia, the USA, Germany, and New Zealand are some of the countries with better YouTube CPM rates. 

In contrast, Serbia and Ukraine are countries with the lowest CPM rates.

2. The Size Of Your Channel

The Size Of Your Channel

The greater your channel is, the more subscribers you will have. The more subscribers view your ads, the more revenue you earn, especially when the audience is from top-performing countries. 

Take the example of Mr. Beast: One of the richest YouTubers earns at least $2 Million per video. 

3. Audience Age

Most advertisers’ target audience is financially independent users. 

So, as per the reports by SmartAsset, the age group that earns the most is between 25 and 65, as the average annual falls between $54K to $61.5K. 

4. Kids-Friendly Content

Kids-Friendly Content

As much as creating Kids-friendly is informative, the niche earns you less revenue. 

Moreso because, according to the Act of Children Online Privacy, YouTube was fined about $170 Million. For those unaware, this act bans creators from creating or collecting information about children under 13. As a result, you gain much less revenue from the ads.

5. Black Friday

During the sale of black Friday, the rates of CPM, irrespective of the niche you are creating or the audience you target, are much higher than the original cost.

How Do You Calculate YouTube CPM?

The formula to calculate an average YouTube CPM is: (Total payment for the ad) * 1000

For example, if the ad cost is 0.008 and you received 1000 views, then the CPM for that particular video would be $18. Considering that Google takes a 45% commission, it leaves you with about $9.9.

Strategies To Increase The CPM for Your Channel

Following are some strategies to gain a better CPM for your channel!

  1. Create Unique Content: More innovative content draws users’ attention as you create something that is not overly done. So, stop being slumped, and check out my creative ideas to make your content more engaging!
  1. Gain Organic Followers: Avoid purchasing fake followers, as they won’t watch your ads. So, instead of showing a larger audience, have authentic ones who bring you revenue.
  2. Regular Post and Analyse Your Content: A consistent posting schedule keeps your viewers engaged with your channel, helping YouTube collect steady data. It further supports the platform to push your content towards a wider audience. 

Similarly, understanding what type of content works will help you create content your audience likes and reduce the frequency of what is not working.

  1. Post according to the Content Gap: Make sure you are creating what top-performing channels are, and analyze what these channels are lacking. So you can provide better and more innovative content.
  1. Create Playlist: Creating a playlist of similar videos keeps your audience on your app, as they do not need to search for another channel for related videos. It’s called internal linking.

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Wrapping Up: $0.38 Is The Average YouTube CPM For The USA

The Average YouTube CPM heavily relies on your audience’s geographical location, the niche you create, and whether your content is kid-friendly. 

In addition, if you post on Black Friday, you will notice a surprising hike in the CPM, irrespective of other limiting factors. 

On that note, let’s check out the popular countries and niches that gain you the maximum YouTube CPM:

  • USA: $0.38
  • Spain: $4.38
  • Mauritius: $7.05
  • Digital Marketing and Finance: $14.55 (lower bound)
  • Digital Marketing and Finance: $36.66 (higher bound)

So, what are you waiting for? Analyze your channel’s statistics and take the necessary steps to increase your Average YouTube CPM.


What is good CPM on YouTube?

Since most people have $2 to $9 CPM, the rate is considered a good CPM for YouTube.

What is the average YouTube CPM per 1000 views?

The average CPM depends on audience location, niche, and whether your content is NSFW or kids-friendly. Regardless, the average CPM rate is between $0.01 and $0.03.

What is the average CPM for YouTube entertainment?

The average CPM for YouTube Entertainment is $1.82.

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