How to Fix the This Channel Doesn’t Have Any Content Error on Youtube

If you’ve got a fresh new youtube channel and you upload your first video instead of having that video proudly displayed on your channel page for all to see instead you’ll get a message saying “This channel doesn’t have any content”. Not what you want any visitors to your channel to be seeing!

Don’t panic, it’s quite simple to fix with a couple of little clicks.

1. Before making any changes you’ll want to check whether your channel has the error. When you’re in admin view you won’t be able to see it so you need to switch over to view your channel as a visitor or subscriber. Click on the View As dropdown and select either New visitor or Returning subscriber to change your view mode.

2. Once you’re viewing your channel as a visitor or subscriber you should either see your video on your homepage meaning all is well, or you’ll get the This channel doesn’t have any content message.

3. Once you know if you’re having the issue, click the Done button to get back into administrator mode.

4. Once you’re back in admin mode, scroll down below your video and you’ll see a button that will let you make a section. When you create sections they show up on your home page. Click Add a section.

5. Click on the Select content dropdown.

6. Choose what you’d like to appear in the section. If this is your first video then choose the Uploads option.

You can set the layout for your video to be horizontal or vertical in the layout dropdown, but if you only have one video it won’t make much difference.

7. Once you’ve setup the section, click Done to save your changes.

8. If you view your channel as a visitor again (step 1) you should see that your channel is now showing your video instead of the This channel has no content error.

When you upload more videos you should find that this error goes away on its own, so you can always come back when you upload your next video and remove the section.

If you find that this doesn’t work for you then let me know in the comments and I’ll do my best to help you out.

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