Logan Paul Net Worth (2024) – From Vlogs To Million Dollars

What might be Logan Paul’s Net Worth from controversies to being one of the most successful YouTubers? 

The YouTube mogul, Logan Paul’s Net Worth is estimated at around $245 Million.

Prime hydration, boxing, and wrestling are some of the multiple income sources of the talented creator. It’s one of the reasons why he’s a Multi-Millionaire and one of the world’s richest YouTubers. However, there’s so much more to uncover about Logan’s investments, assets, and luxurious lifestyle. 

Let’s take a deeper look into how this millionaire made his way to a million-dollar crown!

Logan Paul’s Net Worth Overview

Here is a glimpse of the multifaceted star’s personal details and total estimated Net Worth, along with his various sources of income: 

Full Name.Logan Alexander Paul
Logan is also known asMaverick
Estimated Net Worth, 2024$245 Million 
Birth Date and Place1st April, 1995. Westlake, Ohio, USA
The main sources of incomeYouTube, Podcasts, and Social media
Other sources of incomeBoxing, Prime Energy Drinks, Merchandise, Investments. Business ventures and Assets
Social Media HandlesX: @LoganPaul.Instagram: @loganpaul. Facebook: Logan Paul. Snapchat LoganPaul

The estimated Net Worth can fluctuate as the total figures of the income sources differ from time to time. 

What Is Logan Paul’s Net Worth In 2024? 

The American Internet Personality Logan Paul, also the brother of the famous Jake Paul, has an estimated Net Worth of $245 Million. 

He has various income sources, such as wrestling, business ventures, YouTube, podcasts, prime energy drinks, merchandise stores, and more, which contribute to his wealth, making him a Millionaire. 

Logan Paul’s Net Worth Over The Years

The leap of Logan Paul’s Net Worth from $3 Million in 2016 to $245 Million in 2024 is just impressive. With a few followers to a Million followers, the YouTuber has made his mark in the entertainment industry. 

After facing criticism for his controversies, the all-rounder creator has repeatedly proved himself and achieved a lot since then. Logan won his first WWE championship in the United States in 2023. 

So let’s take a look at the multi-talented star’s Net Worth over the years: 

YearEstimated Net Worth Over The Years
2024$245 Million
2023$150 Million 
2022 $120 Million 
2021$100 Million 
2020$50 Million
2019$35 Million 
2018$20 Million 
2017$9 Million
2016 $3 Million

Keep in mind these are just estimated values and might differ as not all of his income sources are available to the public. 

Logan Paul’s Various Income Sources 

The YouTuber makes being a content creator look relatively easy. However, building such a massive empire is not a cakewalk, as Logan’s work and entrepreneurship skills have led him to where he is now. 

A glimpse of Logan Paul’s various income sources with their approximate evaluation: 

Source Of IncomeEstimated Net Worth 
YouTube$20 Million or more
Podcast $1.6 Million via YouTube 
Social Media $10 to $20 Million or more 
BoxingIt depends on numerous factors, so it cannot be determined
Wrestling $15 Million 
Prime Energy drink More than $1.2 Billion in sales 
Maverick by Logan Paul$40 to $50 Million 
InvestmentsNot available 
Other business ventures Not disclosed
AssetsMore than $20 Million

Check out the breakdown of Logan Paul’s all income sources: 

1. YouTube

Logan has two YouTube channels, making his annual income over $20 Million. Occasionally, you would see him collaborating with other YouTubers. 

Logan Paul Net Worth - Youtube
Source: YouTube

YouTube ad revenue, Super sticker, and super chat are YouTube memberships that enable creators to generate revenue on YouTube. Maverick does earn a lot of money through his YouTube channel. 

Source: Economictimes

Logan Paul’s YouTube ChannelsNumbers Of Subscribers
Logan Paul 23.5 Million
TheOfficialLoganPaul. (YouTube shorts)5.68 Million

2. Podcast

“Impulsive” is a podcast channel hosted by Logan Paul and Mike Majlik. The estimated Net Worth of their podcast channel on YouTube is $1.6 Million. 

Logan Paul Net Worth - Podcast
Source: YouTube 

Additionally, their podcast series is also available on Spotify, Apple Music, IMDB, Player FM, and many more. 

However, the revenue generated from these podcasts on various sources is private, which makes the podcast’s total revenue unknown. 

3. Social Media

The popular internet personality has a massive fan following, with Millions of followers on his various social media platforms. These platforms add up to his wealth by at least $10 to $20 Million. 

With Logan’s fan following on other social media platforms, these platforms are utilized to generate money via brand deals, sponsorships, collaborations, and more. The boxer charges Facebook and Instagram for his posts at the costs of $150,000 and $80,000, respectively. 

Source: Money made

However, these are just estimated values and not the actual figures he earns; also, the details of his charges for other platforms are not available.

4. Boxing

Even though Logan Paul has now retired from boxing, he’s had pretty famous fights with KSI, Danis, and Mayweather. The famous Logan Paul Vs. Floyd Mayweather’s match earned him about $20 Million. 

The estimated salaries for boxing may vary from fight to fight, depending on the boxers and sponsors. 

Boxing MMA salaries. 

Source: MMA Weekly. 

5. Wrestling 

The sensational YouTuber earns an estimated salary of $15 Million annually in wrestling with a base salary of $250,000. The boxer-turned-wrestler is now more focused on his wrestling career and is signed to WWE. 

Logan Paul Net Worth - Wrestling
Source: YouTube 

6. Prime Energy Drinks 

Logan and KSI have a 20% stake in the company. Recently, in an interview with Kylie and Jackie O, the boxer duo mentioned clearing $250 Million in retail sales and $110 Million in gross internally. 

Logan Paul Net Worth - Prime energy Drink
Source: Instagram 

In November 2023, as per Bloomberg reports, Prime Energy is set to make more than $1.2 Billion. However, there are no estimated values earned by Logan specifically. 

Source: Bloomberg 

7. Maverick By Logan Paul 

The estimated value of Logan Paul’s distinguished yet affordable clothing brand, Maverick, is up to $50 Million. 

Maverick By Logan Paul 
Source: Maverick 

The stock varies from tees and hoodies and costs from $18 to $55. Additionally, he also provides users with accessories such as caps, phone cases, and posters, which cost $30 to $10. 

Moreover, the business lad also opened a Maverick club, where he shows his dedicated fans his exclusive content and discounts and gives some additional perks. The club makes him $5.5 Million annually.

Source: money made. 

8. Investments

The wrestler is also known to have made investments in some companies. The companies in which he has invested are Lolli, Metaphysic, Whatnot, and Heaps. 

Although the internet sensation’s exact earnings from these companies are not available, these factors still add up to him being a Millionaire. 

Source: pitchbook 

9. Other Business Ventures. 

The Boxer-turned-wrestler has also had other business ventures such as buying NFT, brand deals, and collaborations. 

He has bought some NFTs in the past that cost up to $623000, but now they have no worth in the market.  The NFT market is quite unpredictable when it comes to their evaluation. Therefore, Logan’s NFT revenue cannot be generated.

The creator has also done some brand deals and collaborations that added to his net worth by millions, which are not disclosed. 

However, the brands that have endorsed him in the past, as well as the present endorsers, are Hanes, Nike, Verizon, PepsiCo, HBO, Biz, and Dunkin Donuts. 

10. Assets

Artist, creator, and business lad, Logan has many assets, including his cars, houses, watches, jets, and more. These assets are another source that contributed to Logan’s Multi-Million empire.  

The YouTube mogul has 1 private jet, 26 cars, many luxury watches, and a few real estate properties.  

Here are some of the cars owned by the successful WWE wrestler:

Logan Paul’s CarsPricing
Mercedes Benz Maverick sprinter van$150,000
Dodge Challenge SRT $88,745
Polaris Slingshot$29,999
Mercedes Benz G550 4X4$140,950
Ford Bronco$44,495
Assest By Logan Paul 
Source: Pinterest 

These are just some of the cars Maverick owns, as his entire car collection is unavailable online. 

Additionally, the YouTube star owns some lavish mansions, some of which are known, while some of his properties might be unknown. 

Here is a list of some of the properties owned by Logan Paul: 

  • Encino, California Mansion – $ 6.5 Million.
 Logan Paul Mansion
Source: YouTube 
  • West Hollywood, California condo – $3.95 Million. 
  • Puerto Rico vacation home – $13.2 Million. 

Source: Star Cards

Logan Paul’s Luxury Watches:

WatchesEstimated Values
Rose Gold Rolex Day Date$54,700
18K Everose Gold Rolex Yachtmaster$20,020
Platinum Rolex Day Date II With an Ice Blue Dual and Roman Numerals Hour Makers$57,613
Titanium & Rose Gold Richard Mille Flyback Chronograph RM011 ‘Felipe Massa$150,621
 Logan Paul - Watches
Source: Pinterest 

All of these assets, like cars, real estate properties, and watches, contribute to his wealth significantly, with a whopping estimation of more than $25 Million. 

Source: Watch paparazzi 

The Early Life Of Logan Paul

Logan Alexandar Paul was born in Westlake, Ohio, and has an older brother, Jake Paul, a YouTuber and boxer.  

In 2014, he joined Vine in Los Angeles, where he was a group member and became popular, gaining $3.1 Million followers on social media. From 2015 to 2017, YouTube posted engaging and fun videos on his channel. 

In December 2017, Logan got a huge backlash from his viewers, celebrities, and politicians for filming a suicide in the suicide forest. However, he accepted his mistake and has come a long way since then. 

From 2018 till the present, the YouTuber is doing far better and has certainly changed his perspectives. He has since come up with his prime energy drink, Maverick clothing line, boxing, wrestling, and podcast.  

Logan Paul Controversies 

The enthusiastic YouTuber gets into a lot of controversies with him, letting his intrusive thoughts win and just doing anything. 

  • From 2017 to 2018, he had a bit of a downfall due to his filming about a Japanese man’s suicide in the suicide forest. He later apologized and made amends for the same. 

But that period got Logan into a lot of trouble due to his insensitive actions. However, he believes that second chances are necessary and took all the necessary actions to make his wrongs right. 

  •  In 2018, YouTube suspended advertisements on Logan’s videos because he participated in The Pod Challenge. This video showed him taking a fish out of his pond and even giving it CPR while using a Taser on two dead rats. 

Even though he did it jokingly, YouTube did not accept such behavior, and YouTube stopped his monetization for some period. 

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Conclusion: Logan Paul’s Net Worth Is Estimated At $245 Million

While being on the list of richest YouTubers in the world, Logan Paul’s Net Worth is estimated to be $245 Million or more. 

All thanks to his YouTube, prime hydration, Merchandise Maverick, business ventures, investments, assets, and much more. These are the factors that contribute to his wealth. 

Key Takeaways: The factors that generate most of Logan Paul’s Net Worth. 

  • YouTube, Podcast, and Social Media – $40 to $50 Million. 
  • Prime Energy Drink – More than $1.2 Billion in sales. 
  • Mavericks – $40 to $50 Million. 

Furthermore, he has other income sources that push him towards becoming a successful YouTuber, boxer, wrestler, and entrepreneur.

Stay tuned to get the latest updates on Logan Paul’s increasing wealth. 


Is Logan Paul a billionaire?

As of now, Logan Paul is not a Billionaire yet. However, the Prime energy evaluation is increasing daily along with his additional income sources such as YouTube, investments, wrestling, and more. Logan can become a Billionaire in the next few years. 

Has Logan Paul attended college? 

Logan Paul majored in Industrial Engineering but dropped out of college in 2014. He decided to pursue his career in entertainment and wanted to be a full-time content creator.

When did Logan Paul become a millionaire? 

Logan Paul became a Millionaire at the age of 21. The factors that contributed to his wealth were YouTube, social media, and Endorsements. 

Is Logan Paul married? 

Logan Paul is set to marry his girlfriend, Nina Agdal. Their love story began in the year 2022. Soon after, on July 2023, Logan asked Nina to marry him, to which Nina said yes. However, it is not clear when they are going to get married.

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