YouTube Premium 60 Days Free Trial (2024) – All Methods

YouTube Premium allows unlimited streaming, but with YouTube Premium free trial, you can test out the features and decide before making your purchase. 

This article will discuss all the details about the free trial, the step-by-step process to claim the offer, and available discounts on YouTube Premium. 

In addition, you will also learn tips on making the most of your YouTube Premium Free Trial, so by the end of this post, you can get the maximum benefits!

Key Takeaway — YouTube Premium Free Trial

Check out my highlights on how much free trial you get by purchasing respective Premium plans and external services like Samsung, Xiaomi, and One Plus!

  • One Month Free Trial on Student Plan ($7.99/ Month).
  • One Month Free Trial on Family Plan ($22.99/ Month).
  • Two Months Free Trial on Individual Plans. They cost $13.99/ Month and $139.99/ Year.
  • Six Months Free Trial on Purchasing One Plus Smartphone.
  • Two to Six Months Free Trial on Xiaomi Devices.
  • Up To Four Months Free Trial on Samsung Devices.

Does YouTube Premium Offer A Free Trial?

YouTube Premium offers users a one-month free trial to its Student Plan and Family Plan, whereas the Individual Plan receives a two-month free trial. 

On the other hand, services like One Plus, Xiaomi, and Samsung offer you a 3 to 6-month free trial for buying their product. Check out the details below!

ServiceYouTube Free TrialLink 
One Plus6 MonthsHere
Xiaomi2 to 6 MonthsHere
Samsung4 MonthsHere

How to Claim YouTube Premium Free Trial?

Check out my step-by-step guide to claim your YouTube Premium Free Trial:-

Step 1: Click on this link.

Step 2: Select the blue button that says “Get YouTube Premium.”

Select Get YouTube Premium
Source: YouTube

Step 3: Now, select your desired subscription plan, and click on Confirm.

Click On Confirm
Source: YouTube

Step 4: Add a payment medium and start your Membership.

Start Your Membership
Source: YouTube

Additional Ways To Claim YouTube Premium Free Trial 

Check out the different methods to sign up for YouTube Premium Free Trial:-

1. One Plus – 6 Months

Check out my step-by-step guide below to activate YouTube Premium Free Trial on your One Plus device. Keep in mind that only users who purchase the device by July 2024 and redeem the offer by August 2024 are eligible for the YouTube Free Trial.

Likewise, it’s only available for users residing in certain regions. You can verify whether your area of location is qualified or not here.

Step 1: Open the YouTube Application on your One Plus Device. 

Step 2: Now, head to “My Account.”

Step 3: At the top-right corner, you will locate “Get YouTube Premium.” So, click on it!

Step 4: If you are eligible, you will see “Start Trial.” Just select that.

2. Xiaomi – 2 To 6 Months

Check out the steps to purchase a Xiaomi smartphone and redeem your YouTube Free Trial:-

Step 1: Click on this link. 

Step 2: Scroll down till you locate your desired model.

Step 3: Select the phone of your choice.

Xiaomi - Select The Phone Of Your Choice
Source: Xiaomi 

Step 4: At the top-right corner, you will see a yellow box that says “Buy Now.” Click on it.

Click on Buy Now
Source: Xiaomi 

Step 5: Select the “Buy Now” button that is embedded in the red box.

Select the “Buy Now” button
Source: Xiaomi 

Step 6: Now, sign in with Google or your social media handles.

Sign In With Google
Source: Xiaomi 

Step 7: Enter your billing address, and then, finally, place the order.

Enter Your Billing Address
Source: Xiaomi 

3. Samsung – 4 Months

Redeem your YouTube Premium four-month free trial by following the step-by-step instructions below:-

Step 1: Click on this link.

Step 2: Select your desired Galaxy device.

Select Your Desired Galaxy Device
Source: Samsung

Step 3: Select “buy now.”

Click On Buy Now Option
Source: Samsung

Step 4: At the top-right corner, click on the blue button that says “Continue.”

Step 5: Select your desired subscription plan.

Select Your Desired Subscription Plan
Source: Samsung

Step 6: Now, head to the blue button that says, “Continue.”

Select Continue Button
Source: Samsung

Step 7: Again, select “Continue.”

Again Select Continue
Source: Samsung

Step 8: You can purchase an order to skip it by selecting the blue button.

Click Skip Add-ons
Source: Samsung

Step 9: Choose your mode of payment.

Choose Your Payment Mode
Source: Samsung

Step 10: Lastly, complete your purchase by paying the amount.

Pros And Cons Of YouTube Premium Free Trial 

Considering the amount of money a user invests in Premium service, it’s important to know what perks and downsides you would face with the service. In the section below, I have discussed my favorite and least favorite things about YouTube Premium Service.

So, check out what you can expect during your YouTube Premium Free Trial:-

What did I like in the YouTube Premium?

  • Using the platform in the background while I scroll other apps.
  • Ability to turn off the screen and yet the audio keeps playing.
  • Access to four simultaneous devices.
  • Free YouTube Music with no additional charges.
  • Ad-free experience. 
  • YouTube Original Content.

What did I not like in the YouTube Premium?

  • You cannot minimize the kids’ videos.
  • Although YouTube Originals was previously exclusive for Premium members only, much of the original content is also available for free YouTube. It’s just that you get an ad-free experience on YouTube. 

So, my concern is if I am paying for the service, then people who are not paying for the service should not get the leverage to access the perk still. (However limited, that is.)

Features Included In YouTube Premium Free Trial 

You can leverage all its benefits while exploring the free trial for YouTube Premium. So, if you are curious about what these perks are, then keep reading:-

1. Watch Videos Without Ads

Unlike the free version, YouTube Premium gives you an ad-free experience. So, now, you can binge-watch Mr Beast’s videos without any ad interruption. 

2. Download Videos To Watch Offline

You can download videos or songs to explore offline when your Internet is turned off.

3. Background Play

You can play the videos on your phone in the background while scrolling through different apps or even when your screen is switched off.

4. YouTube Music Premium

When you subscribe to the YouTube Premium, you get free access to the Music Premium, too.

5. Continue Watching

You can resume your videos right from where you had left them. Now, free YouTube does that, too. Yes, but only when your history is on. 

6. Modify Playback With Premium Control

You can skip through the video, pause it, jump to a different time stamp, and change the playback speed. In fact, liking a video, dropping a comment, and saving the video for later all come under modified playback. 

Speaking of comments, oftentimes, we drop them and are unable to find them again. In that case, the YouTube Comment Finder feature immediately spots your comment as well as someone else’s input. 

7. Picture In Picture – PiP

You can watch the video in the background while a small screen appears at the bottom of your screen. This allows you to scroll different applications while still hearing/ watching the video. 

8. Queue Videos On Mobile Devices And Tablets

You can add multiple videos as a queue without affecting the video you are watching. So, once your current video is over, you can watch the next one without any interruptions.

9. Change Your Video Qualities

You can change the resolution of your video from 144p to 4k. Depending on your mobile device or the original quality of the uploaded video, you can switch between the video quality.

10. Premium Badges

You can earn the premium badges by using the exclusive benefits for the long term. This is YouTube’s way of appreciating your loyalty. However, remember that pausing or resetting your watch history and canceling Premium would cause you to lose your previously earned badges. 

So, that was YouTube’s primary benefit. You can check out the additional perks below:-

  • After-parties and Live chats
  • Smart Device Integrations
  • Smart downloads
  • Co-watch with Google Meet
  • Special offers and early access to the new features

Pricing Plans After YouTube Premium Free Trial Ends

Once your one to six-month free trial ends, you have the option to continue your YouTube Premium subscription with either Individual, Student, or Family Plan:-

1. Individual Plan – Save Up to $27.89 On The Annual Plan

When it comes to Individual Plans, you get two sub-plans, which are Monthly and Annual:

Individual SubscriptionsPriceAvailable DiscountSavings
Monthly Plan$13.99
Annual Plan$139.9915%$27.89

When you go for the Individual Annual Plan, you save 15%. For example, when you pay $13.99 (Monthly plan) for 12 months straight, your annual billing gets $167.88. Now, when you compare the calculated value with the annual plan, you get a difference of $27.89.

Therefore, if you are sticking with YouTube Premium for a long time, subscribe to the annual plan instead of the monthly one.

2. Student Plan — Save Up To $6 Per Month

The standard rate for YouTube Premium is $13.99/ Month or $11.66/ Month (for the Annual Plan). However, you can get a student benefit if you are enlisted for higher education at a credible university. For that, you need to verify your student status with SheerID. 

Once SheerID cross-checks that your university offers a YouTube Premium Student Discount, you can save up to $6 on the premium video streaming platform.

Therefore, depending on rates for the Individual Plans, redeeming a student discount on the YouTube Premium saves you respective prices:-

Original Price Student DiscountSavings
Monthly Plan$13.99/ Month$7.99/ Month$6/ Month
Annual Plan$11.66/ Month$7.99/ Month$3.67/ Month

3. Family Plan — Save Up To $18.4 By Dividing The Cost Between 5 People 

The standard rate for a Family Plan is $22.99/ Month. Since the service can be shared and streamed on five simultaneous devices, the best way to save the maximum money is by dividing the cost between 5 individuals. Check out the breakdown below:-

Original Price One Person’s ShareSavings
Monthly Plan$22.99/ Month$4.59/ Month$18.4/ Month

For example, you must gather five friends or relatives who want to access YouTube Premium. Then, subscribe to the family subscription and further divide $22.99 by 5. This makes the individual cost for one person to be $4.59/ Month. 

Now, when you subtract $4.59 from $22.99, you get $18.4. So, that makes your total savings on the Family Plan, after dividing the cost among five people, $18.4/month.

Active YouTube Premium Discounts & Deals 

YouTube Premium offers a 40% student discount. However, keep in mind this offer is not available for all regions. Therefore, it’s important to head to SheerID and verify whether your college is eligible for a YouTube Premium discount. 

Apart from this, Premium has a couple of indirect discounts where you can save a good deal. So, let’s check out your savings and offers on all subscription plans:-

  • Opting for Premium’s family pack saves $18.4/ Month.
  • When you subscribe to the Annual plan, you save $27.89 on the annual billing.
  • Up to $6/ Month savings once you claim the Student Discount.
  • Get a month’s free trial by subscribing to the Individual Plan.
  • You get a one-month free trial by subscribing to either the Student Plan or Family Plan.
  • To get the cheapest YouTube Premium Plan, connect to a VPN and select a server with the least expensive plan. (For example, you save $12.32/ Month in India.)

YouTube Free vs. Premium – Key Features

Check out the key differences and similarities between YouTube and Premium:-

Key FeaturesYouTubePremium
Starting PriceFree$7.99 – Student
AdvertisementsBefore and During the ContentAd-Free Experience
Offline viewing✔️
Background Play✔️
Offline DownloadsNo longer available✔️
Free YouTube MusicAd-SupportedAd-Free Experience
YouTube Original ContentLimited ContentUnlimited Content
Screen Off Audio Play✔️
Pin Comments✔️✔️
Live Streaming✔️✔️
Live TVAd-supportedAd-Free Experience
4K Video Quality✔️✔️
Playback Speed Control✔️✔️
Google Play MusicNo longer available✔️

Exclusive Content Available Only For YouTube Premium Users

YouTube Premium offers a wide range of exclusive content for its members. 

While I can’t add all the available titles, I will add two from each genre. So, check it out:-

CategoryMovie TV ShowNon-English 
DramaStalking VampireStep-up: High WaterThe Fake Show (Japanese)
ComedyDance CampBad InternetBullsprite (German)
Adult AnimationParanormal Action Squad 
Kids and FamilyObsolete
Docu-seriesCoachella: 20 Years in the DesertJustin Bieber: SeasonsBTS: Burn The Stage (Korean)
Reality showPrank AcademyCricket Diaries: men of the match (Hindi)

Making The Most Of Your YouTube Free Trial 

The best way to maximize your YouTube Free Trial is by experimenting with all the available features. I enjoy playing the video in the background while I scroll through Twitter. 

Most nights, I even sleep to random videos while my screen is turned off. It feels like a Podcast if I am being honest. Other than that, you can change the speed of the videos or skip through parts, download the video for offline use, and change the resolution of the video. 

The more you avail yourself of the benefit of the video, the faster you earn the Premium badges. 

User Reviews And Testimonials 

Users have mixed reviews on YouTube Premium, considering how expensive the service is to skip ads. YouTube Premium is more than an ad-free experience, as discussed earlier. 

Speaking from my experience, basic YouTube has felt so out of place since I started using ad-free YouTube and background play. Multi-tasking is way simpler. All I need to do is turn off the screen and run errands. 

Every night, I sleep on YouTube, so not having a Premium is something I can never imagine. 

On that note, let’s check out other users’ experience with the paid platform:-

MisterSirDudeGuy, Reddit

Lexi, Reddit

Colt-Crusade, Desperate_Leading_59, Reddit

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Conclusion: YouTube Premium Is Offering Up to 6 Months of Free Trial

The official Free Trial available for YouTube Premium is between one month (each) for the Student Plan and a Family Plan. However, subscribing to the Individual Plan gives you a two-month YouTube Premium Free Trial. 

On the other hand, you get 3-6 months of additional Premium free access by purchasing the following services. So check out its respective details:-

  • One Plus Devices: 6 Months Free Trial
  • Xiaomi Devices: 4-6 Months Free Trial
  • Samsung Devices: 4 Months Free Trial

Stop contemplating and take advantage of these bundle offers! You can upgrade your device and get free YouTube Premium simultaneously. So, what are you waiting for? Claim the deal before the offer ends!


How do I get my free 3-month YouTube Premium trial?

You can get a three-month YouTube Premium Trial by purchasing the Xiaomi 13T Series, Xiaomi Pad 6, and Xiaomi 13 Lite. 

What is the cheapest way to get YouTube Premium?

The cheapest way to get YouTube Premium is by connecting your VPN to the cheapest country server. For instance, India’s YouTube Premium starting price is $1.67. So, comparing this price to the North American server Premium price, you get a difference of $12.32. 

How do I get a free premium on YouTube?

The best way to get a free YouTube Premium is by purchasing with a One Plus, Samsung, or Xiaomi smart device. Depending on the device, you get 2-6 months of free YouTube Premium.

Can you get a YouTube Premium free trial more than once?

That is not possible. YouTube Premium Free Trial is only available for first-time users. However, you can sign up from a different mobile number to trick YouTube into thinking you are a different account altogether.

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