Top 20 Most Richest YouTubers Worldwide (March 2024)

Many creators struggle to turn their passion into a full-time career on YouTube. However, the top 20 richest YouTubers listed below are proving it wrong with their seven-figure income.

As you read ahead, you’ll be surprised to see how many kids made up the list, and these talented children are sitting on the throne of millions of dollars through just YouTube. 

As much as the list is exciting, it is equally inspiring to see how diverse it is –from popular gamers to children. 

Let’s explore these YouTube millionaires below!

Who is the No. 1 richest YouTuber in the world?

In 2021, MrBeast became globally’s highest-paid YouTuber, demonstrating his value and notoriety. An estimate of his net worth is 500 million dollars

He produces footage with risky tasks, challenges, stunts, and adventures. His unusual and creative content has made him highly popular. 

More than 22 million people subscribe to his channel. Plus, Mr. Beast is involved with several businesses. Usually, he gives money to philanthropic causes.

Most Richest YouTubers

Editor’s Note: the subscribers and views mentioned in the article are taken from the latest data. However, these numbers fluctuate daily, so if you see a number or two up or down, allow us time to update it. We try our best to keep this content updated with the latest data. 

RankYouTuberNet WorthYouTube ChannelNo. of Subscribers
1.MrBeast$500 MillionMrBeast239 Million
2.Nastya$260 MillionLike Nastya113 Million
3.Jeffree Star$200 MillionJeffree Star15.8 Million
4.Logan Paul$150 MillionLogan Paul23.5 Million
5.Ryan Kaji$140 MillionRyan’s World36.3 Million
6. Vladislav and Nikita$102 MillionValdandNiki111 Million
7.Felix Kjelberg$56 MillionPewDiePie111 Million
8. Tyler, Cory, Coby, Garret, and Cody$50 MillionDude Perfect60 Million
9.Sean Mcloughlin$40 MillionJacksepticeye30.6 Million
10.Daniel Robert Middleton$35 MillionDanTDM28.5 Million

Let’s now discuss all these YouTubers in detail and unroll how they have accumulated wealth, respect, and love worldwide!

1.  Jimmy Donaldson – MrBeast 

richest YouTuber Mrbeast
Source: YouTube
MrBeast Net worth: $500 Million
Subscribers: 239 Million

MrBeast, also known as James Stephen Donaldson, was named one of the world’s 100 most influential person in the world by TIME back in 2022. Kicking off his career on YouTube, MrBeast eventually climbed up the ladder and became one of the richest YouTubers and amongst the most subscribed YouTubers

His eagerness to push limits and try things that no one else has done before distinguishes MrBeast’s channel from others. Giving away millions of dollars, spending a day in a scary mansion, and even spending a day underwater have earned him notoriety.

James is sitting on the crown of 500 million dollars in 2024 and is expected to see an even bigger spike in his earnings by the end of the year. Additionally, MrBeast has created a profitable clothing brand, a gaming channel, and a YouTube channel to diversify his sources of income

His impact and reach have increased further through his appearances on podcasts and television shows.

2. Nastya – Like Nastya

Like Nastya
Source: YouTube
Like Nastya Net worth: $260 Million
Subscribers: 113 Million

Anastasia Radzinskaya is 10-year-old Russian-American YouTuber who ranks as the 2nd richest YouTuber. Her parents handle her account, and with some great content, it didn’t take long for her to go viral. 

You can find children’s songs, unboxing, vlogging, roleplays, and educational entertainment content on her channel. However, note that she has multiple channels where you can come across different types of content. 

In addition, her channel is dubbed into various languages to cater to diverse audiences globally. 

Besides, the 10-year-old has an estimated net worth of $260 Million as of 2024. Combining her videos, the total number of views Anastasia has bagged goes around 125.15 billion!

3. Jeffree Star

Source: YouTube
Jeffree Star Net worth: $200 Million
Subscribers: 15.8 Million

Jeffree Star is well-known in the YouTube and beauty communities. His popular YouTube channel, Jeffree Star Cosmetics, helped him build a name for himself in the beauty sector as a cosmetics artist, business owner, and social media influencer. 

Although Jeffree has been involved in a lot of controversies over the years, he has still managed to bag millions of dollars throughout his career. When Jeffree Star launched his music career and issued his debut album, “Beauty Killer,” in 2009, his path to popularity began more than ten years ago. 

In addition, Forbes reports from 2018 revealed him as the 5th highest-paid YouTuber of that year, earning $18 million from YouTube itself. 

Jeffree’s ability to be unapologetically authentic distinguishes his channel from others in the beauty industry. He is renowned for his adventurous dress sense, expressive makeup, and open demeanor. 2024 might have a lot more amazing opportunities for Jefree than we will yet see!

4.  Logan Paul

Logan Paul
Source: YouTube
Logan Paul Net worth: $150 Million
Subscribers: 23.5 Million

Logan Paul is a controversial American YouTuber, actor, and boxer who rose to fame on social media with his unique and entertaining content. Logan’s YouTube channel is among the most popular on the site, with over 23.5 million members.

The content on Logan’s channel is diverse and includes vlogs, practical jokes, animated videos, and challenges. He is renowned for his audacious and risk-taking antics, such as skydiving, bungee jumping, and even fighting with a giant alligator.

Furthermore, the YouTuber also expanded his career by getting involved in the music industry, and you can discover his music through his YouTube channel, too. 

Logan has maintained a devoted fan base despite his contentious background and continues to provide interesting and enjoyable material for his followers. Logan has also been involved in charitable activities. His platform has been utilized to raise awareness and funding for various issues, including suicide prevention and mental health awareness.

5. Ryan Kaji – Ryan’s World

Ryan’s World
Source: YouTube
Ryan Kaji Net worth: $140 Million
Subscribers: 36.3 Million

Success on YouTube has come to be associated with the name Ryan Kaji. This kid YouTuber became well-known by posting videos of him reviewing and unwrapping products on his YouTube channel, Ryan’s World. 

Since then, he has increased the variety of his programming to include science experiments, instructional films, and skits, gaining up to 55.7 billion total views. 

Currently, Ryan’s estimated net worth is $140 Million!

Ryan stands apart from other YouTubers because he can relate to his viewers. His videos are intended to be both amusing and instructional, making them valuable and entertaining. Ryan’s parents have also been instrumental in his success, managing his channel and negotiating sponsorship arrangements with companies. 

Furthermore, this YouTuber has monetized his video and made a profit thanks to these agreements. He maintains his modesty and relatability in the face of his enormous accomplishment. Lastly, He constantly engages with his audience and uses their ideas for his videos.

6. Vladislav and Nikita –  Vlad and Niki

Vlad and Niki
Source: YouTube
Vlad and niki Net worth: $102 Million
Subscribers: 111 Million

Vlad and Niki are 10 and 8-year-old Russian-American siblings who are earning millions just from their YouTube.

Their parents created their YouTube channel in 2018, and soon, it went viral. Their content consists of adventure, playing with toys, and fun challenges on their YouTube Channel.

Since 2018, their channel has gained 85.1 billion views so far and continues to be popular with children. 

7. Felix Kjellberg – PewDiePie 

Source: YouTube
PewDiePie Net worth: $56 Million
Subscribers: 111 Million

PewDiePie, his YouTube username, is one of the most well-known creators on the internet, with over 110 million subscribers to his channel. He has established himself as a household celebrity and an icon in the online content creation industry, with billions of views and an estimated net worth of 56 million dollars

Felix Kjellberg began his journey on the website in 2010, and since then, he has grown to be one of the most-known personalities on YouTube.

This 34-year-old YouTuber kicked off his career through gaming videos and rapidly earned fans for his hilarious and upbeat demeanor. It also makes him one of the most popular gaming YouTubers in the world

To this day, his major income comes from YouTube, but eventually, he has expanded through brand deals, merchandise, etc. 

It will be fantastic to see what new heights he can achieve and how he will continue to influence the internet entertainment industry as he produces new and innovative content.

8. Tyler, Cory, Coby, Garret, and Cody – Dude Perfect 

Dude Perfect 
Source: YouTube
Dude Perfect Net worth: $50 Million
Subscribers: 60 Million

Dude Perfect is a cool group on YouTube doing awesome trick shots with sports. More than 60 million people follow them because they’re super fun. 

An interesting fact about this popular group is that they held the Guinness Book of World Records for the longest basketball shot in 2009. Surprisingly, they broke their own record again in 2011, drawing more attention to their group. 

Starting their career in 2009, you will find some of the cool tricks, challenges, stunts, and more. Besides their main channel, they also eventually launched other channels, covering other niches and content. 

Over the years, they have received immense love and support from their fans and gained 17 billion total views on their YouTube channel. 

9. Sean McLoughlin – Jack Septic Eye

Jack Septic Eye
Source: YouTube
Jacke Eptic Eye Net worth: $40 Million
Subscribers: 30.6 Million

Sean McLoughlin, popularly known by his YouTube channel as Jacksepticeye, is a video gamer who has amassed an impressive 30.6 million subscribers to date. 

In addition to gaming, he creates other content, such as meme reviews and reactions to TikToks. He has made a good living off his content, brand collaborations, and roughly 110 million overall views.

Moreover, Jacksepticeye appeared on Irish television and Disney throughout 2017. Eventually, he began his tour for his “How Did We Get Here.” 

Besides his YouTube videos, he also starred in a film with Ryan Reynolds –Free Guy, and continuously doing live events. He is also a proud co-founder of his clothing brand called Cloak. Lastly, this generous YouTuber is actively involved in charities and fundraising. 

10. Daniel Robert Middleton – DanTDM

Source: YouTube
DanTDM Net worth: $35 Million
Subscribers: 28.5 Million

Daniel Middleton has over 28.5 million subscribers, making him one of the platform’s most famous producers. His YouTube channel, DanTDM, includes everything from Minecraft gaming to amusing challenge videos, and his content is sure to make you grin.

DanTDM’s success on YouTube has turned into an estimated net worth of 35 million USD, making him one of the platform’s wealthiest artists. He’s made a fortune by using sponsorships, item sales, and ad money while doing what he enjoys. Furthermore, his commentaries also gained him a lot of attention.

He spends time interacting with his followers, giving them a sense of belonging to the DanTDM group. This degree of sincerity and participation has given him a sizable following and solidified his status as one of YouTube’s most adored artists.

11. Mark Edward Fischbach – Markiplier

Source: YouTube
Markiplier Net worth: $35 Million
Subscribers: 36.4 Million

Mark Edward Fischbach, or Markiplier, has won the hearts of millions of admirers worldwide. Plays, comedic sketches, and vlogs are just a few of the many types of videos on his Markiplier YouTube account. 

Additionally, he has amassed over 36 million subscribers and billions of views, making him one of the most well-known creators on the site.

The 35 million USD projected net worth of Markiplier is proof of the tremendous prospects that YouTube offers. Markiplier’s financial success is evidence that anybody can have a successful career as an online content creator with hard work, enthusiasm, and originality. 

Other people have been motivated to follow their love for content production and to strive for greatness in their field through Markiplier’s success.

12. JJ Olatunji

JJ Olatunji
Source: YouTube
JJ Olatunji Net worth: $27 Million
Subscribers: 24.1 Million

KSI, whose full name is Olajide Olayinka Williams “JJ” Olatunji, was born in Watford, Hertfordshire, England in 1993. He started sharing game content and comedic performances online, showing a special passion for Fifa. 

According to the Sunday Times, he potentially earns up to US$250,000 from a single sponsored video.

However, he makes a lot of money from sources other than YouTube, including his music boxing, and acting career. He is a member of the Sidemen collective and co-founder of the energy drink company Prime Hydration. 

This 30-year-old multi-talented YouTuber has gained popularity by starting off his career in 2009. He continues to win hearts with his talent, gaining him 10.55 billion views from all his channels combined. 

13. Unspeakable

Source: YouTube
Unspeakable Net worth: $25.14 Million
Subscribers: 16.9 Million

Among the highest-paid YouTubers is Nathan Graham, the creator of the Unspeakable channel. His creativity in creating videos has won him a lot of admirers on YouTube. As a result, the brands worked with him to create various advertisements and promos.

He makes entertaining and humorous videos by utilizing the subject of the video game Minecraft. Nathan is estimated to be worth $28 million, and he has over 16 million followers.

14. Richard Tyler  Blevins – Ninja

Source: YouTube
Ninja Net worth: $25 Million
Subscribers: 23.9 Million

Professional combat gamer Tyler, often known as Ninja, livestreams his games for his fan base. The current wave in game streaming popularity has allowed Ninja to gain over 23.9 million subscribers to his channel.

Active since 2011, Tyler rose to popularity in 2017 when he started playing Fortnite Battle Royale. Besides, his breakthrough on the internet happened when he played Fortnite together with Travis Scott, JuJu Smith-Schuster, and Drake in 2018. 

Besides YouTube, he also has 18 million followers on Twitch, ranking him amongst one of the most followed people on Twitch.

Apart from his gaming skills, Tyler is also loved by his fans for his charitable work and being humble.

15. Blippi

Source: YouTube
Blippi Net worth: $25 Million
Subscribers: 19.4 Million

Maker of Blippi, Stevin W. John, is well-known for his entertaining and instructive kid-friendly videos. With millions of followers, youngsters worldwide adore Blippi’s videos. “

Blippi Learns about Jungle Animals for Kids,” one of Blippi’s most-watched videos, has amassed an astounding 900 million views. 

Moreover, they also have their website where they cover other resources for children besides videos that you can check out here.

16. Preston Arsement

Source: YouTube
Preston Arsement Net worth: $25 Million
Subscribers: 25.8 Million

Preston has multiple YouTube channels, but PrestonPlayz, the name of his most well-known one, sums up everything you should know about him: The man is an avid player of video games, primarily Minecraft. 

He also developed a playable version of the Squid Game challenges in Minecraft for one of his most recent videos. His channel has gained millions of subscribers and continues to grow as he receives support from the gaming community. 

Besides his income from YouTube, Preston also has other sources of income, including his own merch/clothing.

17. Jake Paul

Jake Paul
Source: YouTube
Jake Paul Net worth: $20 Million
Subscribers: 20.5 Million

Another prominent YouTuber who earns millions is Jake Paul. His name is well-known in the YouTube community since he is a prominent YouTuber, a professional boxer, and Logan Paul’s brother. 

He and his brother posted doodles on Vine’s video-sharing website to begin their professional careers. His YouTube channel, Jake Paul, has a wide range of videos, such as hip-hop music or prank videos. Jake Paul is distinguished for his capacity to push boundaries and produce material that sparks discussion and dissent. 

He has established himself as a global voice for young people and is not afraid to speak his mind. There is no denying his effect on the YouTube community and the entertainment industry, even though he may not be to everyone’s taste. According to Forbes, Paul was the second-highest-paid YouTuber in 2018.

18. Roman Atwood – Roman Atwood Vlogs

Roman Atwood Vlogs
Source: YouTube
Roman Atwood Net worth: $14.5 Million
Subscribers: 15.4 Million

In his amazing videos, Roman Atwood will take you on an adventurous tour of his life. Still, that’s not all! Roman is also quite funny and good at practical jokes.

Since it launched in 2013, his YouTube channel has received an incredible 5 billion views! It would be equivalent to packing several stadiums with fans.

His net worth in 2024 is estimated to be $14.5 Million, and considering his popularity, I’m excited to see how things will unfold for him this year!

19. Emma Chamberlain

Emma Chamberlain
Source: YouTube
Emma Chamberlain Net worth: $12 Million
Subscribers: 12 Million

In 2016, Emma Chamberlin embarked on her YouTube career and quickly became well-known. Emma is well-known for her amazing vlogs in which she exposes details of her stylish lifestyle and chats about her life. 

Twelve million people have subscribed to one YouTube vlogger’s channel alone!

This next bit will truly take you by surprise. Emma is thought to be worth an astounding $12 million!

20. Vladislav Bumaga – A4

Source: YouTube
A4 Net worth: $5 Million
Subscribers: 51.2 Million

This 27-year-old YouTuber, Vladislav Bumaga, popularly known online as A4, launched his YouTube channel in 2014. Since then, he has gained millions of subscribers and continued gaining the spotlight. 

He is also considered to be among the most well-known Russian-speaking YouTubers. Additionally, according to YouTube Rewind, Vladislav scored 9th position in being the most-liked YouTuber back in 2019. Ever since he started gaining popularity, he expanded his work by creating two more channels. 

He appears in live events and continues to post on his YouTube, along with TikTok videos, where the creator has up to 4.7 million followers. 

Conclusion: The Most Richest YouTuber is MrBeast with a $500 million net worth!

In this article, we got to know the 20 most richest YouTubers in the world and their financial success.  

Followed by Mrbeast ($500 million), Nastya (10 year old) is 2nd most richest YouTuber with a $260 million net worth. 

Each YouTuber on the list built their channels from scratch with consistency, sticking to their niche, collaborations, merchandising, and whatnot.

Their success stories showed how they used YouTube video content for both personal and professional goals and made a fortune for themselves.

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