30 Creative YouTube Channels You Should Follow (2024 List)

YouTube is a massive platform offering education, entertainment, and ideas in one place. This dominating site successfully hooks over 122 Million people daily with more than 113.9 Million active Channels.

Thus, experiencing FOMO in many channel options is natural. So, why not ease your YouTube exploration journey with a list of the best creative channels?

In this article, I have handpicked 30 creative YouTube channel names for you after taking a quick survey of my friends, colleagues, and, of course, my personal recommendation. 

 In addition to this, I have also added 7 YouTube Channel name ideas list as a bonus for young adults. 

So, without further delay, let’s dig in!

Top 10 Creative YouTube Channels In 2024 (Most Followed)

Before I delve into my list of 30 creative YouTube channels, take a look at the overview of the top 10 creative channels that have a high number of subscribers.

Sr. No.Channel NameYouTuberNumber of SubscribersStarting Year
1.5 Minutes CraftTheSoul Publishing80.6 Million Nov 15, 2016
2.JazzaJosiah Alan Brooks6.49 Million March 28, 2012
3.Mini GearUnknown3.57 MillionOct 14, 2016
4.The QUnknown13.3 MillionJan 15, 2017
5.The King Of RandomGrace Dirig & Team12.4 Million Jan 4, 2010
6.TED-EdTED Foundation19.5 Million Mar 11, 2011
7.TastyBuzzfeed21.3 MillionJan 23, 2016
8.Proko Stan Prokopenko3.5 Million Feb 23, 2012
9.Make your OWNcreationDatta Benur2.01 MillionJun 6, 2016
10.Name ExplainPatrick Foote360 KNov 4, 2015

Moving on, YouTube has evolved a lot, and so has the list of 30 creative YouTube channels in 2021. With progress over the years, many new creators have been placed on the list, while existing ones have become innovative with time. 

I made a comprehensive list of 30 creative YouTube channel names and explained why they are on. As a result, you can pick the best for your next YouTube binge time.

1. 5 Minutes Craft

5 Minutes Craft is one of the most addictive YouTube channels owned by TheSoul Publishing. You can spend hours here watching video after video. This YouTube channel has 80.6 Million subscribers with few or not even a single dialogue! 

As the name suggests, 5 Minutes Craft uploads videos about life hacks and DIY crafts. Additionally, their single video comprises several small clips, which are hardly more than 40 seconds. As a result, you get more value-added content in a minimal time frame.  

2. Jazza

Formerly called Draw with Jazza, is a fun and artistic YouTube channel. The video content includes vlogs, tutorials, reaction videos, and unique challenges, all themed under one drawing roof. 

Although there are many similar channels, Jazza successfully stands out from all due to humorous commentary and on-peak editing. Josiah, the owner of Jazza, has brought a unique perspective to the digital art world by making art tutorials more fun and interactive.  

3. Mini Gear

Next up on my list is a unique YouTube channel that can help you make the best out of wasteful things. Mini Gear offers DIY craft ideas of cardboard, cans, bottles, etc. Mini Gear offers adults advanced and functional DIY crafts, unlike other craft channels.

The videos are well-composed, with proper instructions for every step. Furthermore, they have added over 500 videos with mechanical crafts ideas like homemade safes from PVC, buses from Coca-Cola cans, etc.

4. The Q

The Q is a science-based YouTube channel that tours unique gadgets and bicycles worldwide. In addition to this, they add videos about engineering-inspired craft ideas and other science challenges.

This channel can addict you regardless of your interest in science due to engaging videography and smart choice of music.

5. The King Of Random

The King of Random, also abbreviated as TKOR, is another science-related YouTube channel that makes videos of new experiments inspired by knowledge written in science textbooks. 

Besides this, they also add other content like craft ideas, experimenting and testing new products, etc. TKOR deserves your time if you love science or see new, unexpected experiments.

6. TED-Ed

TED-Ed is an educational YouTube channel that makes learning more fun and engaging with the best team of animators and educators. It covers several topics, including science, human psychology, philosophy, etc. 

Consequently, you can also find riddles and videos on out-of-the-box topics on this channel. 

7. Tasty

Tasty is a popular YouTube channel with over 21 Million subscribers. The content of this channel is exactly like its name, “Tasty.” The channel is filled with videos of unique food recipes and challenges. 

You can also find a few kitchen hacks and food experiment videos. This channel is addictive and filled with several unexpected food crossovers.

8. Proko

Proko is a YouTube channel every aspiring artist should watch. This channel motivates and educates new artists and creators creatively. Most videos on this channel are over 10 minutes, offering detailed tutorials with a pinch of humor and entertainment. 

In addition to this, you get to learn different types of art from top creators and experts.

9. Make Your OWN Creation

Make Your OWN Creation is a craft-based YouTube channel that helps you make DIY functional crafts like flying cars, drones, planes, etc. The channel consists of more than 1K videos with unique ideas. These videos give you a complete tutorial to try the projects at home.

10. Name Explain

Have you ever wondered what “i” in iPhone stands for? Why is Google called Google? This YouTube channel does exactly like its name suggests. Name Explain is a creative YouTube channel that explains the reasons behind different names of places, animals, and more. 

This content hub is a perfect combination of education and entertainment.

11. Real Life Lore

Real Life Lore is an educational YouTube channel that explains various new and unknown concepts from around the globe. Whether about climate issues or population, this channel covers various unpopular yet interesting topics engagingly. 

Real Life Lore is worth your time if you want to know uncensored facts about various countries. 

12. Mr Gear

Mr Gear is one of the most hooking channels on YouTube. It is filled with over 800 experimental videos, including crossovers of unexpected things like Coca-Cola and Mentos, rubber band ball vs gas torch, and more. Once you go to this channel, you can’t stop bingeing that easily. In addition, most videos are longer than 15 minutes. Thus, it’s a good spot to pass the time.

13. Project Your Mind

Project Your Mind is the perfect spot if you love to try mechanical crafts, especially light-related ones. This YouTube channel helps you create unique DIY decor ideas for your rooms. 

Although you can try all those ideas anywhere, the channel is mainly dedicated to gamers with many gaming hacks.

14. Big Think

Big Think is a YouTube channel that can convince you to rethink your life and perspective. 

The channel brings actionable lessons from experts and philosophers. With more than 9k videos from personality development to motivation, this channel covers all essential topics for which you would need guidance. 

15. Sketch Together

Sketch Together is a channel related to UX and UI design with a few illustration art tutorials. 

These fun and eye-catching tutorials can help you unlock new creativity in your design career. The videos are divided into many playlists to categorize content and help you pick one to start your creative journey.

16. The Wrench

The Wrench is another project-based YouTube channel with a pinch of uniqueness in editing and choice of projects. This channel gives you detailed tutorials for mind-blowing DIY projects at home, like making a gaming console, bookshelf speaker, etc. 

If you feel hungry to get creative and reuse any old mechanism, The Wrench is the only word you need to search on YouTube.

17. Creative Mom

With over 900k subscribers, Diana shows her talent for crafting and sculpting through waste products and giving them another life with her unique creativity.  

 The channel owner has uploaded over 100 videos until now, and most of her crafts are based on daily waste products like bottles, jars, etc.

18. Khan Academy

Khan Academy is one of the most popular educational channels on YouTube. This non-profit channel offers tutorials on various topics and subjects, including chemistry, AI, physics, and more. 

This channel has content for anyone between 4th grade and university students. In addition, they also offer articles and practice problems to help students improve in their subjects efficiently. 

19. SciShow

As the name suggests, SciShow is a related YouTube channel that creatively explores unexpected science concepts. With more than 3.5 K videos, SciShow has enough content to stick you on the screen for hours. 

Although the channel targets rare topics, the length hardly crosses 15 minutes. Here’s another reason you should glance at this:

20. Nas Daily

The Naz Daily shares their travel experience with 13 Million subscribers that connect people with culture and topics around the globe. The channel owner, Nuseir, shares incredible facts about different people and a few videos on various science topics. 

Although you can niche out this channel, it can still hook you with any other video.

Creative YouTube Channel

Click here to check the channel.

21. TED

TED is another YouTube channel owned by the TED Foundation. This channel brings you the best life-changing tips from top experts and entrepreneurs. 

TED covers many topics for young adults, from human psychology to science concepts. 

22. The Futur

The Futur is an educational channel that talks widely about mindset, marketing, pricing, etc. It is a YouTube channel every business owner must visit. 

From finding a target audience to building brands, this channel touches on all the pain points of a business owner. Furthermore, their 1.7 K videos are divided into several playlists to help you navigate better.

23. Sea Lemon

Like its name, Sea Lemon is a unique and aesthetically pleasing channel where Jennifer glimpses her artistic world with tips. This creative adventure includes crochet projects, DIY projects, Ikea finds, vlogs, and more. 

This YouTube channel contains over 500 engaging videos divided into different playlists.

24. I Love Creativity

I Love Creativity is a craft channel with 140 K subscribers and over 100 videos. 

This YouTube channel primarily contains videos about life hacks, recycling old waste, and how to make videos. Besides innovations and crafts, I Love Creativity includes great editing, making watching it more engaging.

25. Watercolor By Shibasaaki

If you love watercolor or paintings, this channel is for you. This YouTube channel is owned by 40-year-old Shibasaaki, who gives watercolor painting and art tutorials easily. This channel also contains artistic challenges and exciting vlogs to keep you engaged. 

26. MAD Stuff With Rob

You would surely remember M.A.D from the popular TV channel POGO. If not, it’s okay. Let me introduce you. Mad Stuff with Rob is an art and craft YouTube channel with step-by-step tutorials. 

Most art tutorials by Rob are kid-friendly and quick to make. The art tutorials cover various genres like painting, DIY crafts, origami, and more.

27. Life Noggin

Life Noggin is an informative and entertaining channel. The videos on this channel are widely based on different facts and logical questions.  

The videos aren’t always relevant science, but they can surely hook you with unique and unpopular facts for hours. 

Besides their video topics, they catch attention because of peak animation and engaging commentary.

28. Well… Actually

Well… Actually is an informative YouTube channel that brings facts and complete guides on different topics from around the globe. The content of this holds many unpredictable and astonishing content. 

Besides great explanation and research, this successfully engages people with its videography. An animated owl is the key character of this channel and stays along throughout the entire video as a guide.

29. Femke Design

Femke Design is a YouTube channel every aspiring product designer must visit. Femka can help you in every step of your career as a product designer, from learning product design to portfolio presentation. 

Whether you are a beginner or looking to upskill yourself in product design, Femka has something for all. You can rely on this online coach to get deep insights about this career. 

Additionally, she has divided all her tutorials into different playlists. Thus, you can start learning from any step you want.

30. Bobby Chiu

Bobby Chiu is the ultimate guide for all aspiring artists. This channel includes expert interviews, demos, tutorials, and tips for all artists. These informative videos are presented as cute animated characters, making the content visually appealing and engaging.  

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Wrapping Up: Name Explain Is My Personal Favorite And Most Creative YouTube Channel

I mentioned more than 35 YouTube channels in this post! Although they don’t have millions of subscribers, their content is worth your time. Here are 3 of the best YouTube channels I would recommend to you!

  • Name Explain 
  • TED-ED
  • Big Think

People create YouTube channels every day, but always invest your time in channels that add value and are consistent with content. 


Who is the most creative YouTuber?

Name Explain is a creative YouTube channel with unique context and editing. It offers a perfect blend of information and entertainment. 

How much does YouTube pay for 1,000 views?

Based on niche and video length, YouTube pays around $1.40 to $13.52 for 1000 views. The older your target audience is, the more YouTube pays. 

Can I have 20 YouTube channels?

You can have up to 50 YouTube channels with a Google account. However, you can verify only two channels in a year by one phone number. 

What is the coolest channel on YouTube?

Although they are old, Dude Perfect is one of the coolest YouTube channels, as their trick shots and comedy can keep you engaged for hours. 

What are some YouTube channel ideas without showing your face?

Several faceless YouTube channel ideas include making riddle videos, narrating horror stories, discussing crime cases, teaching any game, etc. 

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