21 Popular Gaming YouTubers to Subscribe In 2024

The YouTube gaming industry has leaped recently, and with many gamers turning to it, the community has grown to 1000 channels. Some YouTubers have created a new buzz, and some have influenced social media like never before.

In exploring the top YouTube accounts, I’ve dug into the most popular gaming YouTubers within the community. If you have only PewDiePie on your mind, there’s even more fun waiting for you.

Let’s get started to catch up on the coolest gaming YouTubers of 2024!

Top 10 Popular Gaming YouTubers In 2024 (Overview)

Here, I will introduce you to the top 10 most popular gaming YouTubers. This diverse group hails from different corners of the globe, bringing their flavors and specialties to the table. 

If you, too, want to join the best flavors of gaming, get through the channel links mentioned below.

Note: the subscribers will fluctuate as the subscribers are counted by the time of writing this content. 

RankNameYouTube Channel Subscribers (Millions)Country Channel Link 
1.Felix Arvid Ulf KjellbergPewDiePie111SwedenHere
2.Vladislav Andreyevich BumagaA450.8BelarusHere
3.Germán Alejandro GarmendiaJuegaGerman 49.3ChileHere
4.Luis Fernando Flores AlvaradoFernanfloo46.9El Salvador Here
5.Jimmy DonaldsonMrBeast Gaming 41.8United States Here
6.Rubén Doblas GundersenelrubiusOMG 40.3SpainHere
7.Donato MuñozTheDonato39.3VenezuelaHere
8.Mark Fischbachmarkiplier36.4United States Here
9.Alia ‘Lia’ SheleshSSSniperWolf34.3United States Here
10.Samuel de Luque Batuecas vegetta777 34SpainHere

Now, I will move forward with my list of the top 21 most popular YouTube gamers. Let me walk you through each of them briefly. There’s a lot on the plate: Minecraft, Go Pokemon, Deadpool, Flappy Bird, and much more!

1. PewDiePie: 111M Subscribers

When it comes to gaming streams on YouTube, this Swedish player is a leading figure. PewDiePie has 111 Million subscribers on YouTube, far beyond any other gamer.

Most Popular Gaming YouTubers -  PewDiePie
(Source: Instagram)

Felix, aka PewdiePie, started with Let’s Play commentaries and hilarious reactions to Amnesia: The Dark Descent and Minecraft. From there, he has now made a huge network with games like PowerWash Simulator, Stray, and others.

2. A4: 50.8M Subscribers 

A4, the brainchild of Vladislav Bumaga, is a YouTube sensation with over 50.8 Million subscribers. His “Escape from the Cardboard Prison” video on Roblox has over 90 Million views, showing his massive appeal.

A4: 50
(Source: Instagram)

However, Vladislav started with gameplay videos initially. But now, this Belarusian creator also offers a variety of content, including gaming walkthroughs, vlogs, humor, and entertainment.

3. JuegaGerman: 49.3M Subscribers 

JuegaGerman, created by Chilean YouTuber Germán Alejandro Garmendia Aranis, stands out as a major gaming channel with 49.3 Million subscribers. It is one of the top 50 most subscribed channels for Spanish-speaking gaming enthusiasts and beyond.

(Source: Instagram)

But what makes it this special? The channel refuses to stick to one type of game; instead, it explores various popular titles. Some of them are The Last of Us, Minecraft, and Far Cry, as well as indie games and hidden gems. 

4. Fernanfloo: 46.9M Subscribers

Fernanfloo, a famous gamer from El Salvador, has 46.9 Million subscribers on YouTube. He plays many games like Happy Wheels and Super Meat Boy, making funny comments as he plays. 

(Source: Instagram)

Furthermore, in Minecraft, he builds cool things, and in Among Us, he tries to find the bad guys. 

5. MrBeast Gaming: 41.8M Subscribers 

MrBeast is well-known for his Minecraft streams on his gaming channel, also well-known for Wealth, and charitable challenges. With 41.7 Million subscribers and growing, his popularity on YouTube is soaring.

MrBeast Gaming
(Source: Instagram)

Apart from Minecraft, this American YouTuber engages in games such as Among Us, Roblox, Stumble Guys, and Watch Dogs: Legend.

6. elrubiusOMG: 40.3M Subscribers 

Ruben Doblas Gundersen, better known as elrubiusOMG, isn’t just your average gamer on YouTube. Rather, he is a sensation. Back then, Ruben dabbled in all sorts of videos until he hit the gaming jackpot. Today, he has 40.3 Million subscribers on YouTube.

(Source: Instagram)

From Fortnite to Minecraft and Call of Duty, Ruben’s conquered them all. But wait, there’s more! ElrubiusOMG doesn’t stop at gaming. Instead, he’s a jack of all trades, like music, acting, and writing.

7. TheDonato: 39.3M Subscribers

With 39.3 Million subscribers, this Venezuelan YouTuber rose to popularity through engaging gameplay videos. The most notable of his streams include Garena Free Fire.

(Source: Instagram)

Along with Free Fire, TheDonato also plays other games like Clash Royale, Geometry Dash, and Minecraft. 

8. Markiplier: 36.4M Subscribers 

Markiplier is a famous gaming YouTuber with 36.4 Million subscribers on his channel. People love him because he’s funny, gets scared easily, and talks to his fans like they’re his friends.

(Source: Instagram)

Over time, Markiplier has started playing more than just scary games. He now tries out all sorts of games like adventures, RPGs, and simulations.

9. SSSniperWolf: 34.3M Subscribers

SSSniperWolf, known widely as Alia Marie Shelesh off-camera, holds a good position in the gaming community on YouTube. With 34.3 Million subscribers, her channel is a hub of entertainment for gamers worldwide. 

(Source: Instagram)

Alia showcases a variety of games on her channel, including Call of Duty, Fortnite, and Grand Theft Auto.

10. Vegetta777: 34M Subscribers

Vegetta777, aka Luque, is a powerhouse in the world of gaming with 34 Million YouTube subscribers. He’s into all sorts of games, but Luque has been playing Minecraft for ages.

(Source: Instagram)

Then, there’s Fortnite, Grand Theft Auto V, Call of Duty, and Among Us, which show YouTubers’ diverse gaming content.

11. Rezendeevil: 32.5M Subscribers

Rezendeevil is a Brazilian YouTuber with over 32.5 Million subscribers, making him the 7th most-subscribed channel in the whole country! What’s his secret? The Channel is all about gaming, with Minecraft being his main gig.

(Source: Instagram)

Rezen is also into other games, like Among Us, Free Fire, Roblox, GTA V, and even Pokemon. 

12. Jacksepticeye: 30.6M Subscribers

Jacksepticeye, with 30.6 Million subscribers on YouTube, is one of the greatest YouTubers. He’s one of the biggest gaming personalities on YouTube and the second most-subscribed Irish channel.

(Source: Instagram)

One thing Jacksepticeye is famous for is his love of horror games. Jack has played some really scary ones like Five Nights at Freddy’s, Amnesia: The Dark Descent, and Visage. 

13. DanTDM: 28.5M Subscribers

DanTDM is a British gamer boasting 28.5 Million subscribers. What makes him stand out among other YouTubers is his clever commentary. Moreover, Dan is best known for his Minecraft streams.

(Source: Instagram)

Beyond Minecraft, Daniel streams a variety of games on his YouTube gaming channel, including Pokemon, Roblox, and Sonic the Hedgehog.

14. VanossGaming: 25.9M Subscribers

VanossGaming, also known as Evan Fong, is a gaming wizard who loves making people laugh. Millions of people love watching his videos, and he has more than 25.9 Million subscribers on his YouTube channel. 

(Source: Instagram)

Evan has tried everything from big games like Grand Theft Auto V and Call of Duty to smaller indie games.

15. Ninja: 23.9M Subscribers

Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins is a famous gaming YouTuber from the United States. He became widely known when he played Fortnite Battle Royale with big-time celebrities like Drake and Travis Scott. This game also broke Twitch’s record for the most viewers watching at once. 

(Source: Instagram)

At present, Ninja has 23.9 Million subscribers on YouTube who follow him closely to 

know about the gaming world.

16. Jelly: 23.6M Subscribers

Jelly, aka Jelle van Vucht, is a renowned gaming YouTuber with 23.6 Million subscribers. 

(Source: Instagram)

Vucht is beloved for his infectious humor, high energy, diverse game selection, and entertaining collaborations with fellow YouTubers like Slogo and Kwebbelkop. At the same time, Jelly plays all sorts of games, from Minecraft and Fortnite to Grand Theft Auto V.

17. AuthenticGames: 20.1M Subscribers

Marco Tulio’s YouTube channel, AuthenticGames, is all about bringing the joy of Minecraft to everyone, including kids!  

With over 20.1 Million fans worldwide, Tulio’s streams aren’t just for hardcore gamers. They’re fun, family-friendly adventures that anyone can enjoy.

(Source: Instagram)

Besides this, Marco’s streams also include games like Roblox and vlogging.

18. Ali-A: 18.8M Subscribers

Ali-A, also known as Alastair Aiken, is super popular in the gaming world, especially with games like Call of Duty and Fortnite. With 18.8 Million subscribers, he is one of the emerging YouTubers out there. 

(Source: Instagram)

Ali has a variety of channels that appeal to various interests. His main one is dedicated to Fortnite and Call of Duty. However, he also has one more channel named “More Ali-A,” which features fun activities and challenges.

19. TheWillyrex: 18.4M Subscribers

Willyrex is a big-time gaming YouTuber from Spain with a whopping 18.4 Million subscribers on his main channel, TheWillyrex. 

(Source: Instagram)

This channel is all about let’s plays and walkthroughs. Even more, the YouTuber is famous for his funny and exciting commentary engaging in games like Minecraft, Call of Duty, and Grand Theft Auto V.

20. PopularMMOs: 17.1M Subscribers

Pat and Jen, the dynamic duo behind PopularMMOs, have gained fame through their YouTube channel, boasting 17.1 Million subscribers. 

The duo is popular for their engaging content including Epic Proportions, Lucky Block Races, and The Challenge Games.  

(Source: Instagram)

Furthermore, PopularMMOs is your go-to destination for epic gaming content, especially Minecraft.

21. EeOneGuy: 16.7M Subscribers

EeOneGuy, also known as Awen, is a 28-year-old YouTuber who gained global popularity for his gaming content. This Ukrainian gamer is known for his animation series called ‘Adventures of Minecrafters’,  inspired by well-known Russian-speaking Minecrafters. 

(Source: Instagram)

However, Awen faced a setback of plagiarism due to such content. This led to his temporary disappearance from social media. EeOneGuy, nevertheless, has had a staggering 16.7 Million subscribers on his YouTube channel. 

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Conclusion: PewdiePie is The #1 Most Popular Gaming YouTuber With 111 Million Subscribers 

So, there you have it! These are my picks for the coolest, funniest, and most entertaining gaming YouTubers out there. They may have language and regional differences, but what unites them is gaming streams.

Hit the subscribe button if you want to catch up on a recent game, collaborate with a YouTuber, or just have your share of entertainment.

For your reference, here are the top three popular gaming YouTubers:

  • PewDiePie: 111M subscribers
  • A4: 50.8M subscribers
  • JuegaGerman: 49.3M subscribers

Remember, the popularity of a YouTuber is not confined to the subscriber count. The overall reach on different platforms makes the difference!

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