10 Most Viewed YouTube Videos In First 24 Hours

With the GTA VI trailer making history of being among one of the most viewed YouTube videos in 24 hours, did it really dethrone the #1 spot? All the talks leave us curious –which video takes the number one spot on the list? 

As you scroll down below, I have given a complete list of the most viewed videos on YouTube in 24 hours of all time, along with segregating each one into different categories. 

So, let’s get into the details and find out which YouTube video stands undefeated of all time as of 2024!

What Is The #1 Most-viewed YouTube Video? 

#1 Most-viewed YouTube Video In 24 Hours - Butter by BTS

According to Forbes and Guinness World Records, Butter by BTS is the #1 most-viewed YouTube video in 24 hours with 112.8 Million views. 

The Butter video surpassed the previous record holder, Dynamite (101.5 Million), again an all-English feel-good track by BTS only! 

Released under the HYBE LABELS channel, the video received immense love from fans globally in the first 24 hours following its release, which made the famous Korean boy band dethrone their own spot and replace it with a new video. 

Most Viewed (Non-Music) YouTube Video In 24 Hours 

Most Viewed (Non-Music) YouTube Video in 24 Hours - GTA 6 Trailer

The most viewed YouTube video, which is not a music video, is GTA 6 Trailer. Upon its release on December 5, 2023, the Grand Theft Auto VI garnered 90,421,491 views. 

According to the Reddit thread, the trailer reached 33 Million views within 5 hours. In fact, there was a countdown where GTA 6 got 47,924,593 at 3 AM EST, 60,858,760 at 7.15 AM EST, and finally reached 100 Million views within the 21-hour mark. 

Top 10 Most Viewed YouTube Videos In 24 Hours

K-pop artists and their music have dominated most of the list. So, before delving into their elaborated description, let’s go through the quick verdict in the table below. 

RankYouTube VideoArtistUploaded ByViews – Within 24 HoursLink
1Butter BTSHybe Labels112.8 MillionHere
2Dynamite BTSHybe Labels101.5 MillionHere
3How You Like ThatBlackPinkBlackpink86.3 MillionHere
4Ice CreamBlackPinkBlackpink79 MillionHere
5Boy With LuvBTSHybe Labels74.6 MillionHere
6LaLisaBlackPinkBlackpink73.6 MillionHere
7Permission To DanceBTSHybe Labels71.3 MillionHere
8Life Goes OnBTSHybe Labels71.6 MillionHere
9Me!BlackPinkTaylor Swift62.5 MillionHere
10Lovesick GirlsBlackPinkBlackpink61.4 MillionHere

Now that we have skimmed through the most viewed YouTube videos (as of 2024), let’s go through the reasons behind them achieving the mark!

1. Butter – By BTS 

Butter - By BTS

The summer track was released on May 16, 2021, breaking the K-pop group’s most-viewed record – Dynamite. The All-English track achieved 112.8 Million views within 24 hours of its upload, and after three years, the seven superstars still hold the title of #1.

YouTube ChannelHybe Labels
Release DateMay 16, 2021
Present Views935 Million

2. Dynamite – By BTS

Dynamite - By BTS

Yet another video was by BTS –Dynamite. The uplifting lyrics and Michael Jackson’s moves contributed to the global success that Dynamite achieved. 

The group’s first-ever English song also received a Grammy nomination, following which the group gained additional popularity worldwide, driving them to immense success. 

YouTube ChannelHybe Labels
Release DateAugust 21, 2020
Present Views1.7 Billion

3. How You Like That – By Blackpink

How You Like That - By Blackpink

With 83.6 Million views, How You Like That became a worldwide success. BlackPink broke the barrier with addictive choreography, catchy production, and fashion statements.

In no time, the single charted on Billboard Hot 100 in multiple Asian countries. 

YouTube ChannelBlackpink
Release DateJune 26, 2020
Present Views1.2 Billion

4. Ice Cream – By Blackpink feat. Selena Gomez

Ice Cream - By Blackpink feat. Selena Gomez

Ice Cream is a cheeky song with sexual nuances and a fun get-together. The Selena Gomez featured song made history by charting at number 13 on the US Billboard Hot 100. 

This is more so because no female Korean artist(s) have made it to the top 20 before Blackpink!

YouTube ChannelBlackpink
Release DateAugust 27, 2020
Present Views887 Million

5. Boy With Luv – By BTS feat. Halsey

Boy With Luv - By BTS feat. Halsey

It was right around the time when BTS had already made a Global impact with tracks like DNA and Mic Drop. So, when RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook collaborated with western heart-throb Halsey, the group was exposed to even more limelight. 

Boy with Luv talks about the simplicity of falling in love and how every little thing about your muse flutters your heart!

YouTube ChannelHybe Labels
Release DateApril 12, 2019
Present Views1.7 Billion 

6. LaLisa – By Lisa

LaLisa - By Lisa

Blackpink’s Lisa released her first solo song, “LaLisa,” by mixing a few genres like hip-hop and EDM. The Thai native is rapping about how “being greatest of all time ain’t a fantasy” and how it gets loud, but at least she is rich, and that’s all that matters to her. 

YouTube ChannelBlackpink
Release DateSeptember 10, 2021
Present Views677 Million

7. Permission To Dance – By BTS

Permission To Dance - By BTS

The third all-English track is a dance tune released in late 2021. The message is no different than what BTS generally asks their supporters to do, “be yourself!” Permission To Dance encourages listeners to keep believing in themselves and dancing to their drum’s beat. 

With this track, BTS became the second artist (after King of Pop) to have five number-one Billboard singles back-to-back. 

YouTube ChannelHybe Labels
Release DateJuly 9, 2021
Present Views622 Million 

8. Life Goes On – By BTS

Life Goes On - By BTS

ARMY admires their idols so much because of BTS’ constant effort to bring comfort. When the rest of the world was locked up indoors and struggling with COVID-19, BTS released a mellow track that discussed the situation. 

“Like an echo in the forest, the day will come back – as if nothing happened!” gives you immense comfort — making you feel that life indeed keeps going on.

YouTube ChannelHybe Labels
Release DateNovember 20, 2020
Present Views530 Million

9. ME! – By Taylor Swift Feat. Brendan Urie

ME! - By Taylor Swift Feat. Brendan Urie

After reclaiming her crown with her darkest album of all time, Reputation, Taylor Swift returned to her roots with Lover. ME! was the comeback single that began with a white snake slithering around and transforming into butterflies. 

The summer bop featured Brendan Urie and climbed to the number 2 Billboard Hot 100 spot!

YouTube ChannelTaylor Swift
Release DateApril 26, 2019
Present Views420 Million

10. Lovesick Girls – By Blackpink

Lovesick Girls - By Blackpink

The music video concept is to showcase the pain after losing the one you love and how difficult it is to match up after that. Lovesick Girls charted on the second spot on Billboard 200 and the 59th spot on the US Hot 100.

YouTube ChannelBlackpink
Release Date October 2, 2020
Present Views370 Million

Top 5 Most Viewed YouTube Videos Of All The Time: Wikipedia

The most viewed YouTube videos of all time, according to Wikipedia, are as follows:-

RankVideoUploaded ByViewsLinkRelease Date
1Baby SharkPinkfong Baby Shark – Kids’ Songs & Stories13 BillionHereJune 17, 2016
2DespacitoLuis Fonsi8.3 BillionHereJanuary 12, 2017
3Johny Johny Yes, PapaLooLoo Kids – Nursery Rhymes and Children’s Songs6.8 BillionHereOctober 8, 2016
4Bath SongCocomelon – Nursery Rhymes6.5 BillionHereMay 2, 2018
5Shape of YouEd Sheeran6.1 BillionHereJanuary 30, 2017

Conclusion: Butter by BTS is the Most Watched in the First 24 Hours

As of 2024, BTS and Blackpink dominate the most viewed YouTube videos within 24 Hours.

Apart from these groups, Taylor Swift ranks in 6th and 9th positions with Me! (62.5 Million).

On the other hand, GTA VI trailers hold the record of the most viewed NON-MUSIC YouTube video with 90.4 million views. 

Keep in mind this list is curated by considering the latest data. So, in case the latest videos surpass 100 Million views within 24 Hours of their upload, the list will change too. 


What is a solo artist’s most viewed YouTube video in 24 hours?

Thai native and fellow Blackpink member Lisa is the most viewed solo artist within 24 hours. With 73.6 Million views, “LaLisa” charted on the Billboard Hot 100 in the US in 84th position.

What are the most viewed YouTube videos within 24 hours – K-pop edition?

Butter (by BTS), Dynamite (by BTS), How You Like That (By Blackpink), Ice Cream (By Blackpink ft. Selena Gomez), and Boy With Luv (by BTS ft. Halsey) are the top most viewed YouTube videos in 24 Hours. 

What is the most viewed non-K-Pop song on YouTube within 24 hours?

Taylor Swift ft. Brendan Urie’s summer bop – “ME!” is the most viewed non-K-pop song within 24 hours. With 62.9 Million views, the song debuted on the US Billboard Hot 100 at number 100. 

Does YouTube Cut Down Or Delete Views?

The GTA VI Trailer is not visible at the top of the search results. Instead, the reactions, re-uploads, or even the GTA 5 trailer are showing — making many suspect YouTube unfairness. 
While the heated discussion was happening in the Reddit thread, a BTS fan confirmed how difficult it is to move past 50 Million views, as YouTube keeps freezing/ deleting views.

Which is the most viewed YouTube video within 1 hour?

Dynamite by BTS had 20 Million views within 1 Hour of upload. However, BTS’s Butter surpassed the record by reaching 10 million views within 13 minutes and 23 Million views in one hour. 
It’s no surprise the power BTS fandom holds, as even the band’s “melting butter” trailer received 10 Million views. 

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