13% OFF YouTube Premium Discount (2024 Plans & pricing)

YouTube Premium allows add-free videos, unlimited downloads, and other amazing features. However, it also comes with a price tag, which makes us wonder if there is a YouTube premium discount that you can take advantage of.

The good news is there are different options to get YouTube Premium at a discounted price, and this article will help you explore these discounts, along with a comprehensive guide to redeem them. 

So, continue reading until the end and enjoy YouTube Premium at a massive discount!

Active YouTube Premium Discount 2024: Key Takeaway 

YouTube Premium does not offer official discounts. However, you can still get the benefit through the following workarounds.

  • Save $17.39 on the Family pack by dividing the cost between 5 people.
  • You save $27.89 by subscribing to the annual subscription.
  • YouTube Premium offers a 2-month free trial for Individual Subscription. Meanwhile, it offers a one-month (each) free trial for the Family Plan and Student Plan.
  • Connecting a VPN with a server with lesser Premium Plan charges also gives plenty of discounts. For example, connecting to India’s server saves you $12.32/ Month.

Does YouTube Premium Offers Any Discount?

YouTube does not offer any official discounts. Nonetheless, there are three other ways to claim indirect discounts: Free trials, 13% Discounts on the Annual Plan, and $17.39 savings on the Family Plan.

YouTube Premium

1. The 13% OFF On The Annual Plan

You can get a 13% discount on YouTube Premium by subscribing to their annual plan. 

Check out the subscription plans for both monthly and annual billing below:

  • $13.99/ Month – Monthly Billing
  • $139.99/ Year – Annual Billing

So, when you go for the monthly plan for 12 months, the annual billing would be $167.88. 

2. Family Plan Discount

Now, subtract the calculated annual billing from the original annual rate. 

Here, you save $27.89. Likewise, when you subscribe to the Family Plan, which allows up to 5 simultaneous devices, you save $17.39. How? Just divide 22.99 by 5. 

You can share the subscription plan with five friends and divide the cost accordingly. 

This makes the monthly family plan payment for each person $5.6.

3. Two Months For Free

On the other hand, YouTube Premium offers a free trial on all three of their subscription plans. 

However, except for the Individual Plan (which offers a two-month free trial), the Family Plan and Student Plan offer a one-month free trial each. 

How To Save Maximum On YouTube Premium?

If you reside in North America, the YouTube Premium Plans are much more expensive than in other countries. 

However, you can access the service cheaply by using a VPN. You only need to connect to a server with the cheapest YouTube Premium Plan. 


That is because the subscription plan for YouTube Premium for North America is way more expensive than in other countries. India, Ukraine, and the Philippines are the three countries with the cheapest rates. Now, the question is which VPN is ideal for you. 

I have two VPN recommendations for you: ExpressVPN and NordVPN. 

Now, check out my step-by-step guide for redeeming YouTube Premium Discount through VPN. 

Step 1: Click on this link.

Step 2: Select the green button that says “Get ExpressVPN.”

Select Get ExpressVPN

Step 3: Click on your desired plan. 

Choose Your Desired Plan

Step 4: Scroll down and enter your email address.

Enter Your Email Address

Step 5: Select your mode of payment.

Select Preferred Payment Method

Step 6: Once you complete the payment, download and install the platform.

Step 7: Now, connect to the India server. 

Step 8: Create a new YouTube account.

Step 9: Sign up with your details and enter your billing address from Google Maps.

Step 10: Viola! Enjoy your 1-2 months of free trial now. 

YouTube Premium Prices By Country

I have added the countries with the least expensive plans to the most expensive ones. 

CountryPrice in original currencyPrice in USDPrice Difference
India139 INR$1.67$12.32
Ukraine99 UAH$2.69$11.3
Philippines159 PHP$2.69$11.3
South Africa71.99 ZAR$3.93$10.06
Brazil24.90 BRL$4.68$9.31
Romania26 RON$5.13$8.86
Sweden69 SEK$6.17$7.82
Czech Republic179 CZK$7.15$6.84
Portugal8.49 EUR$8.29$5.7
Singapore11.98 SGD$8.43$5.56
Canada11.99 CAD$8.71$5.28
Australia14.99 EUR$9.44$4.55
Italy11.99 EUR$11.75$2.24
United Kingdom11.99 GBP$13.43$0.56
United States13.99 USD$13.99None
Switzerland15.90 CHF$15.70$1.71

YouTube Premium Student Discount

YouTube Premium offers a student discount. So, instead of paying the Individual rates of $13.99/ Month or $11.66/ Month (Annual Plan), you get the Premium at just $7.99/ Month. 

Therefore, when you compare the rates, you can tell you are saving between $4 (Annual Plan) and $6. Other than that, the plan also offers you a month free trial. 

YouTube Premium Student Discount

Eligibility Criteria For YouTube Premium Student Discount

The qualification for accessing the student membership is simple: 

  • You must be enrolled for your higher education in a location where the video streaming platform offers student memberships.
  • Here’s a catch: the institute you are pursuing your education from must be SheerID-approved. 

Now, verify whether your school has ongoing student plans. To do so, head to the YouTube Premium official page and click “try for free.” Once you do that, enter your school name on the SheerID form. Finally, verify your student status.

What To Do If YouTube Premium Isn’t Working Through VPN?

In case you are not able to access the YouTube Premium despite the connecting VPN, check out the following solutions:-

  • Delete the cookies or clear the YouTube cache. After that, you can browse by going to Incognito.
  • Change your server. Sometimes Google has blacklisted that particular region.
  • Check your DNS leaks and IP address. Although this does not happen that often, the visibility of your original location could be blocking your access.
  • Technical Glitch – Contact your customer service.

Wrapping Up: Save $27.89 on YouTube Premium Annually

You get 3 discounts from YouTube Premium, so check out the details below:-

  • Annual Subscription: Saves $27.89 on the annual billing. 
  • Family Subscriptions: By dividing the monthly price by five people, you save $17.39/month.
  • Cheapest Country VPN Server: Taking India’s example, you save $12.32 every month.
  • 1-2 Months Free Trials: On Family and Student Plans, you get a one-month free trial each. Meanwhile, an individual subscription gives you a two-month free trial.

So, hurry up and redeem the YouTube Premium Discount!

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Do students get the YouTube Premium for six months free?

The only way to get a 6-month discount on YouTube Premium is by purchasing either Xioami 13 or Xioami 13 Pro. Click here.

Is there any discount for YouTube Music Premium?

YouTube Music comes under the YouTube Premium package. So, yes, you get 1-2 months of free trials and save up to $27.89. 

How do I claim my three months free YouTube Premium?

YouTube Premium does not offer a 3-month free trial. Instead, subscribing to the Individual plan can claim the two-month demo.

What is the cheapest way to get YouTube Premium?

The cheapest way to get the YouTube Premium is by connecting the VPN to India’s server. This saves you $144.47 annually.

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